Tasty and Cheap: How to save on Food

how to save on food

Do I need to save on food? Be sure! Especially in times of crisis, it will help to prepare tasty and cheap and useful, otherwise we will have to work mainly on the products.

Just imagine how much you can afford, if you reduce the cost of food in at least a half times! And it can be done quite easily: the economy will not affect either the health or the pleasure of eating. True, most likely, you will have to spend on buying food and cooking a little more time.

Our professional experts who have experienced more than one crisis, prepared crisis tips and advice. I am pleased to share them with our lovely readers:

Tip 1: Let your rule will be drawing up an exemplary menu for the week. Let’s say you’re planning meals for the coming week on Sunday, then the component according to this menu, the list of products to buy and download a refrigerator. All are now in the week you have no need something buy more – except for little things.

Tip 2: Many foods – such as cereals, sugar, flour, tea, coffee – it is more convenient and cheaper to buy sufficiently large packages.

Tip 3: Going to the store with a list, try to strictly adhere to it, not allowing himself to “self-indulgence” such as chocolates, candies, ice cream and others.

Tip 4. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach rows – the temptation will be very strong, and you are sure to buy something extra.

Tip 5. When choosing products, first of all pay attention to the producer, shelf life, composition and price, and only then – a beautiful or not the packaging. Most people are tempted by the brand name and colorful packaging, and if the name of a product and still stuck in the memory due to the hype – bought the most expensive and unnecessarily expensive.

Tip 6. Your family is absolutely not necessary muesli, chocolate and corn flakes and other “ready-made breakfast.” They cost quite expensive, but if you spend a little more time – almost for free to cook the same delicious and healthy breakfast. For example,

Homemade cookies from “Hercules”

200 g flakes mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey, add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and a pinch of salt, put on a handful of dried fruit, nuts, peeled sunflower seeds, or chocolate chips (optional) Mix well the mass and put on a small baking sheet, smooth and hard-packed wet hands . Expose the oven temperature to 160 degrees and bake the mass for 30-40 minutes. The finished “casserole” can be broken hands as kozinaki – turns crispy and very tasty cookies. Note: inexpensive and useful!

If you want to get muesli for breakfast – do everything exactly the same way (without the dried fruits), but the mixture is compacted in a pan, but simply spilling freely. Willing to pay to break into pieces and tucked away for storage in glass jars. To prepare a quick breakfast, put some granola into a bowl and zaley milk, kefir or yogurt. Dried fruits can be added directly to the plate.

Tip 7. Try not to buy semi-finished products such as ravioli, dumplings, spring rolls and other things. If you buy a kilo of meat – you will get a little more expensive than the dumplings, but you can cook from it, not only dumplings, but also a complete meal for the whole family for two or three days.

Tip 8. Very good meal – pancakes. Napeku them more. While hot – go perfectly with honey, sour cream, jam or condensed milk. And the next day, Bring pancakes with meat, mushrooms, cheese, happy family will eat them for breakfast. If you know how to bake pies – is also a good way to save and feed a family tasty. Stuff can be anything – from meat and fish to cabbage, mushrooms, and even peas.

Tip 9. After purchasing the meat, prepare meals from it such that the meat has left as little as possible. For example, Teach various meat sauces, a part of which, in addition to meat, include onions, oil, flour, sour cream … a couple of spoonfuls of gravy to a plate of pasta or potatoes – and dinner is ready.

Tip 10. Pasta nautically – also very tasty, satisfying and economical at the same meal. And if your relatives have a positive attitude to the liver and other by-products – includes dishes from them in a diet at least once a week. The liver is much cheaper than meat, but almost as tasty, and is prepared quickly and easily.

Tip 11. Often buy chicken instead of pork and beef: it is cheaper, healthier and easier. Instead of fish fillets take the whole carcass: from the head, tail and vertebrae can cook soup.

Tip 12. Instead of expensive yogurt is quite possible to buy fermented baked milk and yogurt. If you love sweet – add to them the sugar, fruit pieces, you get no worse than yogurt, but a lot cheaper.

Tip 13. Try not to buy individual pieces of chicken. Bring home two or three whole chicken and a kilo of ground beef, this family of four will be enough for a week or even two.

Tip 14. Chicken drumsticks, wings and drumstick cut off and divided into several portions – it will be dinner (they can be baked in the oven). Because breast chops can be done – it’s still a few dinners or lunches. Now srezh bone remains of all flesh, run them through a meat grinder and mix with ground beef – it will cutlets, meatballs, meatballs and cabbage rolls. The bones from the chicken boil – get rich broth, which can be frozen in plastic cups and then cook the first dish.

Hopefully the above tips will be useful to easily survive this difficult time and to save on food without harm to health, because first of all become more expensive food.


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