How to entertain Children? Ideas for Games.

how to entertain children

Our children are so often lacking in our attention. Moms and dads in the pursuit of decent earnings almost do not see their own child, instructing his upbringing grandmothers, nannies, kindergarten and school.

And what will remain in the memory of your child when he grows up? Believe me, it is not an expensive toy for birthday and not “cool” trip abroad. Most likely, he will remember with warmth a walk with his mother on the handle in the park or a game of dominoes, joint blowing soap bubbles or a bedtime story.

No need to invest time to their child. That he enjoyed socializing enough 20 minutes at a “session” – the main thing to fill those moments and interesting experiences.

How to entertain children under years

How to entertain children under years

– No one knows why small children are so fond of ripping paper. Take part in this “show” – an outstanding kid bunch of old colored magazines, even tears, as he wants! Helps him, but unobtrusive – the kid will be fun because my mother next.

– Treat animals – it is so interesting and informative! You do not have to go to the zoo, you can just go to the park and watch it for birds or dogs, ladybirds and ants.

– In the summer you can make a real picnic. Seat your baby in the blanket in the garden or park, offer lunch – the child will enjoy a change of scenery, he was happy to eat his portion, studying the surrounding nature.

– Waiting for the darkness outside the window, Draw curtains, and build up with the baby on a sofa or on the floor, turn on the flashlight and I will build “laser show” – Vod beam on the walls and ceiling, cover and uncover the palm flashlight again, change the direction and the speed of light.

How to entertain children from one year to three

How to entertain children from one year to three

– You’re going to fry pies or pizza oven? Bring a child in the process – give him a piece of dough and show how out of it you can mold. He would have liked it to do.

– If today’s menu – cookies, crumbs entrust the most important thing: ornament. Let him smear cream cookies and blinds in pairs – both interesting and useful!

– Take some little toy with which the kid has not played for a long time, and wrap it in several layers of colored paper and cellophane, ribbon tying. Presented with the words: “The little present” You’ll see, with what enthusiasm the child will expand and break the container, trying to quickly get to the gifts! By the way, no one bothers to replace the old toys to teach a new one.

– All children love to travel. I do not need it to buy expensive tickets to the south or abroad – just ride around the city by bus or trolley bus (of course, if the child tolerates the way). And you can just go to the nearest railway station to enjoy the incoming and outgoing trains, it’s so exciting!

How to entertain children from three to seven

How to entertain children from three to seven

– Before you call your baby to swim, drip a few drops in the bath harmless food coloring. That will be happiness when he realizes that his mother offer a swim in the purple or green water! By the way, after that bathing a baby skin color will not divorce – of course, if you do not overdo it with the dye.

– If you have a cottage, offer your child to arrange your own vegetable garden or flower bed. Help plant the seeds, and tell us how to care for them. The fastest way to see the result, if the plant sunflower seeds. No garden – buy a couple of flower pots and arrange a flower garden on the windowsill.

– Taking a walk through the park or garden, leaving the city, taking with him a basket and offer the child to collect and put in it all sorts of interesting natural materials – chestnuts, pine cones, twigs, leaves and so on. Returning home, laid out the table paper, and let the baby try to make crafts – such as making panels on the cardboard sheet or paste a picture of small stones and paint them.Artwork can be created from poplar fluff, and from different seeds.



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