How to make a Wish?

How to make a Wish?

What we were taught in childhood fairy tales? If you want to correct, it can be filled with any desire. What is the key word in that sentence? CORRECTLY. Not to say that the proposed method is lower than the only true, in fact, this method has been formulated after been tried many techniques described in numerous textbooks on the topic “How to half an hour to be happy, healthy and wealthy.” Not all of the described in the manuals was easy to apply in practice. Like many of us, the willpower I have not at all, but laziness, on the contrary, a very present. The procedure described below is a method, as shown by experience, the application does not require much effort or making radical solutions, while still operates smoothly and imperceptibly. So.

We must start from the beginning. Do you have a wish. Something sooo much want to, but for some reason does not work. What to do? It’s simple, here are three simple steps to achieve the desired.

Pinpoint cherished desire. Remember, true is almost every wish , so it is very carefully consider what it is you want. Take the first point plan enough time, consider the desire to detail. If you want to lose weight – exactly how many kilograms need to lose and what waist size we would like to achieve. If you want to buy a car – it is a color mark, whether the sunroof and what will be the seat upholstery.

If our goal – to find a man, then what exactly the man we’re looking for? We are looking for a husband and father of future children? We are looking for a passionate lover, does not infringe on our freedom?

We are looking for a wealthy friend who will share our enthusiasm and their sponsor? Do not be afraid to repeat – accurately articulate the goal is very important. Put yourself in the place of the Executive Order – if you just say – I want the car, and did not inform the universal mind, what kind of car will make you happy, as a result, you can get anything from a Mercedes business-class to the three-ton truck (yes, it happens sometimes a). And do not argue, asked for the car – that’s you car, get and sign.

Imagine that wish has come true.

So, we decided to order, as we dream. Next item, no less important – imagine that wish has come true . That is, the desire to have already made. We represent not only the object of desire – a figure on the scale yourself in the showroom itself in
the registry office, but also what we will be after the implementation of desire.

Imagine yourself thinner. Imagine how you thin and calls, go to the beach in a bathing suit, and all the surrounding men “themselves in stacks stacked”; Imagine what you wear clothes, imagine how you will now eat (we remember that losing weight and buns at night not very good fit, huh?), imagine how easy it was to move, and so on for all the details imagine life itself grown thin.

Imagine how happy you are, how happy you grown thin surrounding how the morning you smile your reflection in the mirror. A similar method is used for any other desires.

wish has come true

A car? Easily! Imagine how we choose for her winter tires and the smell in the cabin, we call in the parking lot favorite store as standing in a traffic jam, we laboriously auditioning audiokurs French as worried, scratched bumper, badly parked at the curb, and how every day we rejoice, feeling car owners. The principle is clear? We act! You do not even need to specifically choose the time and place, take a shower – dream, standing in the queue to the cashier at the supermarket – dream, go to sleep – only with pleasant thoughts and dreams. And so every day.

Actually, because of practical recommendations – that’s all. The third and final important point – remember that the universe is required for some time to realize your desire. Under no circumstances do not stop, even if nothing happens, continue to dream.

Universal Mind – that is what the universal mind, maybe you just need a little “ripen” to the desire began to be fulfilled. At one point, you will notice how at first very cautiously begin to change your behavior, perception of the world and themselves.

Your way of thinking and action will be not human way of thinking and acting, dreaming about the car, but on the contrary, a person having a car. And – we have goals, I congratulate you! By the way, I forgot to ask before you want the car, you want to get right? 😉


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