The Rules of Successful Communication

The Rules of Successful Communication

The Rules of Successful Communication

How to learn communicate with people

Today, in an age of advanced information technology, popularization of social networks and virtual communication, are often faced with the inability of people to communicate with each other in real life. Not everyone is able to support any conversation, be interesting and worthy interlocutor, some are very difficult given. But all is not hopeless. It turns out that it can be learned. So, learning how to communicate with people?

Communication can be called successful if a common language with the person found. Difficulties in communication may be absolutely everyone, and does not play the role of education, wealth of inner peace, sense of humor, reading, etc.

It is rather a psychological barrier.

What you need to chat was interesting and entertaining? How to cause the interlocutor irresistible desire to continue it? In general, how to become a person with whom it will be interesting to communicate?

How to generate interest on the part of the interlocutor

Each person is different. All of us are endowed with some only peculiar to us, qualities. Everyone has his own goals, outlook on life, principles and priorities. Absolutely normal is everyone’s desire to feel the kind of importance in society. It is this desire is the main key to success and good luck in communication.

In order for communication could be called a success, enough to show not indifferent to what your partner says. The ability to keep the conversation going, be interested in the thoughts and opinions of the interlocutor, the ability to listen carefully, to be sincere and friendly conversation, perhaps, this is what will help to learn how to communicate with people. No wonder they say that the ability to listen to and hear the other party is valued much higher than the ability to speak. Listening is not given to everyone, and to hear – even fewer people.

This is not to say that at the meeting need to lash out at his interlocutor, as an old friend. Not everyone will like it, and may even scare.

In his judgment, be very careful, they must not be categorically indisputable. The last word, leave for better companion than for themselves. If you want to make a good impression on the interlocutor, to give him to the dispute: the relations will not deteriorate, and you will remain in my opinion.

No way in the conversation are not arrogant. Talking, weigh every word. you must understand that a haughty tone, the desire to elevate himself above the opponent can really offend him, and then the view you will not be the best, and it is unlikely he’ll want to talk with you again.

Try to never stand aside, be closer to the people. Each person would be much nicer to deal with those who are with him on the same wavelength, so to score in the corner is not the best solution.


What you should pay attention to

If possible, avoid conversations that contain a complaint to his superiors, co-workers, work in general, or his fate. Remember that each and you have enough problems without, so listen to other people no one wants. People communicate for the sake of pleasure.

An important psychological moment in the conversation is the posture in which are you and your partner. It is proved that taking a position to the other party, you are opening it for communication, creating a comfortable environment for him.

In a conversation, try to always be yourself. Unnatural intercourse, the desire to show off a completely different person from the side may look very funny and absurd, though you may feel that you are perfectly joined in this way. In any case, play a long time will not work, and sooner or later people will know what you really are. So why splurge, deceive his companion at the early stages of communication. The naturalness and ease – the basic rules of behavior in communication.

Often a barrier for normal communication are some complex man. Always worth remembering that all the people are far from perfect. Everyone just has their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, however, this does not prevent them to communicate well and be life of the party. If you are communicating, you feel good and confident surrounding it will notice and appreciate.

It is very important when communicating to look into the eyes of his interlocutor. The man who will be in conversation avert their eyes to the side, is unlikely to cause the trust of your opponent. Thus, you will either show how interested you that says the source, or that which you are a dishonest man. It seems to be nothing special, but it is a very important moment in communication, able to arrange a conversation or vice versa push.

If a person is not familiar to you, having learned his name during a conversation, try to repeat it, address by name. It is very polite of you to sign.

Probably everyone in a situation when there is a conversation between the not very pleasant break.To avoid such an awkward moment in the dialogue, should forget about his short answers such as “yes” and “no.” Answer as much as possible opponents deployed to the question and also ask questions that require a more detailed answer. This way, your conversation will go by itself. But here, do not overdo it. Communication should not be turned into an attack issues. The interviewee should be comfortable and not as if he is on questioning and simply forced to respond.

A few more tips

Of course, the more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to interest the person. Versatile interests can not but draw your interlocutor. It is always interesting to talk with someone who can tell some stories, talk about some interesting facts, etc.

Learn to express your thoughts and ideas, adapt them to other people’s perception. Remember that not everyone in the story in my head pops up exactly the same way as you. To do this, try to convey to the interlocutor the image that came from you, more precisely provide information explains everything you need.

Do not rush immediately to answer questions. After a pause will help you not only to collect his thoughts, to think about the answer, but also show interest and mystery from the person with whom the conversation is conducted.

Excessive gestures in communication may encourage the interlocutor to the thought of your self-doubt. Foreign hand movements can greatly distract from the essence of the conversation, and the importance of your words, no one will appreciate, they simply will not care.

Avoid the use of words and phrases with ambiguous connotations. Your words could be interpreted incorrectly and are even able to hurt his interlocutor. Speak clearly what you mean.

Adapts to his interlocutor can not everyone. This is quite an important point of communication. Watch the reviewer, the pace of his speech, try the maximum to repeat it. Communicating in a manner turn your conversation in a constructive conversation.

The use of words-parasites will not make your conversation more beautiful. If possible, limit their use.A person is unlikely to be pleasant to listen to unnecessary and meaningless words. In the end, it turns out that you have little say in the case, the conversation becomes boring and uninteresting.

By the way, even in a business conversation is sometimes appropriate to demonstrate their sense of humor. If you apply it in a timely manner, by the same token, you can defuse a tense situation, make communication effortless.

In conversation, consider the age of your interlocutor. For example, the conversation goes to a man who is much older than you. Here, accordingly, should be avoided slang expressions, which may be not familiar companion.

To summarize

Of course, the main teacher – is an experience that does not come at once. To obtain it takes time and proper conditions. The main thing – to be as a confident person, able to “carry” themselves, to put in a society. Expand your social circle, including his absolutely different people and age, and the views, and Beliefs.

Any communication starts small. Due to some of the skills in communication, you will be able to become a respected person in your community, to which all will listen with interest. No wonder they say that self-love engenders love surrounding you. Only when you yourself begin to respect themselves, the same will be done and others towards you.

Ability to communicate necessarily lead you to success. Communication skills are essential in everyday life. Never be afraid to come out of the shadows, first start communicating. Be polite and friendly, and you will be able to win the sympathy on the part of the interlocutor. Good luck and success.


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