The History of Christmas Tree

the history of christmas tree

New Year is always associated with the tree. Many did not hesitate to answer: “With the Christmas tree, bright, cheerful, in garlands and toys”

Christmas tree has become a symbol of the holiday, and this fabulous tradition to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Why Christmas tree decorate the New Year? Where did this tradition has gone?

The history of the Christmas tree. In ancient times there was a tradition to decorate a variety of trees. People believed that all the trees are endowed with the power of good, that they live omnipotent spirits. Therefore, they strongly cajoled these spirits ornaments. A decorated mainly apples, eggs and nuts.

Spruce is always held the first place among the trees. She was considered a heavenly tree of immortality, symbolizing life itself. After spruce – is an evergreen plant (which barely fit in the minds of our ancestors), and if not all of the trees, so magical! They believed that the spruce enjoys special privileges in the sun, because it allows it to be always green.

the history of christmas tree

In ancient Greece Fir tree considered sacred hope of eternal life for all living things. It is believed that the Trojan Horse was built from spruce.

The first decorated Christmas tree appeared in 1605 in France, in Alsace. “At Christmas, here set in tree houses, and in their branches hang roses out of colored paper, apples, biscuits, sugar and bits of tinsel” – this information from the record. This idea was quickly adopted the Germans, and then the whole of Europe.

However, the first tree could be seen only in the homes of the richest nobles. For those who complained that the holidays in our times cost is not cheap, and the price of Christmas trees “going wild”, I note that in the 19th century for the decoration of the Christmas tree with the need to pay between 20-200 rubles. For 20 rubles in those days you could buy excellent cow, and for 200 rubles a beautiful house near St. Petersburg.

christmas tree

In Russia, the New Year’s Day has been celebrated since 1700. The initiator of this was Peter I. He introduced a new letoischeslenie from Christmas as in the whole of Europe and not on the creation of the world. Unfortunately, this tradition has not caught on, and after Peter’s death, about the New Year celebration forgotten. It revived this wonderful tradition only during the reign of Catherine II. Decorating the pine trees began only in the second half of the 19th century. And the first Christmas tree decked with candles, toys and garlands, was established in St. Petersburg in 1852.

How festive look ancient tree?

“At Christmas, here set in tree houses, and hang out of colored paper roses on their branches, apples, biscuits, sugar and bits of tinsel.” Hoffman describes magic Christmas tree in his tale The Nutcracker.

Here it is the history of the Christmas tree. It is a Christmas tree and dressed in those days. Painted egg shells, apples and nuts, wrapped in colored paper, gilt thread, beads, pieces of salt dough, candles. All these decorations like tinkering children in our time. Despite the variety of Christmas toys in the stores. The first glass balls were in the middle of the 19th century. Therefore, recognized “antique” Christmas toys are considered toys, issued until 1966. This is mainly balls with Soviet symbols, airplanes, astronauts, corn on the cob

Where better to put the Christmas tree?

christmas tree

There will always be a place for the forest beauty in our home. If the tree is large, it is advisable to put it on the floor if the herringbone is placed on the table, it can be on the table, it will be with you to celebrate the holiday. Only now no one comes to mind to attach the tree to the ceiling. Destroy stereotypes scary, probably … But 400 years ago, when the custom of the Christmas tree bring home its infancy in Germany, it was decided to fix it to the ceiling, and be sure to tip down. Unusually and uncomfortable.

The experts of feng shui recommend to put the Christmas tree in the south-western sector of the apartment or living room.

Modern Christmas tree

Nowadays, Christmas tree installed on all major areas of cities.

In Italy, fluffy beautiful pose in Rome at St. Peter’s Square. In London’s Trafalgar Square is the center of the city. In New York at the Rockefeller Center. And here is an interesting location floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro, it is set on the lake Lagoa. The highest tree of the world, 112 meters tall, was established in Mexico City in one of the central avenues in 2009. In the UAE capital in 2010. The tree was decorated with balls of pure gold, worth $ 12 million.

Fashion for Christmas trees and ornaments gained momentum so that the famous designers produce entire collections of Christmas ornaments.

Green Beauty secure taken root in the hearts and homes of people. Each family is trying as much as possible refined and original decorate their Christmas tree. I think the history of the Christmas tree does not end, it will surprise us with something unusual!

I would like to finish a beautiful and good descriptions about holiday Christmas tree.

“The holy solemn night came down to earth, bringing great joy to people.
In Bethlehem, in the miserable cave, born Savior of the world. Listening to the chant of the angels, the shepherds glorify and thank God; following the guiding star the wise men in a hurry from the far east to worship the Divine Infant. And not only people, but also trees, overshadowing the cave, and meadow flowers, pestreyuschie around – all in their own way take part in the great celebration. Glad they are swaying, as if worshiping the Divine Infant, and the joyous leaves rustle in the grass as a whisper to be heard an expression of reverence for what took place a miracle. Everybody wants to see the Savior was born: the trees and bushes spread their branches, flowers lift the head, trying to see inside the cave, we now turn to the holy temple.

Happier other three trees standing at the entrance to the cave: they are clearly visible nursery and resting in their infant, surrounded by a host of angels. This slender tree, a beautiful fragrant olive and modest green tree. All happier, everything becomes animated rustle of their branches, and suddenly it is clearly heard the words:

– Let’s go and we worship the Divine Infant and offered him our gifts – said, referring to the olive tree, the palm tree.

– Take me with you! – Murmured shyly modest tree.

– Where are you with us! – Casting a contemptuous glance tree, palm proudly replied.

– And what gifts you can bring the Divine Infant, – added the olive – what have you got? Only prickly needles so nasty sticky resin!

Poor tree was silent and humbly stepped back, not daring to enter the cave, siyavshuyu heavenly light.

But the angel heard talking trees, palm trees and saw the pride and modesty of olive trees; he felt sorry for her, and her angelic goodness he wanted to help her.

Magnificent tree leaned over and plunged the Child in front of him the best list of its magnificent crown.

– Suppose he brings upon thee cool on a hot day – it is said, and bowed his olive branch. With their fragrant oil dripped, and the whole cave was filled with the fragrance.

With sadness, but without envy looking at this Christmas tree.

“They are right, – she thought, – where I compete with them! I’m so poor. Worthless, worthy I approach the Divine Infant? “

But the angel said to her:

– In his modesty, you despise yourself, honey tree, but I magnify you and your sisters decked better!

And the angel looked at the sky.

A dark sky dotted with stars were sparkling. Angel made a sign, and one star after another began to roll on the ground, directly on the green branches of trees, and soon all of it glowed bright lights. And when the Divine Child woke up, there is no fragrance in a cave, not a luxury fan palms attracted his attention, but the shining tree. He looked at her and smiled at her and reached for her pen.

I rejoiced tree, but not all proud, and its brilliance was trying to light ashamed, standing in the shade of olive and palm trees. The wicked she paid good.

And the angel saw it and said:

– You’re a good tree, cute christmas tree, and for this you will be rewarded. Every year at this time you is now going to show off in a blaze of lights sets, both children and adults will be looking at you, rejoice and be glad. And you, humble, green Christmas tree, made the sign of the holiday merry Christmas. “


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