Grapes: Properties and Benefits

grapes: properties and benefits

Perhaps there is no person who would not like the grape. In addition cumulative properties grapes have excellent taste and a pantry of substances needed by the body. Grape contains cellulose, ascorbic acid, vitamins B, C, P, and potassium. Grapes have only one drawback – high caloric content (65 to 85 kcal per 100 g). So if you follow the figure, eat plenty of it will not work.

I always thought that such warnings are not justified. How can I gain weight because of the fruit? But I am convinced of this by the example of a close friend, when she, leaning on the sweet fruit, recovered three months to seven kilograms. Since then, I have kept the rate recommended by nutritionists in respect of grapes – 200 grams per day in the form of fresh fruit or 100 grams of raisins. And it is delicious, and the body is useful, and for the figure without consequences.

Grapes – a wonderful plant. Grapes mass of useful properties. We use almost all of its parts: the fruits, leaves, vine. What other plant gives such scope for the application? I could not answer that question. At the same time, no other culture does not require so much knowledge to grow it.

In the world there are about eight thousand varieties of grapes. The most popular are the “Isabella”, “Sultana”, “ladies fingers”, “Cardinal”, “Victoria”. Grapes symbolizes prosperity, wealth, abundance. A wine ancient Romans considered exclusively a drink of the gods.


What useful properties of grapes? For the grapes so highly regarded?

This berry is known for its diuretic, laxative, tonic properties. Eating grapes helps to cope with a cough due to the high content in grapes organic acids. They are irritating to the respiratory tract. As a result of sputum easier, and cough becomes softer. Grapes also treat sore throat. What other useful properties it possesses?

– Grapes contain potassium. This element is responsible for the cardiovascular system. In one well-known publication about travel I recently came across a note in which was said that according to the World Health Organization, least of all cardiovascular diseases in Europe suffer from the French. Doctors associated with such a fact grape popular in this country. In this paper, it was also noted that the most useful in this regard are dark grapes. The substances contained therein, including potassium, reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%. The inclusion of vines in the daily diet promotes the resorption of cholesterol, as well as the restoration of the elasticity of vessel walls. Grapes helps reduce high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and eliminates normalizes heart rate;

– Grapes rich in resveratrol – a powerful natural antioxidant. It protects the organism from thrombosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. However, this element is contained only in the dark grape varieties. Resveratrol is also recommended for women middle-aged. It prevents the development of osteoporosis, which is suffering after 50 years due to lower estrogen levels more than half of the fairer sex. Resveratrol is responsible for the preservation of youthful skin. As well as any antioxidant, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

– A lot of organic acids (tartaric, citric, malic, oxalic, salicylic, succinic) composed of grapes. They are responsible for the normalization of acid-base balance in the body and excreted uric acid and salt, which has a beneficial effect on the kidneys;

– Grapes contain vitamins of group B. They are the daily norm is contained in a glass of grape juice. B vitamins improve the condition of hair, skin and nails, as well as a positive effect on the nervous system, memory, sleep. These vitamins are responsible for the “production” of the body’s red blood cells and the regeneration of red blood cells;

– Lots of grapes and vitamin C. It is not only responsible for the youth of our skin, but also protects the body from germs and bacteria. He, too, is a natural antioxidant. Moreover, it digested in a maximum amount and tends to accumulate in it. This process affects the other contained in the grapes vitamin – R.

Grapes contains sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, essential oils, fructose and glucose, tannin, cellulose, pectin. Moreover, the number of substances in the grapes is higher than in other products, which are considered major suppliers of the body member. Iron in grapes, for example, two and a half times more than in apples, as compared with magnesium mineral water ten times. It is recommended to eat grapes separately from other products in one or two hours after a meal, and it is necessary to rinse the mouth with water. The fact that the organic acids and sugars contained in grapes adversely affect dental health, provoking the development of caries.


Grapes should be eaten with the peel. That it contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Of particular value are grape seeds. They contain polyphenols – substances which are able to bind free radicals. They are the culprits of skin aging and the development of cancer. Grape seeds are used to produce oils and extracts, as well as on their basis make dietary supplements.

Doctors recommend a daily basis to include grapes in your diet for people with kidney disease, liver, bronchus. Grapes are useful in the treatment of anemia, gout, chronic hepatitis. Precautions should use it for those who suffer from diabetes, chronic colitis, peptic ulcer, esophagus and intestines.

With love to the body

Useful properties of grapes are shown not only in the use of it in food. Grapes has long established itself as an excellent cosmetic. Modern manufacturers produce products containing extract of seeds of red grapes. As I wrote above, they contain natural antioxidants, prolongs youthfulness of the skin.

Try home masks based on grapes. They improve the complexion and skin condition. It is recommended for all skin types. Due to the fact that the grapes contain a lot of organic acids, with this mask, you spend the kind of peeling. Cut in half a few berries and place them face down pulp. Soak 15 minutes.

For sensitive skin fit this mask: Take one teaspoon of curd and honey, thoroughly mash. Add to this gruel two teaspoons of grape juice, stir. Apply the mixture on your face for 15 minutes.

Is the owner of oily skin? Try the following recipe. You will need one egg, half a teaspoon of vegetable oil and two teaspoons of grape juice. The protein is separate from the yolk and whisk, mix with butter and juice. On the face of keep 20 minutes. This mask tightens pores and whiten skin.


Dry skin is useful mask of grape juice and honey. Mix them in equal proportions, then moisten the gauze in this mixture and apply on face. Hold for 15-20 minutes.

Pamper the skin of grape bath body. You will need a glass of grape juice, a tablespoon of honey and half a cup of cream. All Mix and pour into the tub. The water temperature should not be higher than 38 ° C.

Grapes – a storehouse of nutrients and hair. Take a bunch of seedless grapes, crush it. From the resulting mass squeeze the juice (through gauze). Add to it one tablespoon of flaxseed oil and honey. Stir. On hair hold for half an hour. Apply the mask to dry hair before washing.

To strengthen the shag rub half an hour before washing freshly squeezed grape juice. Do the course in two procedures a month a week.

Hair lacks luster? Again rescue grapes. Mix three tablespoons of crushed berries seedless grapes with two yolks. Apply to the entire length of the hair roots and 20 minutes.

How to buy ripe grapes?

When choosing grapes, make sure that the berries are undamaged. Pigmentation on them is not an indicator of poor quality. On the skin of fresh berries has a whitish coating. Dark grapes stored for long periods of light, as well as varieties with thick skins and firm flesh.

To select a ripe grape, berry clusters try below, although we usually do the opposite. They ripen from top to bottom and then. Therefore, the upper berries may already be ripe, juicy, and the lower green. Most delicious varieties have small berries, which seems superficially unattractive. Prefer such grapes.

I have a friend who is engaged in cultivation of grapes. He likes to say that a good grape in the shops can not buy. On the question: “And where is it then to take,” he always says that you need to raise your. If you are thinking what to do for the soul, perhaps this advice will be useful to you. And health including!


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