How to get rid of Toothache

How to get rid of Toothache

Toothache – an insidious thing. Most often it overtakes us late in the evening or at night, on weekends or when we are far away from “civilization”, that is, we can not immediately seek help from a dentist. As doterpet up visit to the doctor as exhausting to calm toothache? We have selected the most effective recommendations:

How to get rid of a toothache at home

Of course, the most effective is an analgesic tablet. If you do not help analginum or Nurofen – it makes sense to adopt a more powerful means, for example, or baralgin ketanov. In an extreme case, if your house was not a single anesthetic drug, soak in valokordin cotton wool and put it on the aching tooth. The pain should subside, but complacency – it is very desirable to get an appointment to the dentist before, like a bad tooth again remind of itself.

How to get rid of a toothache with the help of folk remedies

Before starting treatment, “grandmother’s” methods, you should thoroughly clean the mouth of food debris.

Rinse the mouth with clean warm water. Now, take a glass of warm water and pour a few drops of tincture of propolis. Score a little of the solution in the mouth and hold a half a minute, spit and repeat the procedure. This measure can help for a day, then be sure to go to the doctor.

If particularly painful twinge, drip on a small piece of fleece a few drops of undiluted tincture of propolis and is applied to the aching tooth. Suffer a couple of hours, be sure to let go of the pain. Attention! Repeat the procedure is not recommended – undiluted propolis can cause burns of the mucous.

Prepare a decoction of sage, popularly known for a long time as an effective remedy for toothache.Tablespoons herb sage should make a glass of boiling water and let boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Let configure themselves for about an hour. Strain the broth and rinse their mouths.

Cleanse clove of garlic, cut the it in half and attach the slit to the wrist – where the pulse beats – from the opposite side of the aching tooth. Primotat garlic bandage. The pain will soon pass. However, the tender skin of the wrist may be red, but here it is necessary to choose – or pain in the tooth, or a slight burn on his hand.

Knowledgeable people recommend putting in place between the patient and the tooth cheek piece of fresh lard (can be salty, but it must first be cleaned of salt).

For five minutes of active movements massage the ear region, located on the same side as the bad tooth.
Acupuncture techniques can be quite effective. Try massaging the ice cube place where intersect the bone of the index finger and thumb on the hand opposite to the problematic tooth. Continue massage for about 5 minutes, until the ice has melted.

The main thing that you need to learn – to get rid of a toothache with the help of pills or folk remedies may be only for a time. This – not a cure, but only temporarily relieve pain. So, can not do without a visit to a specialist.


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