How to Motivate Myself to do Sports

How to Motivate Myself to do Sports

Everyone knows that exercise a positive effect on our body, strengthen muscles, retain their elasticity, maintain in good shape the whole of our body, and just cheer up. But that’s the theory. In practice, however, sometimes it is very difficult to force myself to perform even the most simple physical exercises. In the course of entering a variety of excuses, ranging from lack of time, fatigue and ending with the promise that “here on Monday, I will even shake the press, or get out for a run.” But come Monday, with its urgent matters, concerns, meetings, etc., and sports are postponed for some time.

I try to exercise regularly, but I find it difficult even to resume training after a short break. In this article I would like to talk about ways to help me start to play sports.

The first thing that motivates me to start the course – this dissatisfaction with their appearance. This does not mean that I’m fat and I can not squeeze into your favorite clothes. Usually it is the little things that are not visible to others, but the mood is very spoiled me. For example, it may not be enough elastic abdominal muscles or a few extra centimeters in the waist area. The discovery of this fact encourages me to immediately start to play sports.

Gradual start.

Start training slowly. Highly active exercise for the unprepared organism can cause pain in muscles and discourage continue workout. Better to start with something relaxed and enjoyable. For example, in the evening, after work, you can ride with a friend to go rollerblading or jogging at night. The charge of energy and a lot of positive emotions are guaranteed! I also really like to ride with the whole family on bicycles. Little we tacked in a special baby seat and going to ride in the park.

How to Motivate Myself to do Sports

Find a source of inspiration.

Inspiration – a very important component of the success of any business. For me, the source of energy and inspiration is music. Probably everyone in the morning is such a state, when it is difficult even to open his eyes and walk to the bathroom. On the morning exercises too can not speak – to have time to eat breakfast and do not be late for work. But it is necessary to include energetic music as the body begins to wake up, and now, after a few minutes, you’re rhythmically danced and sang along. Parallel to this rise and your mood and the desire to do a few simple exercises to get in shape before a long working day.

Another very strong influence on me have movies, where many dance and move gracefully. I love to dance since childhood, but now, unfortunately, in the favorite activity is very difficult to allocate time. After watching the film, where the characters do incredibly beautiful dance movements, demonstrated a remarkable stretch, incendiary and easy move, wear stylish dance costumes, I have an irresistible urge to start to dance again. And it works! Usually after such films, I is recorded on the dance lessons and go for a long time, while not leaving on vacation or not a change of a sports club. Unfortunately, after the break, again often have to force yourself to find time for sports.

Someone in sports can push viewing broadcasts, where the slender girl with perfect figures give stubby fitness classes. Now there are a lot of such programs. A large number of fitness videos available on the Internet and try to repeat the movement for coaches. For example, I often involved in sports so while sitting in the decree with the child, and it gave excellent results. Though training and were short on time (about 15 minutes per day), but the load exerted on the muscles tangible. Advantages of such training is that you can choose the most, what muscles you want to pay more attention.


Considering himself the man in charge, a way of giving promises usually helps me push myself to the fact that do not want or laziness. For example, recently I began to regularly go out for an evening jog because a friend promised to accompany her in this. Of course, as is often the case, on the appointed day I invented a thousand excuses to postpone classes – and the weather was too hot to run, and suddenly fell upon a pile of work, at home affairs, etc. But, remembering that I have promised, and the girlfriend is very upset if I come, I had to gather strength and, after all, to go with her. But after I had run so much effort, energy and desire to engage in regular jogs! The next day, force yourself to run it was much easier. Two weeks later the body was finally used to the sport mode, so that I even began to invent additional load.

So if you belong to the category of people who have difficulty not fulfill their promises, then this method will suit you very much. The more people you promise that, for example, be sure to start from Monday to go to the gym, swimming pool, or prefer to exercise at home, the harder you will be to break his word and have, at any cost, to fulfill the promise.

How to Motivate Myself to do Sports

Another good way – to organize a group of girlfriends and play sports together. You can ride along on bikes, rollerblading, jogging, dancing, going to the fitness club. However, to play sports is not only useful, but also fun. And if you are the organizer of the group to speak, you will feel responsible and will make every effort not to miss classes.

Invent yourself an incentive.

Nothing makes to work on his own body better than a desire to look stunning. The most effective, in my opinion, to take action move for real goals. For example, if you say to yourself: “I want to look great in the summer bathing suit”, then most likely, it will not produce the proper result. But if you put a specific purpose – “to pump up the hips, hands, press in August that during the holidays to conquer all on the beach”, it will encourage you to achieve your. After all, when you see before specific dates, it is much easier to manage your time and not to postpone our plans “for later”. For example, recently our friends announced their upcoming wedding and handed out invitations. I immediately decided in what dress will go, but it was too open. To feel confident in it, I had to urgently address the figure: to strengthen the back muscles to pump up your hands and hips. In Stock I had only a month, so I did not hesitate signed up to the gym and started training.

In addition, goal setting helps to develop a more effective plan workouts. For example, if your goal is losing a few kilograms, and the training should be energetic, affecting different groups of muscles aimed at weight loss. If you decide to improve your posture, in your sports complex of exercises should be more load to the back and waist.

Buy sports equipment.

Sometimes it happens that a person previously not involved in sports, and for his birthday he presented volleyball (skiing, roller skates, etc.). And then, wishing and sports equipment will lie idle, a person begins to learn new sports for themselves. So it was with me. One day, my then-future husband gave me a tennis racket. Prior to that, tennis I ever played, but I liked the racket (it was a bright, professional, produced by the well-known sport in a special carrying case), I decided to try to start practicing this sport. The outstanding success, I certainly did not reached in tennis, but some learned some tricks, and now my husband and I enjoy playing tennis together. So my advice for those who want to start to play sports, but always postponed this occupation is: buy a sports equipment for sport, what would you really like to do. I can confidently say that most girls and will work with the new version, stylish sportswear. This is from the ladies do not want to show off in a new thing! And if this new thing – a new sports shirt and nice shorts, you have to exercise and sports, to show others your outfit.

There are many ways to get yourself to do something. But none of them will not work, if a person has no desire to do it. If you really want to do sports, but you lack the willpower to start the course, you hope these suggestions will seem useful to you and make you get up from the couch and, instead of watching the evening show to go for a run with a friend. After all, the sport – the youth of the body, beauty, grace, and power source!


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