How to be a Perfect Wife

how to be a perfect wife

The main secret of the perfect wife – you need to believe in her husband considered his best. And then he will really strive to be the best in everything, and in addition, will take his wife – perfect!

How to become an ideal wife? Memorable.

1. The house – the order of the smell and pies

Even if you earn no less than her husband, to monitor the house and cook – your responsibility. He will not appreciate you more for higher wages and a leadership position! Women really appreciate for another, in particular – for the comfort of the house and delicious buns.

2. Be always sexually attractive

All men, without exception, believe that a good wife – a good lover. If you’re going to show a lack of interest in sex with him, he begins to look for it on the side. And it is difficult to blame it!

3. From time to time, leave him alone

No need to constantly “flapping wings” over her husband. Even the most loving husband needs a personal space.
Let him go by himself – sometimes he needs to stay in the garage, to drink a beer with friends, go to the football or watch television. Without you! If you – a good wife, you have to understand it. If you do everything right, it takes “a” rare.

4. Confidence

Give him the right to make their own decisions. Do not repeat endlessly, “I know better!” – It does not tolerate any man, even if you’re really right. If he took the wrong decision – never say “I told you!”. No need to “poke its nose” – it is not a kitten. If you say, “Do what you think is right, I trust you” – man move mountains to make you feel good.

5. Remember your own desires

The secret of the perfect wife – that she loves herself. Does not require constant gifts, but voiced his desire that he did not have a headache – what to give to his beloved wife. “Hangs” in stores and on websites, pointedly admiring the dress or perfume. Trace the red marker vending necklace in the catalog and leave in a prominent place. And when he presents a gift to you, and rejoice heartily thank. Then he will always remember that his wife need to please and pamper.

6. Take care of yourself

Many women think that once they were married – the goal is reached, and you can relax. Error! After marriage, you have to look even better than before. Allow yourself to a manicure, massage and salon treatments. All this – expensive?
Nothing, cheer up such waste at least once or twice a month, and your husband will definitely feel emanating from you vonu femininity, seduction and attraction power. He would be proud of such a wife!

7. Make friends with his family

One of the most important secrets of the ideal wife – the ability to establish a good relationship with my parents, sisters, brothers and other relatives of her husband. He will appreciate it. This is usually a woman loved by all family members, and even in case of any problems, they will be more likely your side.

Of course, all these secrets of the ideal wife – no more than a hint, not a direct guide to action. All men – different, and everyone – his ideal. But, if you sincerely believe that your husband – the best, and never allow yourself to bad words in his address (either with her mother or with friends), – he is sure to feel and appreciate.


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