How to Determine the Type of Skin

skin types

What is included in the concept of “beautiful, well-groomed woman”? Fashion clothes and perfect makeup? Of course not! In the first place should be well-groomed your skin, since no one, even the most professional makeup will not look good on the well-groomed skin and does not hide its flaws. And to ensure that your skin is radiant and healthy, you should not only drink vitamins, and get enough sleep (which certainly needs to be done), but also to exercise the right for their skin care. And the most important and basic thing you should know in order to properly care for your skin – it is a type of skin of your face. Today, we’ll tell you about how to determine the type of skin, so that you carried her proper care. Determine the type of skin is very important, because if you have oily skin, you can not over-feed, and if dry, it can become even more dry due to improper care.


Facial skin can be dry, oily, normal and combination. Apart from all these types are sensitive facial skin. It can be for women with dry skin and oily. The sensitive skin of the face – is a separate issue. Today we talk about the main types of skin and about how to determine the type of skin.

Dry skin in childhood and adolescence looks great! No enlarged pores, blackheads and pimples. She is thin, smooth, soft and smooth. Dry skin but the problem is that it automatically generates virtually no fat with age and it lacks more food and moisture, causing it to fade quickly. Determine the dry skin easily, as I said, it is flat and very thin, it is not visible in the enlarged pores and skin is very often so prone to flaking and irritation. When taking care of such skin the most important thing – it is to comply with the measure in the use of masks and scrubs. For dry skin, peeling or scrub preferred (these drugs are more lenient and forgiving than a scrub), pilling enough to do once a week. Masks and creams should be very nourishing and moisturizing.

Oily skin is a complete opposite of dry skin. It is much more dense and coarse, it can be seen on enlarged pores and she shines due to excessive sebum. A great advantage of oily skin is that it is due to a good production of sebum, a very well-behaved protects against external influences. Oily skin facial aging much more slowly than dry, but it requires constant care. Oily skin does not need to feed, but it is necessary to humidify. Be sure to use the tonics and gels with anti-inflammatory and dried supplements.

Normal skin speaks for itself, any baby skin normal – pink, smooth and dense enough. But adult normal skin is uncommon. In any case, it also requires a constant purification, food and moisture.

Combination skin is very similar to normal skin. The average face zone (forehead, nose, chin) fat more than the cheeks, which may well be prone to dryness. But this is not a problem, because now stores a large selection of cosmetics specifically for combination skin.

Well, now you know how to determine the type of skin . Buy cosmetics only for your skin type, and you get the result – a beautiful and well-groomed skin! And do not forget that smile and inner light adorn much stronger than any, the most exquisite makeup!


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