Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

“Hi! What are your plans for tomorrow? I leave Sasha have no one wanted to ask you to sit with him, “- said in an apologetic voice of a close friend. Sasha – this is her son, he just turned five years. With me, he has always shown itself only with the best hand, almost never capricious and generously demonstrated reserve “magic” words. But next to this time has always been his mother, that is my closest and oldest friend, who is now asking me to spend the whole day with Sasha! The boy will need to be fed, to answer his endless “why”, but the main thing – to entertain, that scared me the most. What is interesting to modern children? His I have not yet, so I’m totally confused when a friend approached with this request. But she needed help. So the next morning I was the cook for the day, an animator, an encyclopedia, a defender, a teacher and the other five year old boy. His experience as spend time with your kids, I want to share with the readers of the portal “9GAC”. Perhaps for someone opening my long become reality, and they do not cause so much emotion, as I have. Another may seem ineffective in the treatment of children of this age. But these ideas have helped us with Sasha to find a common language and make friends. Now that there are situations that it did not sit with anyone, a friend sends a son to me. Fear of how to spend time with your kids, I no longer occurs.

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

With this situation, probably, faced each. All have nephews, godchildren, younger brothers and sisters, which periodically is no one to leave. And then with this, please contact you. Well, if you already have experience with your kids, at least, you do not know firsthand what to expect from them. And what about when the younger generation you have the most vague idea? In this case, says my friend, I am not my mother, but my aunt two tots with which it is sometimes necessary to sit quiet in the care and imagination to boot.

The main purpose – to carry away the kids, offer him interesting to do and do it in the same form. Even the usual “Let’s porisuem” can vary by adding, for example, “What time of year do you know? Can you paint them? “The kid will have fun, not to mention that, if you keep him company and also sketched a couple of pictures. But it should be done with pleasure, children feel the insincerity and the response to it begin to behave inappropriately (cranky, cry, show aggression).

If you have to deal with other people’s kids and you feel fear, even if you encourage that with strangers children behave, usually better than their parents. Therefore, they will listen to you. At least, not exactly constantly capricious will. This I have repeatedly noticed by children friends and acquaintances. Yes, and your leisure activities they perceive with more enthusiasm than in the case if they were offered to my mother.

When asked to spend time with your kids, we are afraid to leave him alone, believing that we should not deviate from it a single step. But it’s not right. And you get tired, and the kid. He, too, needed a rest from intercourse. Of course, absent in the store, leaving the child alone in the apartment, I do not in any way do not call, but to offer him employment without your participation a must. So think about how you spend time together, and that the child will do on their own. This certainly consider his hobbies.

Share discoveries – we used to think that modern children the most interesting to spend time in the games rooms, which are now in almost every shopping center. But from time to time playing the role of the nurse’s son of his girlfriend, I concluded that this pastime is chosen in the first place, the parents themselves. In the game the child can leave the room until we go shopping. Behind him there are looked after, so mom and dad peace of mind. Try to offer a daze just walk, but pay attention to it at this time. Telling funny stories from their own childhood, answer his questions, be honest. You will notice how eagerly (sorry for that word, but it accurately conveys the baby’s behavior), the child will ask you about different things and share their own observations. Children do not have enough attention and communication. We present them with good gifts, drive at film premieres, but sometimes we forget to ask whether they liked the new film.

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

A child can captivate any occupation. The main thing – to present it properly. Choose those leisure activities that will develop your baby. But add in these elements of the game, do not make partner in the exam. Always cheer for the child, if he has something does not work the first time and do not leave the questions unanswered. So he will trust you. And do not punish the kid that he likes. Repeatedly I noticed how parents forbid the child, for example, to draw, if this process gives him pleasure, and he was guilty. Remember your childhood: if you stopped by pranks possible ban parents on what you like to do? I am not, but, guilty, I invented hundreds of options, how to hide it from her mother. A similar pattern of relationship develops between my godson and his mother. He likes to read, and my girlfriend forbids him to take up a book, if the child is in something does not obey. Except as to offenses on his part, is more to nothing lead.

How to spend time with your kids?

Options for joint leisure

– Every city has museums of local lore, and they work exposure that will interest children. For example, in my town in the museum there is an exhibition devoted to space and the stars, animals living in our area, as well as an interactive exhibition of local crafts with the occupation in which the child can try their hand at embroidery, wood carving, painting on fabric. Go with the child in a museum. Pay attention to his interesting exhibits telling about them. This will not only expand your child’s vocabulary and contribute to the development of his outlook, but also instill a love for the native land. Call the museum in advance and specify, if not planned their trip for the kids. We with my godson somehow got on such an event. The museum led an older group of kindergarten. Especially a very interesting program was organized for them. We godson joined the group. He then talked for a long time and grandparents about the event and asked to take him to the museum once again;

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

such qualities as compassion, willingness to help and kindness should be educated from an early age. In many cities, there are now clinics and shelters for homeless animals. Tell your kids how bad the cat or dog in the street, they have nowhere to sleep, they do not have toys, they are alone, and ask him to help animals. Call the shelter, ask what there is now need, buy it all with your kids and take your together. You can become a curator of the animal and to find him a child masters. I have a friend. His daughter is very fond of cats. Once they have seen the car knocked down a homeless animal. They took the cat to the shelter, and were engaged in the treatment, and then decided to take home. Since then, it took two years, Cat has become a real beauty, and every week dad and daughter ride in the same orphanage as volunteers. It not only develops good character traits in the child, but also teaches responsibility as well as a positive effect on the relationship between a girl and dad. Moreover, such activity can help your kids to determine the future profession. For example, my friend’s daughter (she is now eight years old) said that would be a veterinarian. This makes it more attentive to the lessons in the school, as her parents pay attention to the fact that it needs a good student;

– If outside the weather is nice, go for a walk. And they themselves breathe fresh air, and child benefit. During the walk game in town, the names of cartoon characters, guessing riddles, train in the patter. Make a fabulous route – for example, let the child call his favorite fairy tale, and you in accordance with its storyline think any place in the city you can visit. Grab a camera and make funny pictures of each other. Choose the best and complete an album with the child, which then can be presented as a gift to grandparents. If you think, what to choose a present for March 8 girlfriend. You can create albums on the seasons. I adhere to this tradition in the family of one of my girlfriends. The first album, “Spring”, appeared when her daughter was four years old. Mom was so pleased with the idea that she was doing themed pictures every season. By the day of a photo shoot with her daughter, they think through the clothes, hairstyles, attributes various tricks to attract the case head of the family and go for a good mood, wonderful photographs and pleasant memories. Now their collection has 9 albums;

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

sporting activities – is another great option of how to spend time with your kids. Skating, skiing, playing badminton. By the way, this is an excellent opportunity to learn different sports and themselves. My girlfriend has long dreamed to learn skating, but was afraid to go on the ice. When her son grew older, she began to drive him to the rink, and then slowly and she started to skate. Now the friend is confident skating. Another friend did not know how to ride a bike. We have been friends since their student years. When we used were chosen in the sports complex, where I took a bicycle, she just sighed and walked alone in the woods. Seven years ago, she became a mother, and, of course, the little boy asked for a bicycle. Then a friend and decided – it will also be his master. So the two of them with his son and learned, encouraging each other. Now, as soon as the warm weather comes, she calls friends to ride a bike and does not accept failure. Conclusion – accustoming the child to the sport, and you can learn some of his own views. Health Benefits, shapes and relationships with children;

– All children without exception, love hiking and picnics. If the opportunity for the city to get there, have a picnic at home. Spread a blanket on the floor, buy a colorful disposable tableware, cook pizza, invite your child to play some board game. You can cover a blanket a few chairs – get the forest hut. Bring back the baby’s favorite toys, if they came to visit him;

– A game of “Mothers and Daughters”, “doctor”, “teacher”, depending on what the child likes. Tell him about the profession he chose to share what you want to be;

– Leaf through old photo albums. Especially curious child will see your shots when you were little. Tell us about your childhood games that you played then, favorite cartoons. This is another idea of how to spend time with the child. Make a collection of fairy tales and animated films that you liked as a child, and arrange joint viewing. Print tickets and invite your friends to a child in your home theater. Stock up on popcorn, juice;

– Prepare dinner together. My girlfriend loves to bake. While her daughter was little, she just watched her mother, but now takes in creating culinary masterpieces most directly involved. Together with her mother, they have been carefully chosen recipe, go to the store to shop ingredients, cook and delight of the family head of the delicious cakes;

– Make a bird feeder and hang it together in the yard;

– Arrange a home theater. To do this, buy a shop in dolls and pretend play. If you have time and desire, you can make dolls and themselves. Connect to this child;

– Go to the zoo, cinema, circus;

– Finally, your child read the book. This lesson he will never get bored.

What to do with the child when you can not give it the time?

When selecting entertainment options when the child is left to himself, repel, first of all, from what he enjoys. In the first place, then it will not be capricious, he was alone, and you do not give him time. Secondly, it will take up the job you offer him, with pleasure.

close to a festival? Encourage your child to make greeting cards for him;

– Ask for crumbs to draw the characters of his favorite cartoon;

– Now on sale are presented different sets for creativity. You can make bracelets, bookmarks, photo frames. Buy a few of these sets and ask your child to choose from;

– If the child is able to write, ask them to prepare a letter to relatives that he knows, but they live in another city. Then go along to the post office and send email;

– Encourage your child to build a house, or even a whole city with the help of cubes or designer;

– Every girl dreams of a big wardrobe for her dolls. Teach her to sew. For example, it was my childhood. I really wanted to evening dress for your favorite doll, and my mother has shown how it can be made with your own hands. I at the time was six years old. After school I hurried home to deal with a wardrobe for her dolls. By the time I stopped playing in them, I have gathered a very large collection of clothes for different occasions. Now she enjoys the daughter of my cousin and boasts all her friends in the yard, it’s all sewed her aunt. And he asked mother to teach her this skill. The ability to even sew a button not only always useful in adult life, but also develops fine motor skills of hands, which has a positive impact on child development;

Creating Quality Time with Your Kids

– Ask the kid to paint a picture as a present for the grandparents;

– Highlight the big box child and offer to make a house favorite toys. Give him a colored paper, glue, markers, crayons, beads …. It is very exciting experience, which is exactly will like a child!

Raising a child – the process is incredibly addictive and very challenging. He needs not only healthy food, clothes, toys. Most child needs warmth and love. Spend with your kids every spare moment. Think about that time flies quickly, soon they will grow up, and they will have their hobbies, interests, their own company. Then you will be sorely missed by communicating with them. In order not to regret that you missed the time when they could enjoy the company of children, spend time with them now. Some of the leisure activities we suggested you!


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