breast milk

How to Express Breast Milk

Almost every woman, breast-feeding, sometimes you have to express milk. Not long ago, milk was decanted manually, which was a long and tedious process that often can not provide enough milk. Currently available in a...
skin types

How to Determine the Type of Skin

What is included in the concept of "beautiful, well-groomed woman"? Fashion clothes and perfect makeup? Of course not! In the first place should be well-groomed your skin, since no one, even the most professional...
weight loss

Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

For most of us the word "cinnamon" is associated with fresh pastries, coffee and mulled wine. But few know that this spice - a great helper in the fight against excess weight. However, only...

A Reflection of Your Character

The style and image of a person's life can tell a lot about him as personality type and style of life are inextricably linked. Each person puts into the concept of "lifestyle" something of...
the benefits of yoga for woman's health

The Benefits of Yoga for Women’s Health

Now in vogue many interesting teaching and practice, for every taste and for every activity level.Komu-to like quick movements, such as fitness and aerobics, and komu-to prefer proper breathing and flowing postures, such as...
laughter best medicine

Laughter is Best Medicine

Humor infects. The sound of roaring laughter is much more contagious than any cough or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy state. In addition to the...
preparing to become a mother

Preparing to Become a Mother

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers seldom be concerned about the conception and birth of a child. They belonged to her pregnancy, as a completely normal state of women and quietly gave birth to five or...
sports nutritions

Sports Nutrition for Beginners

Sports nutrition for beginners: how to build on the success Preparation of high-level athletes necessarily involves the use of specialized sports nutrition, and almost always - Pharmacology, permitted and prohibited. Professionals receive for their work...
drink water

Water Quality & Health

Water - the most widespread on the planet, and the most mysterious still mineral. It exists in a variety of conditions, has many vital properties, including memory. Water is able to behave in the...

Ginger slimming

This interesting shape root called ginger native to East Asia. At first, when he appeared on the shelves of supermarkets, many considered him a questioning look, not realizing that it represents. Interest for the...


Updated China Study and Doctor’s Answer Campbell to the skeptics

Good news for fans of the China Study and those who are just about to read it. We have a revised and expanded edition...

Record what you eat

World Vegetarian Day. To eat or not to eat meat is the question. Of course, this is a personal choice of each person. However,...

Such fats make brain cells less mobile and energetic, and inhibit mental processes.

Why does the brain need fat? Is it true that sweet desserts make us forgetful? How does gluten affect memory? Here are some amazing...

Why is sugar addictive?

Modern children eat 23 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is the latest scientific evidence. Of course, they don't scream wildly at the sugar...

Frittata with zucchini, goat cheese and gruyere cheese

“The animal is satisfied, the person eats, the intelligent person knows how to eat,” the French philosopher Brillat-Savarin said. And it's hard to disagree...