Breastfeeding for Beginners

breastfeeding for beginners

This news looking forward to not only my husband, but also to all our family and friends. Of course, we are talking about replenishment in our family! The fact that we definitely would have a son, there was no doubt. Preparing for the birth of our first child started from the first day, when an ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy. Regular visits to the doctor, proper nutrition (how to eat better during pregnancy, all kinds of tests and consultations. A special treat and a good mood I gave visiting prenatal training courses. There we prepared to leave, told what may surprise the baby in the first month of life. But the will of fate activity on which the consultant told how to establish breastfeeding, I missed what is already a couple of months I am very sorry.

So that you do not repeat my mistakes and do not go through the pain that I have experienced, I am writing my next excursion into the history of the family. And we will focus on “the battle for breastfeeding.”

Bad experience

All of the hospital of the city pursue a policy of “for” breast-feeding: in the corridors of the receiver, and the maternity department of pathology – all the walls are covered with posters that agitate future moms and talk about how to establish breastfeeding. And yet these posters have been described so rosy that I really believe in the fact that this process is very easy and sure to give only positive emotions. And looking forward to the birth of his son.

The day of the birth of my baby – probably the happiest in my life. And from the very first hours of his life, I tried to put the baby to the breast. How to do it in a hurry I showed one nurse from the children’s department, no further consultations, I have not received.

Milk has appeared only on the fourth day, because I had to undergo elective caesarean. It is in the long-awaited day of discharge, I realized that I have to feed the baby, waking up at night with pain in the chest, which was very hot, solid. All indications are that the milk came – on the face. At 3.00 I did not wake up-call midwives and pediatric nurses, and once tried to cope with the pain alone. Salvation lay in self inept expressing milk, so his teeth, had to endure the pain in his chest, so as not to wake the sleeping crumbs. Waiting for 6.00 in the morning I started to ring my husband and urgently require a breast pump. “Faster! I am in pain just die! “ – I cried into the phone (affected postrodovoe state).

In anticipation of the spouse with the saving device, I went for help to the medical staff of the hospital. First I knocked on the staffroom children’s ward where the nurse on duty at the request to help with feeding, replied that it – taking care of midwives. I went to them, and received only a shrug and brief: “express” . How to do it correctly, no one explained to me.

At 7.30 am a brand new breast pump for 100 US dollars was already in my hands, “All -. I thought. – It’s my salvation! “. After reading the instructions, gathering “designer”, I began to express milk. Relief arrived, but not for long. This I later realized that after Breast milk comes more intensively.

And during the day I am no one explained to me what to do and how to establish breastfeeding.

And here I am a happy newly made mum and my baby started to prepare for discharge. Yes, in those happy times when her husband took his son’s hand, and my friends just showered flowers on his chest, I thought. But, having arrived home, I was just sitting at a loss does not know what to do. Led me to the feelings of a mother who in its bitter experience I outlined is not exactly joyful prospect with all the ensuing consequences – lactostasis, breast.

It began on the road to reform

And I realized: it is necessary to do something, because the pain bothered me less than a hungry child, who simply could not breastfeed due to the fact that it was very hard. The first couple of days before each feeding I soften the breast using a breast pump to synulya somehow I can eat. But the child could not quite get enough of, and mode of supply in the first days of his life – a very dynamic, every 1.5-2 hours. Therefore, a few days of sleep I could only dream of: days and nights I was either in the hands of a breast pump, or with a baby at the breast.

The fact that so can not go on, we decided as a family and to collect information bit by bit, phoning acquaintances midwives in other cities, I took possession of a special complex manipulations that help express her chest.

Pumping technique .

The right hand is placed under the breast, and the left – in the collarbone area. At the same time, pressing on his chest, holding a hand to the center, that is, to the nipple. Then move your hands, the left and right side of the chest, repeat the same movement.

The most important thing in the racking – to prevent stagnation of milk. Otherwise, mum guaranteed temperature and burnout milk. Therefore, performing these movements can not concentrate only on the areola and peripapillary part. Begin the movement of hands at the bottom of the milk ducts, out of mice, from the collarbone, holding across his chest. Try to put a maximum of efforts to break up lumps, which you can easily feel. Better, of course, ask someone with stronger nerves to pity it did not stop you. In my situation, it was the husband.

Also, should take note, cute mommy, and that there is such a service as hardware racking. In some hospitals, that higher status, and in private centers used electrophoresis.

In addition to ease the pain in the breast express milk will warm shower. You simply point the warm water on his chest.

With pain on the right – we start to eat right

Though the pain was less, but on the tenth day of his life so my sonny spilled and used to drinking from a bottle of expressed milk that the breast is practically abandoned. And milk for me, thank God, was enough, so lose the opportunity to feed your baby breast I did not want to. And spending day and night with a breast pump in his hands, there was no desire. The situation seemed hopeless, and thoughts go to the store and buy a pack mixtures with increasingly appeared in my head.

“Well, how can this be? All around the agitating mothers breastfeed, but help to master this science, no one can! It just can not be! “ – He was indignant, and I went in search of the right person on the Internet. Fortunately, I was lucky, we can say big! I found a woman who had just two hours of conversation on the souls and demonstrate good attachment of the child, taught me how to establish breastfeeding.

Therefore, the lessons and their experience I want to share with you.

Remember one simple truth: it is better than a child, no unit does not suck milk. Therefore, the main objective, which is necessary to achieve – is the child fed and painless breast.

Rule number 1 Proper breastfeeding. The kid must be turned to you. Breast feeding him better this way: take it in your hand (the thumb on top of the other four – bottom), a bun, in any case, nothing is nowhere peredavlivayte and offer the baby. That’s right baby eats when his mouth is not only the nipple, areola and all.

Of course, you’ll have to experiment before you look for a comfortable position for you and your child, either sitting or lying down.

In my case, very useful for feeding special pillow. The child – comfortable, and my hands do not get tired.

Rule number 2 each feeding – his own chest. At first I painted the time and alternately feeding. But within a week or two I do not need any papers, the feelings I realized what breast more milk in some less. To express the remains was not necessary, because the kid ate all posited dose. Even then my body to produce the amount of milk, which had to be her son.

Rule number 3 , there are two basic opinions about the schedule of feeding infants. Someone stands up for a clear timetable, every three hours. But there is another approach – feeding on demand. This latter was used in this case. Do not be afraid that the child will spend day and night at the breast. For some time, of course, things will obstoyat that way. “But if I decided to become a mother, it is obliged to give the child all that he needs” – I cheered myself.

But we wonder sometimes underestimate our children. My baby is two months he has set for itself the power schedule, and we went on a feeding schedule 3-4 hours.

Mom’s diet during breastfeeding

Sometimes young moms abandon breastfeeding because of the fact that many restrictions appear in their menus. Of course, should take care of oneself, because at stake is your child’s health and well-being.

Therefore, in my daily menu appeared compote of dried fruits, milk porridge. Low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt. Picture 5

I restrict the consumption of flour products, sugar, not to cause colic in your baby. Also, it had to abandon the canned, raw vegetables and fruits, fried fatty meat, strong tea and coffee.

Also, do not interfere with the temporary ban on red foods. I believe in the statement that they can cause allergies in the child.

At 3-4 months of life every mom can start typing in your diet, new products, but it is necessary to do it gradually. Do not overeat in some fruit and eat a small piece.

I have also been guided by the sensations in the stomach. For example, if I felt uncomfortable, then the behavior of the child, too, it was clear that he was also uncomfortable. This allows you to adjust your menu.

Benefits of breastfeeding

If you have mastered the wisdom of how to establish breastfeeding, then you are sure to enjoy all its benefits:

– The child receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, which are necessary for the first year of life of a growing organism;

– You will not be familiar with a permanent laundry washing bottles, water heating and cooking the mixture;

– Breastfeeding – it is the invisible thread that binds mother and child.

Dear Mom, do not give up such grace as breastfeeding, try by all means to save the milk, establish feeding. It is in your power, you may be useful to my advice!


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