How to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

how to get rid of unwanted hair

XXI century has brought with it not only a huge technological progress, but also great achievements in cosmetology. It seems a little bit more, and the secret of eternal youth is found. Modern beauty industry is able to solve many problems of appearance. Hair and eyelash extensions, changing the shape of the lips and nose, increasing the length of the legs … As few as 15 years ago, it would have counted for fiction. (Important if you have decided on something like that, to find a competent master.

Women at all times fought with vegetation on the body. This man must be a mighty and hairy, and a true lady stuck to carefully monitor themselves and get rid of unwanted hair on the body. I do not remember who owns the data word, it seems, loves me Faina Ranevskaya, but the meaning is: a woman should always look beautiful, because you never know what awaits you today, perhaps the long-awaited meeting, which will change forever.

I try to take care of themselves every day, and also looking for a way to get rid of excess body hair permanently or at least for the long term. Types of hair removal is very much: it is known since the days of his youth of our mothers electrolysis, and recently appeared Elos-epilation. What to choose? Depends on the financial capabilities (prices for different types of hair removal are very different), sensitivity of the skin, the presence of free time (how often you will be able to visit a specialist’s office to remove the hair, because some species require regular hair removal treatments, they can not be skipped), and other factors. I want to share a personal experience of how to get rid of excess body hair. I tried to just a few types of hair removal, but I hope that my comments will help you anyway.

Thus, the types of hair removal – what is better?

My way to smooth skin began, like most women, with a razor . This is a simple, painless and cheap way of getting rid of body hair. But it has one major drawback, which overrides all other advantages: after shaving the hair reappear very quickly, in just a day or two. Of course, women do not like it, because the procedure must be carried out frequently, as we and so many of them – you need to look after facial skin, manicure, etc.

how to get rid of unwanted body hair

However, I have long struggled with the hair on the body in such a way. I recommend using shaving foam. You can borrow it from a spouse or buy a special female. From experience I would say that the difference between them is no, only in packaging design. (Although this is also important, because a beautiful bottle uplifting). Foam facilitates razor glide over the skin process, so is reduced to a minimum the risk of hurting her. In addition, the foam softens the hair, and they are more amenable to shaving. I also think that if you use the foam, the skin is less irritated.

The next step was waxing . In my city, she appeared in beauty salons in the 2000s. and was worth decent money. I got a new job and decided to spend first pay for this procedure. Since then I began my search for the perfect method for dealing with hair on the body.

What is waxing? Before you go on it, you need a bit of “overgrown”. Hair on areas of the body where you want to remove them from the wax should not be less than 5 mm, or will not completely clean. Master handles skin lotion, antiseptic talc causes. At this time, in a special vessel at a temperature of + 45 ° C is heated wax. It can be flavored, for example with the smell of chocolate, vanilla. Specialist down into the vessel spatula to capture a small amount of wax and apply it to the skin, leave for a few seconds and sharply pulls. Hair remains on wax.

how to get rid of unwanted body hair

The skin at first like a burning, my master used after the procedure, a cooling gel to reduce the discomfort. After waxing can not be two hours to wet those areas where hair has been removed. (By the way, to avoid ingrown hairs before epilation recommend body peeling. It is also necessary to carry out peeling after 3-4 days of those places where you do hair removal.

The procedure is not pleasant, especially when just starting to do it. The first seven to ten times will have to endure. The thicker the hair, the more it hurts. But gradually you get used to the sensation, hair thinned, and sometimes even stop growing, and wax hair removal will no longer bear the suffering. On the vegetation on the body after it forget for 2-3 weeks. The skin is smooth, soft to the touch, has no stumps as aftershave. Therefore hair removal wax is so popular among women. Perhaps its only minuses in pain and that after the procedure the skin is waxy coating. They can stain clothing.

Maybe I would not have become acquainted with other types of hair removal, if my master had not gone to Moscow. Then I decided that if it was time to look for another expert, then why not pay attention to the new ways of dealing with vegetation? A friend shared a cabin phone, which did shugaring . This species is similar to waxing, only use not the wax and a thick sugar paste. Sugar in English – is sugar. What are the advantages shugaring?

Firstly, to make this procedure is sufficient to have hair 2mm. Agree, a significant plus, especially in summer when we wear revealing clothes, which hide under the excess vegetation difficult. Secondly, shugaring less painful. Third, the skin after it more smooth and silky.

Master kneads the pasta in his hands. Outwardly, it resembles a melted caramel. The paste is soft and plastic. Then specialist smearing her skin and quickly gathers. And so until then, until you remove all the hair. Paste only adheres thereto without dirtying the skin, which, of course, adds to this procedure plus compared with a wax.

After shugaring no irritation. As I explained to the master, it is also due to the fact that the paste adheres just to the hair, that is the skin it is almost not affected. Accordingly, irritation take nowhere. It can be avoided thanks to the natural composition of the paste. It is made from sugar, water and lemon juice.

I for a long time to remove hair using shugaring procedure, until she saw by chance in a magazine advertisement Phytopitch . The announcement stated that it is a modern way to deal with unwanted vegetation, which became popular women in the world. I called the telephone number recorded on the procedure and the … For half a year I go to this master.

Phyto I really like. It is based on honey. The procedure is similar to Shugaring. Specialist warms up in the hands of the resin, causing her skin, rolls and removes hair. Due honey skin after the procedure is incredibly smooth and moisturized. I have read that this method of getting rid of hair from the body has used the beauty of ancient Egypt.

Honey has antibacterial and healing properties. Therefore, it is safe for the skin. And other elements that make up the Phytopitch, for example, walnut extract, slow hair growth, which, of course, can not but rejoice.

For the hair removal Phyto hair is also not necessary to grow. Suffice it to their length was 2 mm.

I mention yet of epilators . With it, you can also get rid of unwanted hair on a long time. Painful procedure, after the skin is irritated, even if you use the epilator more than one year. But you buy it once and no longer spends on salon treatments, and hair after him for a long time do not grow (10-14 days). I recommend doing a scrub in those areas where you are going to remove the hair. This will help prevent ingrown hairs.

It is difficult to say what kind of hair removal is best. All individually. Try different methods. The only way you find one that is perfect for you.


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