2017 Horoscope and Zodiac signs

Horoscope for 2017

Whose horoscope year 2017 and its characteristics?

Horoscope 2017 – Fire Rooster, has a rather difficult character, but of itself it in high regard and I am sure that its shortcomings are a continuation of its merits. Indeed, the merits of the Fire Rooster very much.

Take, then, that he is very workable and binding, and it can always rely on – he will not let you down. If the Fire Rooster picked up some business, there is no doubt that he will bring it to the end, overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles. But, on the other hand, the Red Rooster is quite testy, too straightforward and likes to command – it often brings him problems in business relations and in their personal lives.

However, when the Red Rooster wants someone to please and win someone’s location, it is almost always possible. In love, he can be very charming, chivalrous, passionate and faithful – so his personal life, as a rule, is going well.

According to the forecasts of the Eastern (Chinese) horoscope, year of the Red Fire Rooster will begin January 28, 2017 and will end on February 15, 2018.

Main positive trend in 2017 will be primarily in the fact that he will bring us long-awaited stability and confidence in the future. Finally, over the period of painful uncertainty, life begins to build, and exciting new prospects open before us.

In 2017, it anticipated the flourishing agriculture and small business. But it should be borne in mind that the Fire Rooster very hardworking and does not like lazy people, and so it will protect only those who are willing to work with full dedication, sparing no effort and time.

2017 Fire Rooster for his characteristic exclusively for any successful business ventures. The main thing is to remember that the Fire Rooster absolutely not inclined to intrigue and appreciates decency. Therefore, fair, binding and responsible people that are configured on a mutually beneficial business cooperation can in 2017 to count on big profits, or at least the absence of serious problems in the business sphere.

Fire Rooster does not tolerate carelessness and has a fairly conservative views on love and marriage. One of romance in relationships he is not satisfied – he appreciates the established way of life.

Therefore, in 2017 good luck in your personal life will be accompanied by only those in love, which initially will be configured to create a family with a loved one. For all his seriousness and practicality, Fire Rooster capable of strong feelings and does not think relations without love. So strong mutual passion in 2017 will also be of great importance and will be for lovers guarantee rapid and successful development of their relations.

Marriages of convenience in the year of the Fire Rooster is not recommended, as a relationship in which there is little love, will not bring anything but a disappointment. By the way, this year established couples must try to revive the former passion in their relationship – Fire Rooster will strengthen the bonds of marriage.

Whose horoscope year 2017 and the year of the Rooster, we figured out. Let us now consider what will happen to each sign of the zodiac this year:

honiHoroscope for 2017 – Aries

In 2017, for the rams are characterized by sociability and social activity. New business contacts that you start up from September to November 2017, will be useful for you and may even contribute to your career development. Although 2017 will be important for you is not so much a career as stable. If you are satisfied with their permanent place of work, it is unlikely that you will come to mind to give up everything and to take risks for the sake of money or honors.

The financial situation of Aries in 2017 will depend only on their hard work. The money you earn as much as apply for this personal effort. Despite the fact that the surrounding people will be willing to help you keep in mind that it is your own contribution to the well-being will be decisive.

Personal relationships Aries 2017 will bring them a lot of excitement, but in the end it ends happy ending. If you do not put your feelings into dependence on external circumstances, you will gain true happiness.Particularly happy period – from February to May.

taurusHoroscope for 2017 – Taurus

In 2017 Taurus finally be able to feel the solid ground under our feet. The situation at work will become clear, and open attractive prospects for the future in front of you. From March to June, you will have frequent inspiration – this is particularly successful period for the new professional and creative endeavors. In November and December you can win over more challenging work.

The financial affairs of the bulls expect though slow but steady improvement. From January to April 2017 your earnings will remain at the same level as at the end of last year. However, your expenses during this period will also be small. Unexpected expenses are not expected, so that the shortage of money you will experience. But you will have a real chance to get rich from May to August 2017.

2017 will be the year for many of the bulls to enter into a strong and happy marriage. In 2017, you very quickly sucked into the vortex of a new relationship, so it is better not start jumping to novels. Fateful meeting with the future of the second half is waiting for you in January or in August-September.

geminiHoroscope for 2017 – Gemini

2017 will be for the period of implementation of the Twins courageous creative plans. You will have a strong desire to try their luck and to find their place under the sun. It is possible that in 2017 you will completely change the type of activity. In the period from February to April, you should respond to the new business offer – you will not regret it. In October and November, it is better not provoke drastic changes in the professional sphere.

Whatever engaged in Gemini in 2017, they will be able to derive financial benefit from any cause. From the side it would seem that the money will flow into your hands. But in fact your high profits are a natural consequence of your skill and enterprise. The most successful in financial terms between May and June.

Gemini relationship with a loved one in 2017 will be a bit confusing, but passionate. You expect from a partner admiration and submission. But note that your personal life will be successful only if the mutual respect! Lone Twins from May to August expects fateful meeting with a lot of love.

cancerHoroscope for 2017 – Cancer

2017 will be good for Rakov, as their aspirations and desires will go hand in hand with opportunities. And if you do not be afraid to take reasonable risks, you get out of life even more than expected. Very successful in 2017 promises to be a foreign trip. From January to April, you expect success in creative work. In June and July, do not allow quarrels with his superiors.

Throughout 2017 Rakov earnings will be unstable, although any problems with money, they will not experience. Even if you promise big profits, it is unlikely you will want to work beyond measure and tired.Although there is a chance that your creative success pulled in an increase in revenue. In March-April, likely inheritance or winnings.

To 2017 Cancers brought happiness in love, they need to provide your loved one freedom of choice. Nobody will try to hold about yourself. Someone who you truly love and appreciate, will be there for you no matter what. The most successful and momentous period will be the first half of 2017 for you.

leoHoroscope for 2017 – Leo

In 2017, the Lions will raise your credibility in the business community. Most likely, you do not just have to ask for help from influential friends, so strengthen the useful links. In the period from March to July you can expect rapid career growth, if you can please their superiors. From September to November you are recommended to establish new business relationships with partners from other cities and countries.

The financial situation of Lvov in 2017 will be relatively stable – surges and changes are not expected. It is unlikely that you will be able to make a million, but serious financial problems and you can avoid. The most successful months for the settlement of problems with finances: March, April, and September and October.

2017 Lions will be rich in events connected with love and relationships. At the beginning of the year, from January to April, you can be small love failures and disappointments. On the other hand, if the second half of 2017 will send you a fate awaited the fateful meeting, you will do everything in order not to miss the happiness.

virgoHoroscope for 2017 – Virgo

In 2017, the Virgin will have to change their plans, if required by the circumstances. Be more flexible, do not quarrel with colleagues for nothing, do not try to break through the situation for themselves – and then 2017 will bring you professional and career success. Business initiatives that you are organizing from August to October, are doomed to success.

Financial situation Dev will depend on whether they are able to establish in 2017 a long-term cooperation with business partners. Keep in mind that what a lot of people you cooperate, the easier it will be to make a fortune. There is a possibility that in the second half of friends offer you to organize a joint business. Do not give up – this is your chance to become rich!

Love for Dev in 2017 will be a celebration and an outlet. You do everything to ensure that your relationship with your loved one looks like a beautiful fairy tale. And he, in turn, will try not to disappoint you, and not to offend. Successful new acquaintances await Dev in March-April and November-December 2017.

libraHoroscope for 2017 – Libra

Libra Stars advised not to break away from their homes and remember the adage: “No good deed goes unpunished.” You will be much easier to achieve professional success in his permanent place of work than the new. Therefore, the work in 2017 you change undesirable. Your new creative initiatives will be most successful from February to April, as well as in December.

If Libra will conduct fair and open game with business partners, the year 2017 will bring them a stable revenue growth. This is the wrong year for the risk of scams. Better not to pursue a fast and easy money, unless you want to problems and losses. But in May, April and December 2017, you have a chance to make a very profitable investment.

The main task of Libra in 2017 – to give as much attention to friends and loved ones. No matter how much time took away or you have a job, try to meet more often, or at least talk over the phone with someone you love. For your regular partner is willing to forgive you a lot, but not the lack of attention!

scorpioHoroscope for 2017 – Scorpio

2017 promises Scorpios success, provided that they are socially active. Keep in mind that in 2017 your career growth will contribute to public appearances and foreign business trips. It is possible that you have to expect a long-awaited promotion closer to the end of the year. For responsible travel is best suited the period from July to September.

The financial position of the Scorpions will be playing a major role element of luck. If in 2017 you will be able to find reliable business partners and conclude with them good deals, then your profit will long remain high and stable. The most successful period for cases related to finance – from June to September.

In 2017, Scorpions will tend to fall in love at first sight. All will be well, if you fall in love with the person with whom you have a lot in common. But if you choose a partner with a complex character, the risk to spend a lot of wasted time and nerves on his rehabilitation. The most successful period for the club – from January to April and from August to October.

sagittariusHoroscope for 2017 – Sagittarius

In 2017, Sagittarians will not hurry with the decision-making, but if we put in front of some kind of goal, then move mountains to achieve it. And the accumulated knowledge and skills to help them in this. At the beginning of year of change in work and career are not expected. But in the second half of the year many representatives of your sign to expect a career breakthrough. Did you take commanding position.

The financial situation if Sagittarius and will change throughout 2017, it is only for the better. Work diligently you, and therefore will be able to not only maintain but also increase their cash reserves. From October to December, you may be a new source of income.

If Sagittarius in 2017 there will be problems in the field of love, the most likely cause of these problems would be to their excessive freedom. If you choose not to create a family with a loved one, you risk losing it forever! So tune in for a serious relationship. The most successful period for marriage – from July to September.

capricornHoroscope for 2017 – Capricorn

Professional achievements of Capricorn in 2017 will depend on the relationship with co-workers. This is especially true Capricorn occupy superior position. The softer and more forgiving you are in relation to subordinates, the better they will work, trying to please you. Your ambition has a chance to be realized from March to July.

In 2017, the river of money will flow into the hands of Capricorn. Lucrative business offers sprinkling on you from all sides. Only you will decide which of them should be used. Avoid unnecessary expenses in February.Do not miss the chance to improve their financial position in August and September.

Capricorns are arranged to make any changes in 2017 in the area of personal relationships. You will be faithful to your loved one, even if your relationship will not ideal. But from a partner you wait swan fidelity.And if he loves you as much as you, then you’ll be fine. The fateful acquaintance can expect lonely Capricorn from January to April.

aquariusHoroscope for 2017 – Aquarius

2017 will be a turning point for many Aquarians life span. Fate gives you a chance to move to a better position and perspective. Especially, if your main purpose – self-realization and disclosure of their own talents. Successful periods to find their place in the sun waiting for you from May to July, and in November-December.

In 2017, Aquarius will be able to improve their financial situation and to return the accumulated debt. But for this you will need to learn how to manage money wisely. Live within your means – then the money earned you more than enough for all your needs and requirements. It is likely that from August to October, you will have an extra income.

If Aquarians will be able to recognize and correct their mistakes in a relationship with a loved one, their personal life in 2017 will enter into a stable and peaceful track. Your long-term partner is ready to forgive you of any wrongdoing, if you will with him kindly and gently. If you are in active search, success will wait for you in February and March or in June and July.

piscesHoroscope for 2017 – Pisces

In 2017, work will bring joy Pisces and moral satisfaction. Most likely, at the very beginning of 2017 you will be able to the maximum play to their talents and earn the respect of colleagues and superiors. But even if you for some reason decide to leave a permanent job in the free swimming, still, doing nothing, and without money you will not be. The period from March to June can bring you fame and recognition.

Despite the fact that the fish will not chase the big money, in 2017 it will be very successful for them financially. Your ability to be creative in solving professional issues will turn to you in specie. Use the chance to earn good money in March and in November.

It is not excluded that in 2017 will make privacy Pisces large adjustments. Try to change the style of behavior with a loved one, instead of criticism, tell him compliments – and soon he will wear on your hands. If you want to break the outdated relationship, it is best to do this from March to July.


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