How to cure a Cold in 2 Days?

how to cure a cold in 2 days

Adults, when sick, like children. There is the same carelessness and a desire not to be treated, and to someone like my mother watering with a spoon, carefully wrapped up with a warm blanket and kept a close eye to the drug has been consumed. We ourselves are to follow the doctor’s instructions horror as do not like. And call your doctor more often when the disease is already running. After all, we are all work-once. And human again, careless, too works – perhaps take place itself.

Speaking of work. Workaholic – it is also possible to say a disease that affects the general state of health. To get rid of it you need to be sure, or close to a nervous breakdown.

Of course not take place. It will only get worse if you do not take the necessary measures.

We have to work in the first days of spring all the polls are sick. The whole office turned into a hospital, where all the sneezing, coughing and blowing their noses. Neither of which work could not be considered in such a state. That struck me this virus and I began looking for information on how to cure the common cold for two days?

Most likely, all immunity for the autumn and winter is so weak that any draft is already ready to trigger the disease.

Swallow the pills advertised on television – is not a panacea, and liver can be planted. I personally know a proven technique that can cure a cold for two days. The main house and lie down to stock up on a lemon, garlic and “asterisk”.

So, if the nose is flowing and sore throat, eat as much garlic as possible. And not with a meal, and take garlic head and biting on small pieces slowly and chew thoroughly . , I want to eat anything, even a simple bread, but will not be terribly oven mouth. Otherwise the effect of garlic is not as healthful.

The day should eat about 5-6 heads. ATTENTION! If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, this method you are contraindicated. In any case, before using consult your doctor!

Further. What else is needed to cure the common cold for two days? Deeply inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. So without stopping about half an hour. During the day, we repeat this procedure 5 times.

By the way, garlic is still a powerful aphrodisiac, it is, on the arms, when cured.

That’s not all. Between repossession garlic rub “asterisk” point above the eyebrows. It is necessary to feel your fingers are small dimples in the frontal part and pressing hard, so painfully, rubbed “a star.” Also to rub it in the nasolabial point. Thirty times in one direction and the same in another.

Rubbed “star” 4-5 times a day.

And do not forget about the hot tea with lemon. Vitamin C during illness is very necessary to the body.

As for tea. Highly I recommend to read the article “Benefits of Green tea” He is truly the elixir of health and youth, during the disease in very handy.

If you do not be lazy and despite the pain to do all that is described above, the disease really pass for a couple of days.

Do my colleagues have their own proven methods on how to cure the common cold two days, they also shared.

For example:

Firstly, it is necessary to dress warmly as possible, to as much sweat . The legs and neck should always be warm.

Good sredstvo- mustard. It is better not to take the whole day.

But you can just steamed properly feet, adding in a basin hot water as it cools, so that the skin red. But do not overdo it, to not get burned.

Lemon – he really has healing properties and is very useful for colds. Use within 3 days of lemon, of which it is necessary to squeeze the juice and drink it. Not all at once but in portions. It is best not to caress the throat, otherwise you can damage the enamel of the teeth, which erodes the lemon juice.

And when will recover, treat yourself to a delicious cake with lemon flavor.

The good news for the sweet tooth. From cold helps … tiles of milk chocolate. It is possible to eat a whole at a time.

Chocolate generally has amazing properties, not only to raise the mood, set on a positive wave, but also helps to be beautiful.

As often as you can drink . It is best suited as a drink: chicken soup, warm milk with honey, chamomile broth, warm cranberry juice.

Tea with raspberries also an excellent tool, but do not pour boiling jam, or the healing properties of raspberries will go all to naught. The water should be hot, but not boiling water.

Rinse nose and throat . The warm water breed a few drops of iodine, half a teaspoon of baking soda and as much salt. Mix and during the day 3-4 times the solution to caress the throat. Then pour a lot of fluid in his palm and driving it into the nose, as it should in this case vysmarkivayas.

And one of my friends prefer to be treated for a cold two days tea with ginger in Korean.

The recipe of the drink-a miracle: a large cup need four pea black pepper, cardamom four things, three clove, ginger and cinnamon to taste. All spices ground in a coffee grinder. Then, in an enamel pan pour 300 grams of lukewarm water and put all the spices. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for another 20 minutes at the end you can add a pinch of black tea, a little milk and a teaspoon of honey.

If the nose is stuffed up, effectively get rid of congestion helps the juice of Kalanchoe. It should 2-3 times a day, to lubricate the inside of the nose juice bury or 2 drops into each nostril.

It can be used as lubricate and ordinary table salt. It should be mixed with butter. The proportions are: a third teaspoon oil mixed with the same amount of salt and warmed slightly. Important – lubricate the nose outside, not inside.

A good method to get rid quickly from the Cough – banana and milk. It prepares the elixir is very simple. Grind in a blender ripe banana, add 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder. At this time, boil a cup of milk and pour a hot drink into the banana mixture. All thoroughly mixed. Optionally, you can add a spoonful of honey. Drink recommend this drink hot before going to sleep. In the morning you will feel much better.

By the way, do not throw banana peel. It can be used. How? Did you know if you read the article on the link

In general, the health of a lot of recipes. You can follow all of the recommendations listed in the complex, or else choose the 3-4 method to get rid of the common cold, as they say, all should be the measure and it is not necessary to torture his body, and so exhausted by continuous treatment.

The most important thing is to remember that treatment should be started as soon as you feel the first signs that become ill. Go to the chronicle of a disease can be very easy, but there is not far to the operation. Therefore, children’s carelessness in the adult years is silly and frivolous.


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