6 Products for Beautiful Hair

10 Products for Beautiful Hair

Our curls will be luxurious if you take care of your diet. These products contain substances necessary for growth and strengthen the hair.

1. Milk diet

Milk contains all the nutrients necessary for life. Therefore, caring for the health of hair, not forget about dairy products!

10 Products for Beautiful Hair

Worried about hair loss? Write down your list of good habits consumption of one glass of milk per day (may be more!). It contains 240 mg of calcium, which is almost a quarter of the daily requirement! Also, milk is rich in phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and biotin.

Don’t like milk? Replace it with sour-milk products.

It is rich in probiotics (beneficial bacteria), which not only strengthen the immune system, but also help to absorb vitamins of group B. They are necessary for healthy hair.

2. Focus on the banana!

This fruit has become a familiar guest at our table. It’s pretty cool: bananas contain biotin (vitamin H or B7). It not only regulates the nervous system, but also has beneficial effects on the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Another advantage in favor of bananas they contain silicon, which is responsible for the curl strength and stimulates their growth. By the way, do not think that you will recover strongly from these fruits one fruit contains only 60-80 calories.

3. Seeds stock up!

If you have dull and brittle hair, most likely, they do not have enough zinc. Rightfully can feast on sunflower seeds! 100 g of the desired product contains 5.2 mg of zinc whole. In combination with vitamin B6 (as in its seeds, too, abound) zinc works wonders: restores the hair color and shine, stimulates their growth.

10 Products for Beautiful Hair

Do you think that gnaw seeds unaesthetic? We agree! Buy them already cleaned and added to any dish. By the way, for women’s health is also very useful pumpkin seeds that contain vitamin E.

4. Kiwi – Green Light

Kiwi – the leader on the content of vitamin C: one fruit completely covers the daily requirement. But without this vitamin will not be healthy, not only hair, but also teeth, muscles, nails and bones. In addition, this exotic fruit, and more specifically a berry, rich in organic acids, riboflavin, thiamin, and trace elements. By the way, try to eat it with skin: it improves peristalsis.

5. Liver Beauty

The beef liver has everything you need to your hair! First, the protein – as much as in beef. Second, the B vitamins, including biotin deficiency of which causes hair loss and dandruff. Third, the liver is the leader among the products on the content of iron (6 mg per 100 g), knowingly dishes of this product is prescribed to patients anemia. It is because of a lack of iron your hair become brittle! Fourth, vitamin A in the liver 14-fold higher than in butter. The liver is better to buy not frozen, and the preparation is not too fry.

6. Marine fish in high esteem

No other product you will not find such a set of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E) as in marine fish. What to say about a number of important micronutrients for health of hair, including phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and iodine!

10 Products for Beautiful Hair

In 200 grams of fish provides half the daily protein standards and a full dose of essential amino acids.

Enter tradition holds regular fish days, because the health of the fish dishes hair should eat at least 4 times a week. 

Good news: hake, pollock, catfish and flounder in their properties are not inferior to more expensive fish. By the way, for the health of hair, without exception helpful seafood.


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