How to get rid of Internet Addiction

internet addiction

We live in the era of the future! The rate of progress has become so big that things seem today, fiction, tomorrow is already considered obsolete and backward. And more and more Internet consumes our lives. Some social networks are worth. You can email friends and with my friends who live a thousand miles away from us, to learn, to show all your best photos to amuse your self-esteem posed “likes”.

A lot of fun and community groups where you can chat with the same interests, and learning new things, without leaving home, for every taste on the social networks. The best remedy, for that would diversify drab to us, charming, and you can imagine.

Social networks have already started to appear, approximately, 1969. At first, people were combined professional interests and hobbies. Now the functions and features social networks much widened. The very first official network considered “Classmates”, which was founded in 1995 and operates today. “Classmates” there were about 50 million. Users.

internet addiction

Imagine the scale!

Now, for this wonderful entertainment, and the computer is not needed. Everyone has a trendy handheld gadgets to access the Internet, with heaps of various applications for entertainment on the Internet can be to be on-line around the clock, and spit on the relationship. Stop! What is the relationship?

The fact that so many people plunged into the virtual world of online communication that can not imagine my life without it. Sometimes it comes to the state of fanaticism. People are beginning to spend money on paid services to social networks, without realizing it. The reasons for this relationship are numerous: unrealized dreams, inner complexes with communication problems. The virtual is much easier to “draw” to other users of your ideal image of a fictional, besides social networks give some security when communicating, which is not in real life.

Your “online” time slowly and surely goes to infinity?

Here are the main signs of Internet addiction:

1. You have a lot of “friends” and hundreds of groups. You do not rest until they flipped through the all news to the end, do not put down all husky, do not write comments on the new tiled images.

2. The lack of exit opportunities of the Internet and social networks can dampen your holiday by the sea, picnic with friends on the nature, make unbearable lectures on learning.

3. You replace normal virtual communication. On the street: “Hey, Masha !! One hundred years have not seen !!! Write me at ** ntakte today, though chat. Till!

4. You become indifferent to old hobbies. If you used to love to surprise native culinary delights, now and dumplings Dowar can not, because your colleague has posted pictures from the corporate parties, and urgently needs to “otkommentit them.”

5. You are in the “on-line” even at the expense of precious hours of sleep. Although perfectly understand that tomorrow you expect unbearable everyday work, in fact not have enough sleep, you become irritable and very uncollected.

6. Behavior of friends in social networks change your opinion about them. Not new photo spreads – it means boring lives or ill.

7. You are added to the friends of strangers, to feel part of society, to be his in the crowd.

8. Often you specifically doing interesting photos, only to put them on his page on the network.

And what to do next, you ask, how to get rid of Internet addiction? Fighting, as with any other addiction!


Here are some important tips on how to get rid of Internet addiction:

1. The most important thing – to want to get rid of this dependence, to set a goal. Realize how much you are losing precious time is merciless and essentially useless.

2. If possible, reduce the time spent on the network. If you still have gone there again, for example, to conduct a conversation, excluding all other “opportunities” Social Network: photo viewing, news, comments.

3. Go to the live communication. Meet with old friends, “abandoned you,” but so close and loved ones.

4. In free moments replace sitting in “online” other activities such as reading books, which will also be useful at bedtime.

5. One of the reasons, depending on the social networks – this is a lack of positive emotions of life. Try to find an exciting and positive in real life, new hobbies, shopping, His Majesty always give you a positive charge, travel and love. And most importantly to share these emotions with people directly replacing dry “status” to live a smile in a circle of family and friends!

6. If these simple methods do not help, you should turn to a psychologist. It is not always possible to cope with the problem of addiction.

The idea of social networking is very interesting. They are a means of communication, a source of information and a way to be heard, but, as we know, everything should be in moderation, and social networks do not have to replace our real life, but to complement it, making it more colorful.

Believe in yourself and you will succeed!


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