Benefits of Banana Peels

Benefits of Banana peels

Banana peel? Surely many will be surprised. “How to use it? Make fun of someone and put it on the floor. Passer comes, slip and fall. That will be a laugh! “ – This answer was given by one of my friends. But do not follow his advice, the fall can be very painful and God forbid yourself something hurt. So this way of using the banana peels cross out and not remember it. After all, there are options for the application, which can help eliminate a number of troubles.

What was my surprise when I learned that the usual banana peel, which we so carelessly throw away in the trash as unnecessary, has many useful properties. Just as all other products. For example, the same ginger has a mass of useful properties. And I began my, so to speak “acquaintance” with a banana peel with …

benefits of banana peels

7 Surprising Uses for Banana Peels

1. Shine your Shoes.

When a friend told me that for a long time instead of using a brush for shoes just yet peel from a banana, or rather its soft side. Deciding to test the effect, I tried to wipe the leather shoes banana peel … and my shoes gleamed. It began to look as if it was treated with a special cream. It turns a double benefit: come to work in the morning, ate a banana, a boost of energy, and even shoes put in order after the dusty road! There is a nuance. After wiping shoe peel, it should be wiped with a cloth or a soft cloth.

2. Blackened silver gleams like new .

In addition to footwear, the banana peel has such useful feature as perfectly cleans and silver! Agree, with time, this metal gets dark, especially jewelry that we wear on a daily basis. To the product has begun to shine again as a brand new you can prepare a mixture of uncomplicated: take a banana peel and crush it. This is best done in a blender. Add a little water, but that the mixture is not too liquid. Now take a soft cloth, put it on a small number of “selfish” mix and begin to wipe the silver. Dark patina disappears. A product that has begun to shine, after wiping it should rinse in water and dry with a clean, soft cloth. A very simple way to return former silver appearance.

3. Wipe the leaves.

Polished and give a healthy glow with a soft hand banana peels can also be leaves of ornamental flowers. However, this method is suitable for most large houseplants. Can you imagine how much patience is necessary to process the small leaves! But big – just right.

4. And about the plant …

If you take a banana peel, cut it into small pieces, allow to dry, and then buried in the ground around the plant, it will scare away aphids.

In addition, due to the beneficial trace elements peels excellent job with the role of fertilizers. Especially they fall so to speak against the grain roses, tomatoes and peppers. Peel enough to cut into pieces and sprinkle a little ground near the plant.

But for indoor plants suitable dried peel, which was ground, buried in the ground.

5. The remedy for wrinkles.

From banana peels bloom not only plants, but also the skin of the face. Just think of it, it is just to wipe the face peel pulp and the skin sated with moisture. It helps to get rid of fine wrinkles. After a bit of time after such rubbing a banana, you can apply the cream.

By the way, if you wipe the skin with flesh peel, it will help get rid of acne.

6. Whiten teeth.

Face without wrinkles – is not the only plus of the skin, which is used in cosmetics. It appears because in the peels contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium – as these elements contribute to whitening teeth. To achieve sufficiently good effect twice a day for a long time to wipe teeth with a soft peel side. Only pre-cleaned their toothpaste. After two minutes you are rubbed into the peel teeth, it is necessary to clean them again paste.

7. Down with splinters, warts and scratches.

Miraculous banana peel is able, as it turned out, a lot. Even a splinter pulled from the peel. It is enough to attach to a troubled place, where you can not even get a nagging thorn pulp peel. Bandage or patch to fix it and leave for a day. After a specified period and remove the peels – may seem a pain in the field of observation, so that it can be easily removed.

Similarly, you can get rid of warts. Just leave the flesh peels on the affected place should be at night. It is said that the smaller the warts disappear within a week, but with larger and will have to tinker a month.

If you scratched, burned in the sun or you are bitten by mosquitoes – a great tool to get rid of the nagging pain, you guessed it – wipe the affected area of the peel of a banana. Wipe the peel until it heals.

As you can see, quite a few recipes, and using them can solve such issues and problems that we encounter almost every day.

So think about it before you throw in the trash peel of this delicious fruit.


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