3 Quick ways to ease your Hangover



His head still give fireworks and shots with champagne corks, the memories are still fresh and Olivier – but not you. Hangover does not accept payment by installments, and begins immediately and with full force. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. A little effort and you will want to live again. So:

The first way: Advance 

Okay, let’s say you are not a census, and only want to do it. In this case, please read the rules and follow them relentlessly:

1. Eat well in advance. The truth seems to be capitalized, but many manage to make a mess or neglect. You will not save cold appetizers, hot and greasy fast food, contrary to popular belief, only exacerbate the effects of drinking. Your selection – pre-fat broth and bread. The first protects the stomach and slows the absorption of alcohol, and the second will act as a sponge, in turn, are also slowing down the absorption of alcohol.You will get drunk much more slowly and not as fatal. If the food is not at hand and is not expected – replace it with a tablespoon of olive oil.

2. Drink water. In an amicable way, for every glass of alcohol – a glass of water. In the morning you are like broken plague raisins largely due to dehydration – excessive consumption of water to solve this problem.

3. Now – the main thing: that you can drink. To begin with, your whole life – it’s a lie: to increase or decrease the degree possible without dramatic consequences for the organism. What not to do – because it is to mix different alcohols. That’s where the devil lies. Alcohols are different types of wheat (beer, whiskey), grapes (wine, brandy), fruit (fruit brandy), agave (tequila) and others. Do not mix them together – perhaps the most important rule for anyone who wants to save the human species.

If you drink cocktails – drink on one and the same base alcohol (only for whiskey or gin only, for example). In addition, remember that sweet drinks heavier hangover, carbonated – Drunk faster.

4. Finally, medicines. Buy alkozeltser and drink a pill before going to bed. Wash down a generous glass of water.

The second way: Gastronomy

There is a saying: the worst day can be corrected sex and food. As for the first sort it out on their own, we have a couple of tips on the second point. Food – treats, and that’s a fact.

At hangover help the eggs they contain substance residues fissile tormenting you drinking poison. Preferably with bacon fat, which alleviate the symptoms. One of the most popular (and I must say, effective – Editorial checked) ways to alleviate the suffering is a Korean soup pho. It is cooked in a dozen urban schools (just google) – hot and greasy beef broth with vegetables contains everything necessary for the patient. From fruits are best to help grapefruit and banana.

Assist orange juice and mineral water, sweet tea, but not coffee – it only further dehydrate. With regard to hangover – here you need to know your own body. Scientists say pohmelyatsya – is a myth and destiny of people suffering from addictions, alcohol Trendspace editor Sergei Zuev laughing in their faces, putting his forehead a cold can of beer. In the Moscow Bar Time Out at one time prepared a variation of “Bloody Mary” in the beef broth especially for Moscow revelers – worked magically. Ask a friend bartender – maybe it will help.

The third way: Fitness

To establish a new state with a blanket and stay there to live forever with a hangover wants the most. However, as this will help you get over it? No how. So try to drag myself to the shower: water treatment to the contrasting temperatures definitely tones the body. Although it is ideal tonic not even shower and bath – with sea salt.

Then it would be good to get out for a walk – fresh air and cognitive activity of the brain will benefit. Ideally, of course, do some light physical activity or even to stand on skis – part of the poison will be released with the sweat and ventilation of fresh air in addition you cheer.


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