How to Have a Happy Family: Valuable Advice

how to have a happy family


Family – this is the magic that is in the earth, and there are two important people: a husband and wife. Only on your own experience, you bring up a stunningly magical children.

Let’s talk about how to make the family happy, as part of their magical space. We have selected the most important advice on family happiness:

Why is the child ceases to hear you

Immediately I say, I do not like the word “educate”. In our family, the children look at their parents, are in love with each other, and know that in the world there are very good feeling – the love of a husband for his wife and the wife to her husband. In this example, they grow. And the main thing that is required.

It is useless to shout and encourage your child. Paying attention to that energy, you only strengthen it, and should not be surprised that it encourages the child to the behavior that you do not accept.

The role of parents is to guide the child by example. Children very nice feel everything you feel you really are. For example, if the mother wants to arrange a personal life daughter and speaks of love, and when she suffers and does not like her husband, it is obvious that the result would be far from desirable.

I do not set the framework and let the kids live life, bringing this own experience. I cut the umbilical cord at birth, and although I madly love them, I want them to act themselves, and chose to live. But on the other hand they always know what they eat, where to go for help, their love and support always. At first it was difficult, but it’s worth it. By giving them freedom and their trust, you are helping them prepare for adult life.

The child can not hear you, once you start something imposed. It’s a dead end. Therefore, start with yourself, love your children, but let them live their experience, including – to make their own mistakes and then learn from them.

I love my family. We have lived a lot, but it is – experience. No matter what happened in your relationship, it is important that you remain above jealousy, resentment and other emotions. It is not so important what you did, but the fact that it was you learned from this experience, and as you pull together.

Family – this is the magic that is in the earth, and there are two important people: a husband and wife. Only on your own experience, you bring up the stunning and magical children.

happy family

Change alarm on love

There is hardly a mom who has never felt fear for her child, for his assessment of relations with friends or future. What is this game? Experiences – is also action. And, you see, is quite simple compared to the real action. We think: worried, bothered, that’s, like, and has contributed to the fact that all is well settled.

We believe that to do so is much easier than to take responsibility and deal with them, speaking for example children and allowing them to make their choice. But we have to remake one can not, like the force … only by developing yourself, you will create the energy of the family, the atmosphere in which the child himself will see and feel that he needs … without your experience and effort! This is my choice, and yours?

When you love, everything further enhances this feeling in you !!! Children more show you the tenderness of your men, their problems – its strength, their secrets – his patronage. The whole family – is the embodiment of your strength, tenderness and love, in every second of your existence!

The child wants to be believed

Up to nine years is the formation of the physical body through the interaction of the child and his universe.The child retains the state of love, carefree, constant Games. During this period, the child does not need anything to ban, he goes his own way, filling cones on the road. He will go to pot when it is ready. In the opposite case, prohibitions and shouts you break the thread that harmoniously connects the child and the universe. He knows when and what to do. Mom at this time supports around the child, protects and loves it.My mother trusted him, like myself, because this is the kid chose her as his mother.

It happens so that the loud shouting in the garden, the teachers blamed the kid accountable for bad parenting mother, who immediately begins to abuse his child. Kid suspended from his mother and was looking at her with eyes full of tears. He trusted her, and she listens to some alien aunt.

We read books, listen to psychologists, and really want to pay attention to what is necessary to reflect on the very important question: “When we listen to your own child?”

Look at your child as a person who came specifically to you. Do not limit the possibilities for creativity.

Why mom decided that all kids need the same approach, which is described in the books?

I would like to quote the words of one of my very good friend Santos is now Tumadina Canna:

If it will seem that the child did not interesting, get more places where he could reveal. Look, even in places that you do and it never came, and when your child gets older, there will be questions where to direct it; You will only need to bless and release.

Instead of the ban – the choice

Age up to three years allows the child to enjoy the surroundings, it is very important for the future lives that will present a lot of gifts, the fulfillment of all desires, dreams. If the child lived the first three years of life in the full permission, if not learned not to accept gifts, attention and all the best in life, and in the future all will develop successfully.

It is the phrase “I want” – desire to come true. It is very important for any of your inquiries and requests. In other words: “I express my intention.” They are equal in strength performance. The child itself regulates these processes, and if we interfere in one of them at the behest of the book the author or teacher, we will not allow to end recruitment of certain reflexes, and in the future it will affect not expressed any reflex or attention.

We are born and we give birth to the Angels of Angels: Is this enough for a happy and healthy baby?
Allow your baby to be them, not punish, and forbid not, love him and thank him for his universal wisdom.

happy family

Release the energy

And another important point … kids, all our favorite and beautiful, are the most unruly creatures in the world for us. And we tell them: do not do it, then do not do. Now imagine that they have accumulated a lot of energy, they want to release, and they say “no”. What to do? We were taught to do only of what is possible, but not taught, how and where to release accumulated energy. As a result,
formed a stock repressed emotions. Do you want this for your child?

Even in the most drastic case, there is a way out. It is a choice. For example, a child wants to beat the dishes … Tell him what dishes he can not break, but it should tell him how to release themselves from what prevents. Offer him a choice, give something in return. And then you will avoid the creation of locks, which will become more complex with age. And your family will be very happy! For their happiness must be fought every day, but it is worth it.


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