Best Face Masks for Acne

Best Face Masks for Acne

Skin problem, especially acne, often becomes a real challenge for its owner. First of all, in terms of self-esteem. When seen on the face of inflammation, it seems that all around only look at them. And if the beloved husband suddenly in the morning is not as affectionate as usual, blame too pimples. Extracts and they, and not the innocent mate … But such actions desired result -. Clean skin – you do not get anywhere. On the contrary – from the experiences (now not only about acne, but a quarrel with her husband) number will only increase inflammation. Therefore, avoid stress and learn positive thinking, this is one of the conditions for healthy skin.

My skin is also a problem. The first spots appeared on it during puberty. Since then, much time has passed, but they are still seen on my face. Fortunately, now only occasionally! I tried to fight with a huge number of acne remedies and procedures. The fair sex, are familiar with this problem, I understand. Gradually, I made a program of facial skin care, which helps me to control her condition.

Acne – a nuisance to get rid of that very difficult. This is one of the most common skin diseases. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands are working very actively, clogging the pores around the hair follicles. This would happen, for various reasons – due to hereditary traits, due to failures in the hormonal system, poor nutrition or care. Bacteria entering the pores begin to actively proliferate, the pores become infected and inflamed pimples. In no case do not squeeze them! By this action you will spread the infection even more. Moreover, spots remain after extrusion, then get rid of that very difficult. This warning cosmeticians heard, probably all, but many of them unfortunately are neglected. From my own experience I would say that when I stopped to squeeze pimples, they became much smaller. So do not let the will of his hands! If we are on such a “nice” class could not help but be sure to treat the pimple place any antiseptic, for example, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

Do not brush your skin. This habit also provoke acne.

Eat right , at your desk on a regular basis should be fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs, grains. All are sources of essential micronutrients, ensuring skin health. These products also have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Problems with them are often the cause of skin troubles. If you have problem skin, limit your consumption of smoked meats and pickles, fatty meats, pastries.

Best Face Masks for Acne

Keep an eye on the water regime – a day you need to drink at least one and a half liters of fluid. Check whether you have enough to drink easily. Pay attention to the color of urine. If it is bright yellow, it means that your body fluids (and thus the skin) is clearly not enough. Light shade indicates that water regime you have everything in order.

When skin problems are not only a face mask for acne, but the most important thing – is it a good cleaning. Wash with water at room temperature should be too hot dry skin, causing it to produce more sebum. Very useful contrast washing. Beauticians recommend the following scheme: in the morning Wash your face with cool water, it helps to cheer up, narrows pores, reduces shine and evening use for hygienic purposes alternately warm, then cool water.

For washing is useful to apply chamomile extracts, peppermint, succession . Cook them simply – one tablespoon of raw material to fill two cups boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, drain. If you have decided to prepare an infusion for the future, remember, in the refrigerator may be stored up to two days. After this time the infusion loses its beneficial properties.

For oily skin it is recommended not only a face mask for acne. and steam baths . I inherited from my mother went to an inhaler for the procedure. My girlfriend operate it over a bowl, covered with a towel on top. Steam bath make the skin smooth, degreased and cleaned it. Carry out the procedure before going to bed. Boil on low heat a tablespoon of chamomile spoon in 0.5 liters of water, pour into a bowl and sit on it for 15-20 minutes.

Besides chamomile, skin problems are also recommended:

  • – Rosemary;
  • – Linden blossom;
  • – Nettle;
  • – Calendula;
  • – Plantain;
  • – St. John’s wort.

You can make a mixture of herbs. Mix them in equal proportions, pour cold water and simmer for a minute or two.

After a steam bath swipe peeling. I like the effect of soda. He cleans the skin of blackheads, it is true, if it is, pustular inflammation from any peeling should refrain. To prepare soda peeling need a teaspoon of baking soda and fine salt. Mix them in a platter. Soak a cotton ball, squeeze and soap. Dip it in the soda-salt mixture and process for the massage lines slightly moistened face. Conduct steam baths (and also the peeling, it is quite aggressive) should be no more than once a week.

Masks for acne – the road!

The purpose of facial masks for acne – to improve the circulation of the skin, nourish it, provide vitamins, refresh the complexion. Impose them, as well as cream, massage lines by avoiding the skin around the eyes. Do not rush anywhere during such procedures. When dealt a mask, lie down with closed eyes, relax. My mother, to relax the facial muscles and thus improve the penetration of nutrients into the skin, always impose on the face for two or three minutes, soaked in hot water and wrung out the linen cloth (right on the mask). This not only enhances the effect of the procedure, but also good in itself – you will feel the muscles relax, it becomes warm in the whole body.

Best Face Masks for Acne

To prepare facial masks for acne, you can use different components – fruit, vegetables, cheese, honey, eggs. Try yeast mask. For its preparation will need 10 g of yeast, yogurt, any berry juice. Mix yeast with yogurt, that turned sour, add a teaspoon of juice and apply the mixture for 15 minutes. Wipe in a circular motion, wash your face with warm water and rinse with cool.

An effective mask for acne would be out of the apple . Peel and grate it on a small grater. Whisk the egg whites, add the apple. On the face of keep 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

In preparation for problem skin masks can be used many plants . Grind in a coffee grinder raw material, add water until a thick slurry and apply on face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Try a mud mask. Mix 50 g of therapeutic mud with a few tablespoons of milk to form a slurry, add 0.5 g of sulfur powder (sold in all drugstores). Keep on the face for half an hour, rinse with cool water. I am the mask at one time was very helpful. However, it is quite dry skin, so if you already have dry or sensitive, from this mask should be abandoned.

Pumpkin   is also a wonderful ingredient for the preparation of facial masks for acne. The recipe is very simple – rub the skin with a piece of pumpkin, then do not wash your face for two to three minutes, let the valuable vitamins of this golden vegetable penetrate into the skin.

Flaxseed – still one of my must-have skin care, especially acne. He introduced me to him a close friend, bringing in a gift package from vacation. In the country where she was resting, flaxseed is very widely used in culinary and cosmetic purposes. Flaxseed – This is the richest plant source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids Omena-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. This product also contains vitamins D, E, B group, beta-carotene, minerals, micro and macro. In general, a storehouse for the body, especially the female! From flax seed can make different facial masks for acne. Try this: four teaspoons of flax seed and one teaspoon of chamomile grind to a powder in a mortar, add hot water to produce a slurry state. Lubricate the face with this mixture, put plastic wrap (I use a plastic bag, cut it into two pieces along the side seams – just two masks enough) and a towel, hold for 15 minutes.

Best Face Masks for Acne

Effective action and such a face mask for acne: a glass of hot water, add two tablespoons of seeds, boil the mixture for ten minutes on low heat. Cool and add a teaspoon of white clay, mix thoroughly. Apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Good help in the fight against acne mask of quince . Rub it on a small grater, put on 15 minutes. Or take a grape mask. It will take two or three grapes, bite them and wipe the face with juice. After 15 minutes, rinse. Each representative of the fair sex, who wants a long stay young and beautiful, to be sure to use in his weekly care of the face mask from fruits . They contain many valuable substances, when you start to make masks from them regularly will notice (and not just you!), Which was the fresh skin. I love fruit mask also for ease of preparation – clear enough to any fruit, cut it into pieces, put on your face and be ready for the compliments on the nice appearance. Try these fruits for masks:

  • – Apricots. They are excellent to soothe the skin;
  • – Cranberries and blueberries are excellent natural antiseptics, narrow pores;
  • – Lemon. A unique cosmetic product. It whitens the skin, tightens pores, helps in fighting with acne;
  • – Buckthorn. It softens the skin, nourishes it and helps in the healing of wounds;
  • – Strawberry moisturizes and gently cleanses the skin and eliminates the fat shine.

By the way, these masks can be done not only from fresh fruit, and frozen, pre unfreeze them.

Note the mask of carrot . Cook it very simply – rub on a small grater small carrot, apply to the face. This mask will help in the fight against acne, as well as thanks to it your face will acquire Sun shade.

Face mask for acne of tomatoes – a great tool that will save and acne, and align the complexion and make the skin soft and smooth. And due to this substance contained in tomatoes, as lycopene – a natural stimulant of collagen. Tomatoes also contain large amounts of salts and vitamins, have antibacterial properties.

To make a mask for the face of acne, cut the tomatoes into small pieces and put it on your face for 20 minutes. For therapeutic purposes, you can carry out the procedure every other day for two to three weeks. For the prevention of acne would be enough to use a mask once or twice a week. I did it regularly in adolescence, when acne appeared most often. I recommended this mask beautician. A wonderful, simple and effective tool. Try it!

I fan masks that do not require long and difficult preparations. The more complex the structure of the recipe, the more difficult to force myself to cook them. A simple mask does not mean not effective. Nature – a real storehouse for our beauty and youth. Its every product has unique properties that we can use for the benefit of themselves. At one time I liked a mask of sauerkraut . It has a universal effect – refreshes, cleanses, nourishes the skin, giving it softness and elasticity, tightens pores. Instruction is simple – apply for 30 minutes, a thick layer of sauerkraut on the face, wash with cold water.

Inside the treatment of acne, I can recommend the mint tea. In the cup of boiling water will take three teaspoons of leaves. Brew as usual tea. A tasty and healthy drink, I especially like the summer as it is very refreshing.

Acne – a phenomenon, of course, unpleasant, but under certain rules to emerge victorious from this situation as possible. The main thing is not to lose heart. It is better to send forces to self-care. So the skin will always remain healthy and harmonious state of mind. And with that mindset, no pimples, we are not afraid!


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