10 Most Useful Products for Pregnant Women

useful products for pregnant women

Feed your baby you start, not when he was born, but much earlier – once inside you “ensued” spark of life.Throughout the 9 months you have to pay special attention to their nutrition. Products for pregnant women – a healthy and fresh food.

Products for pregnant women – Meat, fish

Meat – is the main source of animal protein, iron and B vitamins, which are necessary and you and future baby. Buy not frozen, and fresh or chilled meat, because it stores more useful elements. The fish are phosphorus and vitamin D, which ensure the correct functioning of the nervous system of the baby. You will approach a fresh sea fish are not very fat varieties.

Products for pregnant women – Milk

When choosing products for pregnant women, do not forget about milk: it is necessary to drink every day 1-2 glasses. The milk contains vitamins of group B and D as well as calcium and omega-3.

Products for pregnant women – Eggs

Eggs – the source of 12 vitamins and trace elements beneficial to health. One boiled egg a day – and your baby to ensure the correct development of mental abilities. In addition, the chrome, which is part of the eggs will save you from the first trimester of pregnancy toxemia.

Products for pregnant women – Nuts

This generous gift of nature contains valuable nutrients that are essential for the development of the immune and nervous system of your future baby. As part of the nuts are other nutrients – vitamin E, selenium, magnesium, polyunsaturated omega-3 acids, phytic acid.

Products for pregnant women – Broccoli

Regularly eating broccoli, you and your child get folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamins A, C and E. In addition, broccoli perfectly displays the body of all toxins, cleans and does not allow to form free radicals. The most useful broccoli – steamed or blanched. Just do not digest it, otherwise you will lose all the valuable stuff! Very tasty and useful soup of broccoli.

Products for pregnant women – Potatoes

Do you think that there is anything useful in a potato? Not true! Potatoes give the expectant mother folic acid and vitamin C as well as potassium, carbohydrates and fiber. To all this wealth preserved, prepare the potatoes in the oven and eat crude – of course, before baking it is necessary to properly wash brush. It folds in the rind of a young potato contains a shock dose of potassium, which is so necessary to you and to the future of the baby – because potassium is very good effect on the cardiovascular system.

Products for pregnant women – Fruits, vegetables

During pregnancy you can eat any fruit, because they are a real treasure trove of natural vitamins and minerals. The main thing – do not cause allergic reactions and, therefore, more careful with citrus and strawberries. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the gifts of nature, before folding the plate. Vegetables are good eaten raw or slightly pritushennymi on unrefined vegetable oil. The same oil is added to salads.

A legitimate, balanced and varied diet, which includes the most useful products for pregnant women, will provide you and your baby’s health and nutrition.


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