As the magnetic storm effects on your health?

magnetic storm effects on your health

As the magnetic storm effects on your health?

All objects that have an electric charge, have a magnetic field. Our planet is also surrounded by a magnetic field, called the magnetosphere, it is thanks to her compass needle fluctuates. Fluctuations of the magnetic field under the influence of a powerful solar outburst called a magnetic storm.

In some parts of the globe magnetic storm can be seen. This so-called aurora borealis or aurora. This occurs because the interaction of the solar energy to the magnetosphere creates a plasma stream in the atmosphere.

Can a magnetic storm affect a person? certainly

Can a magnetic storm affect a person?

The fluctuation of the magnetic field, the work of electrical equipment and radio equipment may be at risk during a geomagnetic storm. For example, in 1989, the strongest magnetic storm brought down a power station in the province of Quebec (Canada), six million people were left without electricity. A glow (Aurora) could be seen in Texas! Although usually this show is available only to residents of the northernmost territories.

In addition, it is interesting that during magnetic storms “strays” navigation in birds and dolphins. Apparently, when moving, they largely oriented with the magnetic field.

But if a magnetic storm effects on human health? In fact, all of our body cells have an electric charge on their membrane.

Especially important for medicine charge these cells:
1) muscle (if you move the electrodes to an isolated muscle of the frog, and submit a current, it will be reduced), including cardiomyocytes
2) nerve cells (their very function – to carry out an electrical impulse)
3) blood cells: they normally have a negative charge on their membrane, therefore repel each other. In violation of the integrity of the membrane charge may be changed, and cells can stick together.

It was found that magnetic storms can increase the risk of stroke!

The study was conducted at Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand).

The researchers found that stroke by 20% more likely to occur during magnetic storms. Why it is that, until the end is unknown. Perhaps magnetic field oscillations lead to variations of the charge on the surface of blood cells, so they stick together.

SOLUTION : In the days of magnetic storms need to drink a lot of water, because dehydration is also a major risk factor for stroke. And measure the pressure!

Magnetic storms increase the risk of suicide in men

 Magnetic storms increase the risk of suicide in men

In 2014, in the Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciencesmajor Japanese retrospective study was published. The researchers analyzed 300 thousand cases of suicide in the period 1999-2008. The authors tried to find a correlation between the frequency of suicides and several meteorological parameters (magnetic storms, humidity, average temperatures).

It turned out that for men there is a clear pattern: the higher the magnetic field, the higher the risk of suicide.

The exact mechanism is unknown. Presumably this is due to the fact that the oscillations of the magnetic field break the conduction of electrical impulses in the brain nerve cells.

SOLUTION : Be especially attentive to their loved ones for men, if they have a bad mood in the days of magnetic storms. Maintain and encourage them.


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