Summer Dresses 2017

summer dresses 2017

True fashionistas important to know which model is expected trends, fabrics, textures, in a trendy summer season 2017. Because extremely relevant news, some summer dresses 2017 offers us fashion.

Dresses for every day in the summer of 2017 – this is interesting, diverse and vibrant prints. Summer trends this summer, in fact, will be pleased with the eccentricity.

Summer wardrobe – what is fashionable this summer

Of course, summer clothes should be colorful, positive, fashionable. Among a variety of models can be identified dresses A-line, designers have given it more attention. Also pay attention to the fashionable summer dresses 2017 that are straight cut.

From last season to return to us in the fashion model of the shortened plan, which are made of natural fabrics. Beautiful summer dresses will also be presented multilayer sarafans, which are made of crepe de chine and chiffon.

Fashion keeps saying that there are three main colors of the season summer 2017, but still black and white will remain relevant. In addition, the outdated notion that white dress complete. This luxurious color comes tenderness and romance, besides, if choose the right style and length dresses, the white color will not affect the visual perception.

summer dress

In other words, saying that will be fashionable this summer 2017, with the confidence to announce – this free cut tunics and dresses, midi length, mini-dresses, sewn lace. All this – the stylish and fashionable. Proof of this – an exquisite collection of the most famous fashion designers in the world. And now let’s dwell on each trend fashionable dresses of summer 2017.


Of course, every season is accompanied by a fashionable color. Summer dresses 2017 is no exception, in fact preferable to choose those shades of clothing, which trend.

In fact, dresses and tunics 2017 are presented in diverse palette. Couturier made sure everyone had a lot of fun, combining incongruous gathering the most interesting and beautiful combination. Although sometimes it seems that the texture, color and fabric are simply not suited to each other, have an inverse fashion: new and interesting – to be!

So, as mentioned earlier, in the summer 2017 season, there are three of the most fashionable colors. Now open the card, it is a coral color, burgundy and indigo. However, stands out among all the coral, it is kept at the peak of any one season, fashion is its use for their new products.

summer dress

Color go after them: cornflower blue, bright yellow, mustard, lemon, peach, wet clay, purple, bronze, pink. Pastel colors, too, came to us from the past season. In short, the brightness and the brightness again. But the most unpopular color – a metallic note!

summer dress

And now is the time to say about the prints. Especially surprising is that little was floral motifs and fantasy, as well as digital prints, letters. But the first place in popularity is the strip, predominantly in vertical form. Solid outfits also are fighting for first place in this ranking. It should be noted that the vertical stripe slim, because dresses and sundresses in 2017 also will give harmony. The strip can act as fringes, and the combination of tissue.

Cell. Also popular, but in expanded form, most designers have turned it received a diamond. Beautiful and stylish print, but it is worth to be careful, because the roughness of the cells in the bulge can emphasize what you need, on the contrary, to hide.

Special attention is given in the form of birds prints arrows.

summer dress

What kind of fabric to choose a style and length?

When decided on the color, it is necessary to understand, and how do tissues to favor. At first glance, everything seems easy, summer, sun, heat, light and flowing fabrics, and all like that. But let’s understand the intricacies.

Dresses 2017 fashionable fabrics such as mesh, poplin, chiffon, silk, jersey, neoprene, cotton batiste, rayon, lace. Particular attention is paid in the summer chiffon. The remaining delineate popularity is hardly possible.

summer dress

Beautiful summer dresses are presented in a variety of shapes. Romantic style, flowing patterns, shocking options daring dresses – all in vogue. In fact, to determine the most popular style of summer 2017 is as difficult as in the past season to determine a trendy color.

summer dress

Current length as the maxi and mini. Such diverse it – fashion summer 2017 maxi dress should be straight to the floor, not near the ankle. But the length of a mini palm determine which should be above the knee.

summer dress 2017

Photo special attention to the shoulders. Shoulders can radically change the dress 2017 summer new items are presented with sloping shoulders, broad, with American armholes raglan shoulders. The main thing is to focus on the figure, to emphasize its advantages, if necessary, or, on the contrary, to hide. Oversayz back into fashion, because the model for a couple of sizes too big will fall very handy, so that beautiful summer dresses can simply hang on your bag, and you at the same time remain in the trend.

Summer 2017 trends

Couturier gave us a variety of styles and ideas, which will be at the peak of popularity. Fashionable dresses summer 2017 will amaze those around her. The most creative solutions presented dresses 2017 summer new items – all styles, from retro, ending bold modern solutions.

summer dress

With a variety of styles, mixing them, each girl will look stunning in the summer. All these gladden fashion summer 2017 dress turned out incredibly fabulous.

So, in the summer of 2017 is a fashion dress with delicate laser cutting and delicate lace. This is an exciting and most beautiful trend of the summer season. Popular laser cutting, which shows the delicate lace and abstract patterns. These dresses can create the effect of intriguing textures, something bordering on sexuality. Lace can be white and black, especially if it dresses to the floor. Such presented on his show Elie Saab. Accents Lace may be more eye-catching, it all depends on taste.

summer dress

Another trend – a watercolor prints. They can be combined with different effects and accents. For example, fashionable transfusion, it is able to cover the whole elements, creating a play of colors.

Such water-color prints may contain a shade of green, red, orange, fuchsia, brown. It is impossible to overshadow and pastel shades, they are when combined with water color is stunning options for summer.


Striped pattern in brown, pink, green, violet color no less vivid combinations. Many designers, creating such models as a basis for taking a white color, this game is very interesting colors and delicate.

As a key to the bling on the clothes it will be used laces, and it is stylized in a variety of forms. For example, lacing shape on his chest, it gives outfits showiness, and throughout the body – sexuality. Moreover, the lace can be a small element, such as a pocket, and extend the entire length of clothing.


Lovers of oriental motifs can express itself in clothes Japanese style. We are talking about a variety of cells, it may be big cuts in the kimono style dress also can be present shoulders rounded shape.

Oriental style can be traced in floral prints, which are combined with kimono sleeves. Kimono motifs represented air. Floral variety of combinations, and are present in the micro patterns.

One of the most popular elements of any season in 2017, not only the summer is jeans. Combine can be a skirt and shirt of jeans, overalls and shortened the top clothes. Fashionable dresses summer 2017 sewn from denim to have a maxi length, and sewing a straight cut.


It is worth paying attention to cotton fabric, which created a lot of summer models. Most of them are sports clothing that not only looks stylish, but also is worn comfortably.

The light and weightless fashion items of clothing on the dresses. Here the creativity of fashion knows no boundaries. Most often, such a weightless element used tulle, chiffon and tulle.

Designers in summer fashion showed all their imagination and fun to show all their artistic abilities. It turned out pretty colorful images, like a work of art. A special place is occupied by a model where used creative color solutions are mixed saturated prints. All this indicates the desire of designers to use a variety of patterns, thus creating quite a spectacular composition.


Special attention deserve the “male” dress. Such models have become the favorite for many women. For example, dresses, shirts, tuxedos and other “male” elements are the inspiration for the designers. Classical elements are complemented by male attributes. Moreover, it is not only the dresses, shorts and pants also becomes a truly “male”.

Summer 2017 trend line completes the pleated design, it deserves attention because many designers at their shows prefer this design in their outfits.

All this speaks about the amazing diversity of summer fashion in 2017. Dresses are so different to each other that, it seems. You can hit the daily surrounding the new, and most importantly, stylish bows. Of course, keep an eye for fashion and look for things that are right for your figure.


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