10 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

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Dear, delightful, beautiful pregnant woman! I congratulate you on this wonderful event! Coming soon will be a new light, a little man , and your life will change. The desire to mother to child has been healthy and happy! To do this we need the love and strength. We typed them in advance. Today, I propose to consider some ideas that you can have time to do during pregnancy and how to please and pamper yourself in this particular position. Soon I will have a baby, we have today 29 weeks. What interesting things we had to do in that time? I hope you will take from my experience that find it useful.

When I learned that she was pregnant, in addition to feelings of delight there were many questions. How to eat, whether it is possible to continue to be engaged in shaping what changes occur in my body, what will happen, how it will grow and develop the baby, which means you can not carry heavy weights for a pregnant woman, it is how much kg? And a lot of other issues that arise before now. The first step is to help internet websites for expectant mothers, articles, forums. When I become registered in the antenatal clinic, I was handed a stack of brochures: “Benefit for child first year of life care”, “Handbook for Expectant Mothers”, “How to take care of the health of the expectant mother and the baby!” And others. I enthusiastically and with a sense of gratitude read them all. If you have not provided such brochures, not worry, there are plenty of magazines, books and websites where you can find answers to all their questions. There are special clubs for pregnant women, which are training sessions and friendly gatherings. And most importantly, you always can get a professional answer from your doctor.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

1. The first thing I recommend finding ways to relax and pamper yourself in this magical time.

The woman’s body occur , tremendous changes in the first place, we should be able to do to take care of yourself. Positive emotions have a beneficial effect on the baby. Here is what I found for myself is still in the early stages of pregnancy. In our town there is one fish-spa salon where bred amazing fish, called them Garra rufa. This fish-doctors, they treat many skin diseases. As things happen? On the Internet, I learned salon recorded on the phone. There I was met by friendly staff, the young man spent in the room, where she played relaxing music was twilight. I offered to stay on a soft couch, and then I dropped her hands into the aquarium, and many small gray fish began my “bite.” The first few minutes, get ready to laugh, it’s a bit ticklish! In fact, these fish do not have teeth, they can not damage the healthy skin and gently scraped only the stratum corneum is best biopilinga in the world! Simultaneously Garra Rufa cleanse the pores and do acupressure.

The saliva of the fish contains a special enzyme that has anti-aging, wound healing, as well as anti-inflammatory effect. The skin of your hands will be soft and silky wonder, even after the first session. Despite the prolonged exposure of hands in the water, you do not want to apply a moisturizing cream. Nothing is planned after visiting the salon, since you will probably want to sleep. The same procedure can be done and for the feet. in my case, session lasted 40 minutes, during which time you can ask any question about the miracle of fishes, or at the request of you will be left alone. you can go to the fish-spa salon on their own, or bring your wife or girlfriend. Try , it is a fantastic feeling! a few words about safety. The water in the aquarium passes continuous filtration and sterilization, and state veterinary inspection of fish. I recommend to postpone the procedure if you have scratches or open wounds on the skin before they are healing.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

The second method is to relax we found with her husband. We have a stunning home near the Botanical Gardens. And we regularly stroll among the plants amazing beauty. There are roses alleys, planting the size of a football field of small fir trees, rare shrubs and flowers, as well as birch trees and a small pine forest. We take with nuts and seeds, and feed the squirrels. We observe how smart they are splitting solid walnut nuts and eat the kernel, first one half, then the second. Fresh air, incredible beauty, walking tour and loved around, what else should a pregnant woman? Perhaps, in your town, too, has a similar Botanical Gardens, be sure to take a look. For me, the garden is more attractive than any park. Now I know where I will come for a walk with the baby.

2. A pregnant woman is important to preserve the strength and good sleep.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

However, to find a comfortable position during sleep becomes increasingly difficult. Very soon, you will not be able to sleep on his stomach and then on the back. By the third trimester, you will be able to sleep only on one side and roll over in his sleep from one side to the other. So be sure to get their own special pillow for pregnant women. They exist in various shapes and with a variety of fillers. Pillows in the shape of a banana, a horseshoe, a long roll or in the form of the letter “G”. This pillow you can place at the same time under the head, middle, supports the tummy and tail pads is conveniently located between the legs. Its good to embrace and hug. This pad you can use after delivery for breastfeeding. Rescued this pillow if you go on a long journey, I took the car and a passenger found a lot of options for a comfortable sleep. Long and soft pillows, folded in half, can be put under the back to make the body reclining position, which is very convenient if you are concerned about heartburn, or you just want to read or watch TV.

We bought just two in the shape of a banana, only with different fillings and are very happy. One more springy and soft, I was chosen, and the second, which receives and stores the shape of the body, chose a husband. As a rule, the pillow for pregnant women are made of natural materials with safe excipients. You can choose the fabric pillowcase from 100% cotton velor or summer, warmer in the winter. There are many websites with detailed descriptions and photos of pillows for pregnant women. Reliable manufacturers provide a certificate confirming the safety and quality of materials. If you live in a village or a small town and you do not sell these products, order via the Internet by filling out a form on the website or by calling the phone, you will deliver the selected pad by mail or courier. And easy to sew a pillow yourself. Believe me, your comfortable deep sleep that is!

3. Once you know the sex of the baby, you can prepare a dowry for the baby.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

How many positive emotions give such purchases! Choosing a stroller, crib, children’s chest of drawers, a tiny thing, diapers and that are what you want! I do not want to trust this pleasant and important process to someone else. This approach is more practical, as now shopping more time than when the baby is born. And you will feel more relaxed, knowing that you’re done. For example, I made two separate lists of necessary purchases, one consists of a list of things that need to take with you to the hospital, and the second is to buy the baby. And we have already acquired about half. There are many superstitions, what can and can not do during pregnancy, there is, of course, every expectant mother decides itself. There is a sign that the expectant mother can not buy baby things before birth. My attitude to the signs can be expressed in the following phrase: “Bad luck – is to believe in omens.” Rather, I believe only in those omens that predict good things. All signs invented by people, are you as a person, so you can come up with your own! For example, a broken mirror, and you say, “Fortunately!”, A black cat ran across the road: “It’s good luck!” I rain – it is always to the money, the snow – to the big money, and if the degree, it is a huge financial receipts! According to the signs, it is believed that to celebrate a wedding in May, then a lifetime promayatsya. So, my parents got married in May and 13 numbers, and live well. So all in our head, we say to ourselves, so be it. Do your shopping for a child with joy and love, it is a great happiness!

4. Get yourself a special linen and clothes.

Your figure changes need to be concerned about the physical comfort. Why is it important? Bra for Pregnant created from special elastic fabrics and will increase as breast growth, wide straps will remove the burden from the shoulders, a special cut and additional details will provide the necessary support for the breast. Since milk glands have muscles, lack of support can lead to a change in their shape. Pants for pregnant women are high or low with a minimum of seams or pattern, do not put pressure on the stomach, carefully selected materials that absorb moisture well and “breathe”, create a sense of “second skin”. As soon as you feel discomfort, pressure from wearing normal clothes, treat yourself going to the store for expectant mothers. The new functionality will enable you to buy to look elegant, confident and comfortable in any situation.

5. Make a photo shoot.

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Once I met with my girlfriend (she has a son, four-year kid) who saw my tummy, exclaimed: “What a lovely!”. And then she added: “The only thing I regret that I did a photo shoot when she was pregnant, because such an event in a woman can be just one time in my life.” And indeed, I thought, in the majority of my friends 1-2 children, who rarely three or more. A beautiful photos will keep the memory of beautiful moments. And then you can show a family album of your baby as he was growing up in your tummy. I recommend doing a photo shoot for 7-8 month of pregnancy when the belly is already nicely rounded, and for the expectant mother has no such strong pressure on the body, as in 9 months. Pre-made hair, consider a gentle make-up and clothes. Prepare the accessories, it can be fabric, children’s clothes, toys, ribbons, berries, balloons. You can do a photo session in the studio or photographer to invite home. If you have a professional camera, the husband can become a better photographer. I have a wonderful friend who I trust and has a great camera, so now she gladly agreed to take pictures of me. We made two versions of the shooting, one home and one in nature. Involved toys and blooming orchids. It turned out great!

6. Come up with a name for a child or pick up a few choices of names that you like.

My husband and I have done so. First printed from the Internet lists of male and female names, then we do not yet know the sex of the baby. Get a few sheets in three columns. Of these, I chose names for men and women, which I like. These short lists then took my husband and chose the ones that appeal to him. As a result, we’ve got two lists, one consisted of six male names, and the second of twelve women. All of these names we liked. Then we studied their meaning and origin and recorded in front of each name. These lists we put on the desktop and viewing them on a daily basis, some of the names crossed out intuitively. As a result, we have only one male and three female name. Then we learned that we would be a boy!

7. Prepare your home for the birth of a child.

Always keep it clean. Disassemble all the cupboards and shelves, throw out the old stuff. Maybe then you would not before. We took a few packages. Some of the things I gave away. It’s easy to see what you have not worn more than a year, believe me, no longer will wear. Make room for the new. Remove all sharps up, and in the kitchen all the jars with hazardous and safe also put higher liquids. Yes, the child does not immediately begin to crawl and walk, but you advance to develop new habits to store these things in places inaccessible to the baby. If there is a flower, check if there are any among them poisonous. There is still time to give them or rearrange.

8. Think about your dreams!

Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Perhaps, as time had time to implement them. It may be quite simple desires, or something big. Of course, all is not contraindicated for you in this magical time. What do you enjoy doing the most? Write down a list of your favorite things to do and enjoy the process. Perhaps you like to do crafts, draw, sing, photograph. Or dreamed of creating your site, record the disc with his songs, cook new dishes, to publish a newspaper, do yoga (for pregnant women), to plant flowers or long wanted to start learning a new foreign language. Perhaps because of his hobby, you can, and even make money! If you love taking pictures, offer their services such as pregnant women, you will have a decided advantage over other photographers in terms of trust. If you love to sew, knit, draw, create, decorating, show their work in social networks, perhaps, many will want to buy them. Manual work is always appreciated. Even if you do not sell their products, gain adherents. How touching, when the expectant mother create things with their hands for the baby and get extraordinary pleasure! I have many favorite activities, like needlework. But this time it wanted to write, this is my second article, and I get a threefold benefit: fun, learning new skills , and even extra income.

It’s no secret that among the future mother and baby are inextricably linked, the baby feels your inner state. Make sure that in the reigned harmony, love and peace of the world confidence. During this period, especially pay heed to their appearance. Take care of yourself, admire you! Visit beauty salons, there are many exciting and useful procedures authorized pregnant: moisturizing and cleansing mask for the face, all kinds of hair care, skin of the hands and feet. In a good salon you will always advise on safety procedures. In some cities there are special lounges for pregnant women. Many of the procedures you can do at home. For example, I love to use fragrant scrubs and lotions for the body, do warm baths for hands with almond oil. I use a special cream against stretch marks and firming serum for the breasts. It’s so nice to take care of themselves. You can also create a new image, try a different styling hair and long hair are different, interesting weave of the braid.

9. Enjoy the freedom!

After birth, the little joys will not be as accessible. Meet friends, go to the cinema, concerts. I am happy that my baby, being in the tummy, have heard the statement of the State Chamber Orchestra of jazz music Oleg Lundstrem, the famous Italian singer and composer Toto Cutugno, ten exciting soloists and talented artists “Chora Turkish». It is difficult to convey in words the inner excitement, feeling and mood that give such great performers! By 27-28 weeks of gestation baby’s hearing organs are so perfect, that the external world sounds become part of his life. Of course, the most wonderful music for the baby, it is the heartbeat mother.

10. Stroll through the shops.

Perhaps you want to buy or pre-steamer to look for a healthy diet, home video camera, a humidifier, things for your home comfort or something special for yourself. This may be a new beautiful clothes for sleep, or elegant luxury jewelry ornaments. Design ornaments can choose the catalog, Internet, found in glossy magazines and ordered from a jeweler. It will be much cheaper. We have a friend of the family first-class craftsmen jewelers, and the fact that we have order the doubled affordable than in the stores. Ask your loved one to do for you in such a magical time such a special gift. Confident, you will not be able to refuse!

Dear future moms, hope you have been interesting to me these few minutes. Remember, you are wearing a sun, which means that the light illuminates the others! Happy for you successful pregnancy and childbirth!


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