Wine Therapy for Beauty

wine therapy

Grapevne … None known to us the fruit did not receive so many epithets like grapes. He sang and praised the beauty of the ancient Greeks, healing properties admired and idolized this truly amazing piece of fruit!
I have always been interested in the origin of the wine. Maybe someone threw a creepy old brush of grapes in any container with water, juice ferment over time, and it has turned the wine?

It has been suggested that wine was invented Cro-Magnon man of about forty thousand years ago, who lived in Central Asia. There are many legends about the invention of wine: and he was inventing the god Dionysus, and Noah, and Queen Semiramis. This beautiful myths and true discoverer now we hardly know.

“French Paradox.”

As you know, the French – the people not respecting a healthy diet. Their main diet is just oversaturated with cholesterol (eggs, butter, meat). And sports are easily replaced by sex. But they rarely their neighbors die from cardiovascular diseases. On this and thinking scientists … In vino veritas. The truth turned out to be at fault.

In 1994 in France, the researchers found in grape seed polyphenols. These are substances that can bind free radicals, which are formed in the body due to stress, exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke. These free radicals are the most notorious, it has been proven to cause the development of cancer and aging, aging of skin. Add to this a whole range of vitamins PP, P, E, A, C (unfortunately destroyed in the manufacture of wine), B vitamins, biotin. 24 found in wine important trace element such as cobalt, zinc, manganese, fluorine, etc. Pectin, found in wine, contribute to the removal of radioactive strontium in our body, and a large amount of tannins are radioprotectors.

On the basis of this knowledge, the red wine was considered medicinal drink. So there was now a fashionable spa salon treatment – wine therapy.

Wine therapy – a method of treatment and healing of the skin, based on the wonderful properties of grapes, grape seeds, leaves, shells. This method is still very young and has already become quite popular.

What kind of wine used?

Only the red! In the production of white wine pomace of grape juice after the peel is removed, so in white wine polyphenols contained much less, therefore the therapeutic effect is weak.

Readings for the course wine therapy: cellulite, stress, insomnia, vitamin deficiency, pale, flabby, before aging and skin aging.

Contraindications: allergic reactions, dermatitis, acute infectious diseases, tumors. If in doubt, better to consult a doctor.

What are the stages of the procedure is the classic wine therapy?

– Wine bath

For the procedure used a hot tub with thermal water enriched with red wine and various extracts from grape seeds.

– Massage with grape oil

Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, so it is particularly useful for cellulite.

– Peeling using grape seed

This type of peel is suitable for all skin types.

Exfoliates dead skin particles, the skin
is rejuvenated and acquires a healthy complexion.

– Applying to the skin of grape pulp, leaves, wine yeast

On the skin applied to a specific mixture for 20 minutes. Moreover, the body is wrapped with a special film for the best effect.

And what is the expected effect on the course wine therapy?

Improved skin tone, reduction of pain in arthritis, treatment of cellulite, get rid of the body toxins, improve circulation, increase immunity and the overall resistance of the organism, the enrichment of the whole organism microelements.

In addition to beauty treatments, wine is good to drink and inside. Daily meal, doctors are advised to consume 300 ml of wine. This should be only qualitative, and drink it should only be a healthy person.

If you are interested and decided to try out for yourself wine therapy, some procedures can be done at home.

Scrub grapeseed:

To do this, dry and chop grape seeds. The removed grape skins chopped. Mix with bone gruel made of leather. Scrub ready.

Houses can also fill yourself a bath with the addition of red wine. Soft music, candles, a glass of red wine … you will feel the unique atmosphere of warmth and bliss of the present.


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