How to Prepare a Child for Kindergarten

how to prepare a child for kindergarten

The school year is just around the corner. Your child is growing up and it’s time to give it to the kindergarten. Psychologists advise to do it in advance, so that the child has had time to get used to the new conditions. The first experience of existence in society becomes a child in kindergarten.

Most of today’s parents consider it necessary to stay the crumbs in kindergarten, because here the baby learns to independently eat, dress, and most importantly, communicate and live with other kids his age. In addition, a visit to a kindergarten is a kind of a smooth transition from the child’s home life side by side with the parents to one of the most important stages of life – school.

Therefore, to attend preschool children’s institutions should be taken very carefully, namely, to prepare the baby for a new society both morally and physically.

We have prepared a 7 simple rules to successful preparation of the child for kindergarten

1. If you already have a place in a kindergarten, you should definitely visit this place to learn more about the equipment groups, especially the regime of the day for the age of your children’s crumbs, menus and so on.

In some kindergartens are conducted so-called “open days” when everyone can visit the restaurant for all to see, can lead to your baby. This is a great chance to show the child his future “second home” to tell more than the kid will be there to do, where to sleep, where to eat and play with other kids. Talk to your child about kindergarten is always in a positive tone, but do not embellish reality, because in the future baby may somewhat disappointed if something goes wrong.

2. For 1-2 months before the start of kindergarten, try to begin to teach a child to a regime identical to that adopted in your kindergarten. The sooner this is done – all the better for the baby. This will avoid the related unwillingness of many in the future vagaries of sleep, eat and do other things while in kindergarten. Furthermore, when the crumb will begin to attend kindergarten, this regimen should be followed, not only on weekdays but also on weekends.

3. Ask what to feed children in a children’s institution in which you are going to give the child.
At home you can cook these dishes and gradually introduce them to the diet of their offspring. This will avoid future “do not want and will not be” in the kindergarten, if the house before the baby to eat other food. In the food and try to keep kindergarten regime.

4. One of the biggest problems faced by parents of children who are in day care centers – a child’s unwillingness to let parents and remain alone with the new strangers. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, sometimes leave the baby in the other family (dad, grandma, godparents) at least briefly. Gradually, the baby will get used to deal with all of yourself.

5. Encourage your crumbs communication with other people, for example, during daily walks. Try to walk in the grounds, where the kids walk his age. So the child will be easier to adapt to the team of the kindergarten. In addressing this issue could also help the early development of school children, or other similar educational circles. There’s your kid not only to learn something new and useful, but also be able to play with their peers, to get used to the new rules of conduct.

6. Buy comfortable clothing child for kindergarten. Pay particular attention to the fact that the clothing is easy to remove and wear. The same goes for shoes.

7. Try to wean your baby from harmful household habits – from pacifiers, bottles, motion sickness and other things.

Following these simple rules will help you to quickly and easily set up the baby to visit the kindergarten. In addition, do not forget to tune themselves to the fact that your baby is growing up and now will independently deal with many things in the garden. And then the kid will have fun visiting the kindergarten, and you will not worry him.


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