Friendship between Man and Woman

friendship between man and woman

Friendship is different. We offer a selection of the most common types of friendship between man and woman:

1 . She’s like my sister . Under this kind of friendship is meant mostly “big sister” or “mother”. It happens.For example, if the childish man, frozen in the development of male characteristics, but on the contrary she has a masculine assertive character.

Between them can be such a friendship. More I have nothing to say here, as they say have not tried, and you do not advise.

2. I can talk to her about THEM . One of the varieties of friendship when she perceived as her older sister.Usually it occurs between inexperienced guys and sophisticated girls. What to say? If you do not get involved in the role of “forever young know-nothings” that such a friendship can benefit. Enlighten yet must somehow.

It happens that you can trust this friend is very private about your relationship like with his girlfriend. Waiting on her advice in this area.

Well, the option to receive advice from the “first hand” initially looks attractive, but do think about whether this advice will be objective? There is proverb: “Listen to the woman and do the opposite.” So, I think, all such advice must be regarded critically, think about yourself.

3. I like you, but … I already have a boyfriend. It happens quite often. You start to tamp wedges, you give flowers, etc. And suddenly, the most interesting place, it announces to you a sadistic smile (version with tenderly sad expression on his face – a kind of sadistic facial expressions).

“You know I really like you, you’re so cute, but I already have a boyfriend Let’s just.. be friends”. No matter, there is a girl’s boyfriend or not.

If she said that she had it, it does not mean that she had it. But you did something that caused her to hold the line between you, put you at a disadvantage, so she felt your slack, and took the first step to “twist” you. If a girl on a date tells you that she has a boyfriend, it means that you extras for her.

4. Business cooperation. Very productive kind of friendship. Personally, I like it very much. Sometimes a business partner can be a female.

Business (ie, business) may be different. From a business in its purest form – for example, you have a company or firm to the simple common interests and related matters – for example, you are a member of any fan club.

5. We are interested in together. One variety of business cooperation. Let’s say you have a common interest with her: you love fantasy and can talk for hours on this subject you are passionate about tourism, and often go hiking together, you hit the gym together. Etc.

6. A family friend. It happens that you have a friend, he has a girlfriend and the girl friend likes you. She often invites you to visit, to treat you well, has signs of attention, begins to trust the private, etc.

I do not just fall into this situation, by the way, is now brewing is one such option. I do not really like it. Think about it. It is necessary to you, all these problems? If so, you’re a bad friend.

7. “Family” option. There are “family” option. For example, you and your other two girls are friends. Or you have two married couples who maintain a relationship, celebrate holidays together. Would you like together.Pure friendship between M and M can not call it. But this kind of collective friendship between M and M, also has a place to be.

8. Friendship. Friendship in its purest form! You respect each other, you wonder together, you have something to talk about, do not bother, that she is a girl. Talk your often not about love and sex partners, but about life in general or common hobbies.

Do you have a girl, her boyfriend, but not only do you not jealous of her, but also your companions are not jealous of you, because it is clearly evident that you have a friendship and you do not pry into the personal lives of each other as possible lovers.

This happens very rarely. But it happens. This is checked by time and life. I think a very good view of the friendship and the most reliable.

Thoughts about: 
– Friendship happens and does not happen between a man and a woman.
– Friendship between a man and a woman is different from the same relationship between their sex. Not better or worse just different.
– Sex and friendship can be combined, but it is rather an exception to the rule.You must be able to abstract from a partner that sex does not affect the friendship.
– Friendship between a man and a woman is.
– It’s easier to be friends with the person of your gender. On the opposite sex friends more enjoyable.
– Women are at a friendship with a man, if you find it interesting, intelligent, and men if the girl they are attracted to looks.


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