The First day at a new Job

The first day at a new job

Finally I fulfilled your dream – you are admitted to the state of a solid company, and tomorrow will begin his managerial career (administrative assistant, accountant, professional …). The first day at a new job – it’s always exciting and scary …? No!

Convince yourself that this is scary … interesting! Get rid of the sense of panic – a great thing. And why panic? Do not eat as you, right? And to finally settle down and identify themselves exemplary behavior plan, take advantage of our tips.

Dress code

Suppose the company, where are you going to come to work, adopted a strict dress code – all the staff are dressed in a classical style. Costumes blouses and bright – it certainly looks solid. But now you’ll have to closely monitor their appearance! Keep in mind: if your skirt, then, must be present and tights – or stockings.Regardless of the time of year!

Of great importance is the shoes. Even the most expensive and stylish suit will not look if you wear old broken shoes.

If the company is allowed free style clothing – is better not to come to a T-shirt and jeans, torn according to the latest fashion trends. It’s still work!

Do not be late!


Late for work – it is generally a bad taste and a huge minus, but late in the first day – this can only afford a chronic loser. Or the daughter of a millionaire.

Do not put out!

Even if the first day you saw that some working moments are organized properly, and know exactly how to improve the work of the department – do not rush to make comments and offer their own methods. Chances are that instead of gratitude and delight you hear laughter behind her.

According to the psychologists, should take 2 to 3 months, so that you fully understand the intricacies of the organization of work and relations in the team.

Before the end of this period, better keep your mouth shut. Upstarts do not like anywhere else.

Look and listen!

Carefully watch everything happening. In addition to the official, there are informal relations in the team, and the beginner is very important to understand – someone who conceals, with someone who is hostile, and who is friendly. Try to notice all these subtleties.

It’s great if you remember right, the name of the chief and closest colleagues – even roommates. Also, you need to understand that right down the hall is a toilet, right – copier, and the left – a buffet. And not vice versa! Otherwise, you can get into an awkward situation.

Do not try to catch it!

Of course, the new employee must immediately show their best side. And yet, do not hope that you will remember from the first day all of their responsibilities and begin to implement them at the highest level.Yes, no one, in fact, from you and do not wait!

So relax a little, drink a coffee with new colleagues, go out into the air for at least five minutes. It will take a week or two – and everything will settle new responsibilities and become ordered in your head. So do not panic!



Greeting new people smile – not ingratiatingly, trying to please, but just because they are nice to you. After all, each person has something nice! So try to see it.

Newbie with a friendly smile on his face – it’s much better than a beginner unsure sullen and “loaded.”

Be professional!

Tune in advance that not all staff will be glad to your appearance on the company. For some, you will inevitably become a competitor. Someone will just be annoying. And someone will be happy to help you at first. So first of all whether a professional, which is not so easy to move!

Do not ask inappropriate questions!

The worst thing that you can do in your new job in one of the first days – is to ask: “And when I have holidays?”, “Will I be able to take leave without pay and for how many days?”, “A time off I rely ? “,” When can we expect to increase? “. People around you immediately lose all respect for you, and at the heads there is a legitimate question: “Does he have going on vacation?”

Without distracting from the team

If you are taken twice a day to arrange coffee breaks – do not build of itself bee, refusing to participate in gatherings and referring to the large amount of work. For 15 minutes, many do not have time, but shalt deliver new colleagues a reason to discuss your excessive hard work, but at the same time – and your appearance and dress, and the way you looked at the office Lovelace Igorka … It is better to sit out the last 15 minutes in the team that -So tell, with all laugh at the joke. Faster become ” her !”

Work ethics

Try to immediately stop all attempts to talk to you on the part of colleagues. Do it politely and with a smile , but not aggressive. “Come on, you tell me this is some other time, okay? Now just sewed up with the documents! “

Similarly, do not let yourself be involved in some kind of flirting with the opposite sex.

Flirt – is, of course, very cute and nice, but stop trying to find a life partner for another time and place. At least in the first months of the new job.

Personal let remain personal

Do not rush to the first day to share with these cute and friendly colleagues peculiarities of his personal life, marital status and financial status. This information can easily be used against you – no one knows if there are any hidden among those present your competitor who is willing to resort to illegal methods. And indeed, to devote all the others in his personal life – at least bad manners.

The order on the table – the order in thoughts

Do not make others enjoy the cluttered desk. All documents are sorted in folders at once, remove from the desktop all foreign – coffee cup, makeup, comb and so on. Confusion on the table – an occasion for colleagues to think about your competence.

The main conditions for a successful start in the new team – a matter of passion, restraint and goodwill!


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