How to get rid of a Hangover in the Morning

how to get rid of a hangover

Everyone knows that after the state after the destructive party, called a hangover. How to get rid of a hangover is to clean up, we discuss in this article. Under the eyes – bruised, swollen face, pale and swollen eyelids … Ughhh!

How to walk in a way to work? However, as “beautiful” and you can look after it lasted until late at night working on the annual report or the completion of an urgent project.

At our appearance is very strongly influenced by the lack of night rest. And even more damage to the unearthly beauty of the potential to cause excessive alcohol and being in a smoky room.

And still need to go to work, and therefore, for the cause!

How to get rid of a hangover – rapid methods

First – in the shower! You will need to gel with mint aroma or smell of citrus – it will quickly wake up and cheer.

If yesterday was no time or too lazy to remove make-up (totally unacceptable situation!) – Get it now.

Make yourself instead of tea decoction of parsley or chamomile. A glass of this drink – and swelling under the eyes is gone, after all,
chamomile and parsley perfectly deduce the excess liquid.

Now spend 5 minutes trying to quietly lie down with the bells and whistles in front of black or green tea. Lotions should only be cool, preferably – from the refrigerator. A person at this time can be spread with sour cream or yogurt.

After 5-10 minutes, rinse the mask and wash with warm tea, then you can rub the skin with ice cubes from herbal decoction. After another 5 minutes, it’s time for the moisturizer.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Is not it already a lot better?

Proven ways to get rid of a hangover


How to get rid of a hangover, if you happen to wake up “with a stock”? You can afford even more effective methods of “rehabilitation.” However, for them to take a little more time.

Face after the hangover can revive and refresh proven techniques.

1) For example, a perfectly valid mask of oatmeal with egg and olive oil raw egg yolk.

2) Do not worse than help to recover the mask cream, cucumber juice diluted.

3) Another good option – banana pulp mixed with raw egg white. Choose to your taste! The mask should be kept for at least 20 minutes.

4) If there is a time for taking a bath – perfect! Add the salt water and marine oils.

After lying for 10-15 minutes in a fragrant warm water, you will feel a surge of vitality. And after the bath, you can move on to the contrasting soul described above. Complete water treatment recommended lotion or body lotion.

5) Look at your hair. They do you like? Most likely, after a sleepless night, they do not look in the best way.This is fixable! You just need to wash them, but first indulge their mask – of course, if time permits.

Literate makeup after hangover

Concealer to help bruises under his eyes! Camouflage pencil – a great way to hide the effects of a sleepless night. Only need to choose the right shade. Sometimes, under the eyes – a pronounced greenish, then the perfect concealer, which has a reddish tint. Conversely, reddish bruises better to use a greenish camouflage means. The mistake made by those who are trying to cover up the blue stain usual tone cream: it will only make them more visible.

After concealer foundation comes foremost. It should be applied very thin layer of haze and give a person using a loose powder.

Now look in the mirror. Everything is fine? Or is it not like a lifeless complexion? I burn easily help: for this purpose invented bronzing agents. They can be applied to the cheekbones and forehead – is noticeably revitalize and refresh the skin.

Black eyeliner is canceled today ! She did look serious, eyes will look tired.

In order to make the look and friendly “easy”, you can slightly tweak the lashes – if not it will be obvious that the eyelids are still a little bit swollen. Make up quite a bit better than the cilia in one layer.

Give this day from the cold shades of color cosmetics. It is much better suited for this case warm colors – peach, pink, beige. It is these colors should be chosen blush. The main thing – to put a thin layer, not to overdo it.

You can take with you to work atomizer filled with cold mineral water or rose. It will help refresh your face and neck throughout the day.

Tips for the future to have a hangover is not caught by surprise

If you only have to go to a cool party and you’re worried about how it will look tomorrow – here are some secrets:

– Before you leave the house, clean the face and “Feed the” skin with vitamins E or C, which are part of antioxidant serum. Now even stay in a smoky room will not hurt your beauty!

– When choosing snacks, carefully look away from such a mouth-watering pickles and tomatoes. These pickles necessarily leave “in memory” of the currently under-eye puffiness.

– Alcoholic beverages also need to choose a reason. Not suitable: red wine, brandy and rum, which is quite capable of becoming the cause of red spots on the face.

– Try to drink at a party a little more clean water.This will help to quickly “get rid of” the body of alcohol fumes and ensure normal water balance.

– It is clear that after a late return home first and only what you want – it is to fall into bed and not think about nothing. Forbid yourself to go to bed before the person has not cleared all the rules! This means that you need to apply to the skin cleanser and wash away all the makeup, wash with warm water and finish the procedure antioxidant serum and nourishing cream. Now you can go to bed with a clear conscience: as long as you relax, Cream and Serum will work, causing your face in order. Yes, do not forget to put under two pillows head: it will rest without fear of stiff neck.

If you have the patience to implement these recommendations, no one in the office would not dare treat you with compassion and asking snide questions.


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