how to raise a confident and happy child

How to Raise a Confident and Happy Child

How to raise a child healthy and calm, to stay with the most happy and not much roll up? All those who have children, I think, are well aware that this is not so...
traveling with kids

Traveling with Kids

Remember the song: "We are going, going, going to distant lands ..."? Who of us in childhood did not expect the trip to rest and did not prepare for it? This was the most...
first tooth

Baby’s First Tooth

About how difficult has to kiddies and their mums when teething, known even by those who do not have children. Moms with fear waiting period of appearance of the first tooth, anxiety and excitement...
how to prepare a child for kindergarten

How to Prepare a Child for Kindergarten

The school year is just around the corner. Your child is growing up and it's time to give it to the kindergarten. Psychologists advise to do it in advance, so that the child has...
help the shy child

7 Ways to help the Shy Child

As a rule, excessive shy child does not give them any trouble, but the kid is doomed to loneliness and inexplicable fears. Often parents about their chadah hear exactly these words: "demure", "timid", "unsociable",...
steps to teaching your child to read

6 Steps to Teaching your Child to Read

How to convince your child that you need to read? Should we spend time talking or should we just get the child to read? What do parents who have dropped out of the hand of...
how to entertain children

How to entertain Children? Ideas for Games.

Our children are so often lacking in our attention. Moms and dads in the pursuit of decent earnings almost do not see their own child, instructing his upbringing grandmothers, nannies, kindergarten and school. And what...
children's medicine - care without harm

Children’s medicine – Care without harm

Children's medicine Every adult giving a child a particular drug wants to be absolutely sure that the drug not only help, but will not cause any harm to the favorite child. That is why the...
Psychology of Children's Drawings: The Meaning of Pictures

Psychology of Children’s Drawings

Psychology of Children's Drawings: The Meaning of Pictures By analyzing a child's drawing, you can easily learn about the inner world of the young artist, his psychology. The same story in the figure, each child will...
The golden rules of raising a child

The Golden Rules of Raising a Child

To educate a child is very difficult. This is - a difficult process requiring competent approach. Often, many mothers can hear phrases of this kind: "What child is naughty! It is necessary to take...


Updated China Study and Doctor’s Answer Campbell to the skeptics

Good news for fans of the China Study and those who are just about to read it. We have a revised and expanded edition...

Record what you eat

World Vegetarian Day. To eat or not to eat meat is the question. Of course, this is a personal choice of each person. However,...

Such fats make brain cells less mobile and energetic, and inhibit mental processes.

Why does the brain need fat? Is it true that sweet desserts make us forgetful? How does gluten affect memory? Here are some amazing...

Why is sugar addictive?

Modern children eat 23 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is the latest scientific evidence. Of course, they don't scream wildly at the sugar...

Frittata with zucchini, goat cheese and gruyere cheese

“The animal is satisfied, the person eats, the intelligent person knows how to eat,” the French philosopher Brillat-Savarin said. And it's hard to disagree...