Benefits of Green tea

benefits of green tea

Benefits of Green tea

Health care has become particularly relevant in recent years. In our world, when the environment undermines the body when in perpetual non-stop mode, you lose energy and vital resources. And on the shelves in the shops packed with goods mostly is not useful elements. Even the advertised products are not as helpful as they say on TV. Therefore, only it depends on the person, whether he will be healthy. And for this purpose in the first place should be treated to food carefully. After all, what we eat, drink, affects our body.

It would seem, at times simple products can play an important role in strengthening the human health. Take, for green tea! Yes, not black, and green, as he is the essential element that supports good health. Green tea helps a person to be active, to look good, and promotes weight loss.

There is a whole list of diseases, which helps prevent the green tea. Even with this terrible disease as cancer, doctors are advised to use this miracle drink. It is useful and high blood pressure. Tea prevents the development of atherosclerosis and thickening of the arteries.

Patients with diabetes should drink at least 6 cups of green tea per day for 8 weeks. Then the blood sugar level to fall by 15-20%. And to take even the Chinese, who are renowned for longevity. They did so, and drink green tea, it prolongs life. The fact that the enzymes contained in green tea, strengthen the heart, help the body to absorb all of the vitamins from food, and relieve stress, so that detrimental effect on our nervous system, undermining the health. That’s the secret of longevity – the more cups of this drink per day a person drinks, the more chances he has to live to old age, and I feel it does not like nothing, but briskly and firmly. Of course, it is also important at the same time pay attention and exercise. They determine our quality of life. The main thing is to follow some rules.

What kind of a miracle enzyme, which is found in green tea also helps to cope with a number of ailments? And he called theanine. That it helps the body to relax, calm down, it energizes. It is felt even by the fact that a person ceases to be a sleepy, feels active, removed fatigue, stress goes away.

However, one also has to know how to brew the miraculous drink.

Firstly, it is necessary to heat the kettle – rinse it with hot water and then put back large leaf green tea with the calculation of one teaspoon per cup. Let it configure themselves in a teapot 5-7 minutes to give their unsurpassed flavor. An important point – you can not make tea in a metal or plastic kettle. Otherwise drink impregnated with toxic elements or acquire the taste of metal.

Why not brew tea in a cold kettle? The fact is that it will lower the temperature of water, tea and tea leaves will be spoiled, you will not get a feeling of its real flavor.

benefits of green tea

Then you can fill it with boiling water. But not boiling water, the water should be around 60-80 degrees. Water must be drained first – this is called a tea rinse. And then immediately pour the new water. infusion times range from 30 seconds to a minute, depending on grade of tea. Do not think if he has a very pale appearance, so tea is not brewed. Overexpose it, and have to drink a bitter beverage.

Green tea should be drunk hot. Cool it loses its useful properties and vitamins. Incidentally, green tea is very good in combination with honey. Get double benefit!

By the way, in China when they drink green tea, try to discard negative thoughts and think positive only. Thus, the body will get all the useful minerals with every gulp of the drink. The only way you can get all of it favorable for the body and the soul substance.

Also, if the Chinese green tea of good quality, it can be brewed several times. Some grades even up to seven.

For those who want to lose weight, green tea will help, if you eat it with milk. Tea and itself has a mass of useful properties, as you could see above. And together with the milk, he also cleans the kidneys, which helps with weight loss. In addition, using green tea with milk, a person gets rid of fatigue, it increases vitality, improves digestion.

But that is not all. Green tea with milk and is recommended for those suffering from inflammation of the eyes, a runny nose sick. Chinese tea with milk and removes dental pain, and prevents destruction of tooth enamel. This is all due to the substances contained in milk.
This helps to drink and excrete cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metals that enter our bodies of water, food and the air.

And green tea with milk it helps heal ulcers, heals stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, prevents the formation of stones. Packs of Green Tea with milk treat minor burns.

In cosmetology green tea is also used. Just look at the skin of Japanese women, which is clean, almost transparent. Do you want the same? Suffice it to freeze green tea into molds for ice and wiped them in the morning facial skin. This procedure is particularly suitable for those who have oily skin. Green tea tones up, reduces inflammation and makes the skin firm and elastic.

Those who have normal or dry skin will approach such a mask: Mix 100 g of honey and 2 tablespoons of green tea. Apply on face for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with cool water.

From the bags under the eyes and fatigue to help tea lotion. It is necessary to put on your eyes or warm tea bags soaked in green tea sponzhiki. Keep them until they have cooled.

It would seem that only the tea, but how useful it contains. And the condition of the body, and health and beauty – all in the power of green tea.



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