Sports activities during pregnancy

Sports activities during pregnancy

“Eat more and no physical exertion! You’re PREGNANT !!! “

Ever heard of such a thing? Yes, yes … so love to talk some future grandmother and great-grandmother. You follow the advice of their elders, to lean on the food and try to move as little as possible ( “not to disturb the baby”).

Doctors, on the contrary, warn that there should be in moderation.

As for sports – everything is individual and depends on the course of pregnancy in one way or another woman.

Of course, if there is a risk of miscarriage, then to any whatsoever exercise should be approached with extreme caution, be patient and wait out the period of the threat, which often happens in the first trimester. But if the pregnancy is easy, without deviation, then why not pay attention to what your ease, albeit pleasant, even welcome, but still a burden?

Some women who are in a position, sometimes a desire to “detach on time” your tummy and feel again the ease throughout the body.Detach, of course, does not work for 9 months, but feel the lightness of being pregnant, it is still possible. And this will help the sport.

I do not exercise the expectant mother and the baby hurt? Is it dangerous exercise during pregnancy? Or is there sports, which is not only possible but also need to be addressed?

Firstly, pregnancy – is not a disease , and not just childbearing, but also the preparation for the upcoming birth, which are heavy physical work. And in this work a woman’s body is to be prepared.

Imagine an athlete, that before an important competition waved to the training. Strange, is not it? After that event was successful, it is necessary to prepare for them. What can we say about a pregnant woman who eliminates exercise. Which I will then leave it ready?Only a prompt, which, unfortunately, happens in many cases.

A few of those lessons, which are organized at women’s clinics to prepare pregnant women for childbirth – is negligible.

Nature took care of us: expectant mothers significantly increases the elasticity of muscles and tendons that contribute to their flexibility and endurance. If used during pregnancy physical activity future moms is not reduced, it is reasonable to Regular exercise will not only help develop the natural flexibility, but also increase the supply of muscle endurance, which is necessary for successful delivery.

Therefore, if you feel good, you find the strength to devote some time to physical exercises and your doctor gives you the green light, go ahead!

It is worth remembering that although pregnancy is not a disease, but still it imposes certain restrictions sporting activities. And they are very important to remember the future mums.

It is not recommended to engage in those sports that involve running, jumping, weight lifting. It is dangerous to ride a bike. It is strictly forbidden horse riding, volleyball and basketball.

In no case can not be engaged in parachuting, jumping, climbing in the mountains.

Perhaps some will be surprised mom – surely there are those who are smart enough to jump with a parachute, being pregnant. Believe me, there are women who can not live a day without a specific sport.Therefore, such a serious limitation – for them.

Do not do the exercises associated with breath-holding (eg Bodyflex). By the way, it remains controversial views snorkeling. It is believed that the diver did not have any problems during childbirth is just due to the ability to hold your breath, but it should be taken into account and that the differential pressure they are accustomed from childhood. So if you have not dived before pregnancy, you should not try and when.Holding your breath, you can do much harm to themselves and their baby.

Limit softer physical exertion. Aerobics can be replaced with simple exercises of yoga and
shaping. Very useful plastic swimming and gymnastics. Swimming like no other sport gives a feeling of lightness. Therefore, almost all doctors recommend use of the pool during pregnancy, for that, as mentioned above, there are no strict contraindications. And, of course, do not forget about hiking walks in the fresh air!

You feel the strength? Walk as much as possible!

If no valid sports do not attract you, you can do belly dance for pregnant women. Belly dance is well developed plastic, so awkward woman, even with the stomach can not be called.

Dancing – it’s the same positive emotions and good mood . It’s so important to exercise, whether it’s swimming, gymnastics or dance, benefits not only the body but also the expectant mother gave positive emotions. If mom happy and cheerful, and the pregnancy carries a much lighter and softer.

It should be noted, and one more important point – each trimester own exercises.

In the first trimester (before the 16th week) is the formation of the fetus, its link with the parent body is weak. And because any heavy load can cause abortion.

The mother’s body just adjusted to the pregnancy and, therefore, there is an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system, which often leads to nausea, constipation, flatulence, accumulation of fat and toxins. A growing need for the body’s tissues of oxygen, so it is best at this time to pay more attention to calm pedestrian walks. If you decide to do gymnastics in the first trimester (possibly want to continue it, what did you do before pregnancy), the doctors advised to exclude the following exercises: sharp bending and sagging body, a sharp rise of the trunk from a prone position, lifting straight legs.

In the second trimester (from 16 th to 32 th week) is the formation of circulation “mother – fruit” and can be observed in blood pressure instability (most often it rises), the increase in venous pressure, which leads to edema and the appearance of varicose veins. The metabolism include placental hormones, which enhance the growth of the uterus and mammary gland, leads to increase in the abdomen posture change may flattening of the foot. Activities during this period should build and consolidate skills and a deep rhythmic breathing. During this period it is recommended to swim.

A pregnant woman begins to feel the severity and diving like no other sport, it helps to “unload”
the spine and for some time to feel your body the way it was before pregnancy. When the stomach becomes clearly visible, it is advised to stop abdominal exercises in the prone position, but you can leave different exercises on the obliques. These classes will help you to do without a brace and protect the body from the lateral extensions.

In the third trimester (32 th week before childbirth) there is an increase of the uterus, increases the load on the heart, diaphragmatic breathing is difficult, worsening the venous outflow from the legs and pelvis, increases the load on the spine and arch of the foot. Classes in this period aimed at improving blood circulation in all organs and systems. The total load must be reduced. Of great importance are relaxation exercises. Very useful for neck massage (in which you can help the future Pope). It is necessary to exclude the torso forward.

There are a number of indications that sports are not possible or are put into question. This is a general indication, such as colds or exacerbation of chronic diseases. And gynecological indications: toxicosis, a large number of abortions in the past, the threat of miscarriage, any uterine bleeding, multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios, cord entanglement and congenital malformations of the fetus, especially the structure of the placenta.

So if you are in the “interesting” position before starting exercise, consult your doctor, who leads your pregnancy and up to date with all the nuances. Now it is not only your health, but also about your baby’s health. And because only hope your intuition and your feelings ( “I feel good, so I can”) is still not worth it. Too risky to make decisions when the great desire to give birth to a healthy baby, right?


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