Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

To have a piece of their dreams will have to work and work hard is not enough. Many thought suddenly run to the gym and doing up a sweat. Whether it is weight training, cardio and Pilates with yoga or swimming. However, all your efforts will be reduced to nothing if at the same time to feed, anyhow. Or rather not keep a certain diet. The meaning of sports, if you come home, you runs into fries or waive cakes and chocolates! No, I want a toned and slender body – follow diet, and, of course, go in for sports at least three times a week.

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But as often happens, that many in the pursuit of a beautiful body begin to starve yourself thinking that substantially reducing the amount of calories, they will lose weight. Yes, undoubtedly lose weight. Only by limiting itself to receive less food and energy and essential trace elements, and you will feel sluggish, respectively, and run the risk of eventually break away and start again there, there are many, uncontrollably. And according to gain weight again.

Torture yourself with hunger in any case impossible.

Another mistake made by ladies who want to lose weight – it’s dietary restrictions. Sitting on some salads does not go far. Because the body needs not only vitamins and fiber, and protein, which can be called the builder of our muscles, as well as carbohydrates and fats in small amounts. Yes, yes vegetable fats should also be present in the menu.

And do not think that those who lose weight, have to eat fresh, tasteless food. This is another mistake. Even a diet, you can eat varied, pamper yourself useful goodies and still look great.

It is very important to lose weight without harm to health.

So what should be the ideal diet? In order not to gain weight, but do not feel dull what is already some week in a row to have to chew on a carrot.

First, let’s clarify what must be protein foods in your daily diet. It is responsible for muscle protein mass. But do not be afraid that you will become bullies, eating eggs or meat, in this case, doing in the gym. This will not happen, do not worry. You’re not going to drag heaviest rod!

Protein is contained in: eggs, meat, beans, dairy products, cheese, seafood, fish.

Protein foods for a long time to digest, and therefore a feeling of fullness lasts long. But in any case impossible to protein products it has been during the day too much, so that they prevail over the other elements. Otherwise there will be a serious burden on the liver and kidneys.


Therefore, we must be sure to consume and carbohydrates – a source of energy. Not to take them you feel like a squeezed lemon. But here it is worth saying that there are fast carbs, which include our favorite sweets and pastry, and there is slow – they need us. These products are useful porridge: oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, barley. If you do without bread is very difficult, buy a loaf of durum wheat or bran.

Finally, fat – they should also be in the diet. Without them, the bones become brittle, faded skin, hair and nails and dull and brittle. But fats are fats strife. For example, if you fill salads, then it is better sour cream than mayonnaise, and even better olive oil.

If you are obsessed with your diet and you want to be not only healthy, but also to lose weight, it is necessary to know how the products through this can be achieved. So, on a diet is better to opt for these kinds of fish like carp, perch, carp, sturgeon, perch, flounder, capelin, pollock, hake. Meat preferably – beef, veal, rabbit. Any meat of birds is considered a dietary (except duck and goose), but better to give preference white meat. For example, chicken breast is much less calories than the hip and thigh, and therefore it can be to eat more.

The word diet is not meant starvation and torture from malnutrition and limit themselves to specific products and dishes. Such as, for example, fried potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cakes and homemade sour cream with pancakes, dumplings and so on.

Almost any diet can eat cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, bell peppers, eggplant, beets, celery, as well as all kinds of berries, pears, apples, peaches, citrus.

But the consumption of bananas and grapes better to reduce by several times, even though they are very useful, but they contain a lot of sugar, so that you can easily recover.

Very tasty dish is obtained from pumpkin, baked in the oven.

It often happens that we hold on, hold on, do not eat junk food, but next meal and friendly gatherings nullify all our efforts.

However, few know what foods are useful and which are not. In athletes, who want to throw a few pounds, the menu should be developed. How many times a day, and how much it is recommended to eat.

Certain instructions, of course not. Here, a matter of taste and personal preference in food. We can only provide examples and then everyone chooses his own version or will know in what proportions should eat more and be able to combine their own meals and make themselves menu.

So, the morning is best to start with a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice. So we run to work our stomach.

Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

For breakfast you can eat to choose from:

– Porridge;

– Cottage cheese with fruit pieces, dressed with sour cream or low-fat yogurt or one per cent;

– 2 boiled eggs plus fish cod with a slice of black bread;

After about three hours to be lunch, during which it is recommended to drink a protein shake, a cup of yogurt or eat a vegetable salad.

For lunch, a choice of:

– Boiled meat plus vegetables;

– Easy vegetable soup with meat;

– Boiled or baked fish with vegetables;

– Baked vegetables and mushrooms;

– Casserole;

– Buckwheat with hearts or stomachs;


– A glass of kefir, and cheese sandwich or

– cottage cheese;

– Oatmeal;

– Omelette.


– Boiled or baked fish with vegetables;

– Hot meat salad;

– Scrambled eggs;

– seafood salad.

In fact, even on a diet, you can not experience discomfort from what you eat supposedly only one and the same set of products.

After all, how much to eat cereals, which also can be used, for example for breakfast! How many meals can be prepared as a snack. For example, we buy in the store a thin pita bread of coarse varieties of wheat. As a filling put it finely chopped boiled chicken breast, greens, cucumbers, pour a little some sauce, such as ketchup and tkemali or pita wrap. It turns out the similarity shawarma, only rich in protein and carbohydrates with a small amount of fiber. By the way, as a filling in a pita, you can use cheese with greens and boiled egg.

In the suit, and a snack salad with boiled squid, boiled egg, lettuce, dressed with a tablespoon of sour cream with low fat content.

You can boil the beets, grate it on grater, add some walnuts and a teaspoon of sour cream.

Most importantly, if you want to lose weight to limit yourself to sweets. Otherwise, even doing in the gym, the result will be inefficient and barely noticeable. Hands, feet can still disappoint, but the treacherous flat stomach will not, as not cool. Completely abandon cakes, sweets, ice cream for those who loves a sweet – it’s a huge stress to the body. Therefore it is necessary to look for an alternative to them. For example, instead sahara- honey instead of sweets – dried fruit, raisins, cream cheese ice cream is replaced by adding one teaspoon of condensed milk. And, of course, all in limited quantities because of the dried fruit is also possible to recover, and cottage cheese with condensed milk did not narrow down your sides.

And do not think that weight loss – it is a quick process. Especially not entered into various products, supplements, magic technology that promises great results in a short time.

In general, losing weight is not so dull and insipid. Useful and low-calorie foods abound. The main thing to get serious about this issue. Think through in advance menu, combine foods to cook at home rather than buying something ready in the store. And sports, sports, sports. Then the result will be on the face!


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