preparing to become a mother

Preparing to Become a Mother

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers seldom be concerned about the conception and birth of a child. They belonged to her pregnancy, as a completely normal state of women and quietly gave birth to five or...
honey for baby

Honey for Baby

Even the word "honey" sounds tasty and sweet, and the value of honey and its beneficial properties just beyond words. Honey Benefits and its value lies in the fact that it is rapidly absorbed...
scarlet fever

Scarlet Fever

There is a Greek word "streptos", which means torsion twisted, having the form of a chain. And there is such a microbe Streptococcus - if looking at it under a microscope, it is well...
herpes simplex infection

Herpes Infection

Herpetic infection - this is not some particular disease. It is a term that brings together the whole group of diseases and in need of some clarification. Viruses, like all other organisms, scientists are divided...

About “Antibiotics”

In 1928, penicillin was discovered. Note that not invented, not invented, and it is open. After all, the fact is that antibiotics existed and exist in nature as long as there is nature itself....
breast milk

How to Express Breast Milk

Almost every woman, breast-feeding, sometimes you have to express milk. Not long ago, milk was decanted manually, which was a long and tedious process that often can not provide enough milk. Currently available in a...
One month baby

One Month Baby

Earlier we talked about how there is communication between babies and parents. Now we will see the development of these relations during the second month of life, when the baby becomes more susceptible to...


Updated China Study and Doctor’s Answer Campbell to the skeptics

Good news for fans of the China Study and those who are just about to read it. We have a revised and expanded edition...

Record what you eat

World Vegetarian Day. To eat or not to eat meat is the question. Of course, this is a personal choice of each person. However,...

Such fats make brain cells less mobile and energetic, and inhibit mental processes.

Why does the brain need fat? Is it true that sweet desserts make us forgetful? How does gluten affect memory? Here are some amazing...

Why is sugar addictive?

Modern children eat 23 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is the latest scientific evidence. Of course, they don't scream wildly at the sugar...

Frittata with zucchini, goat cheese and gruyere cheese

“The animal is satisfied, the person eats, the intelligent person knows how to eat,” the French philosopher Brillat-Savarin said. And it's hard to disagree...