The Benefits of Yoga for Women’s Health

the benefits of yoga for woman's health

Now in vogue many interesting teaching and practice, for every taste and for every activity level.Komu-to like quick movements, such as fitness and aerobics, and komu-to prefer proper breathing and flowing postures, such as in Pilates or yoga. Today we will talk about yoga, and about what benefits bring women’s health yoga classes. The teaching of yoga there for a long time, it appeared long before our era. Homeland of this doctrine are presumed dead as a result of a global catastrophe ancient civilization Arctida. The founder of yoga as a system and teaching in our time has become an Indian sage Patanjali.


Yoga for Women’s Health

The teaching of yoga , in fact, does not divide people according to gender. But a few years ago, the daughter of a respected Indian guru, Iyengar has decided to change the approach to the teaching according to the woman’s cycle and has developed his own method, in which for the Women’s Health Yoga became a separate practice. Every month a woman’s body goes through changes associated with the menstrual cycle, and these changes are not only physiological, but also emotional, hence the yoga should be varied in accordance with a beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

But the entire course can not be described,  the teaching of yoga is necessary to study and to do it consistently. Today we will describe three exercises that you can perform all the time. They will help you understand and feel your body and regain health and good spirits.

Bharadwaj-asana (twisting). Sit on a chair on the diagonal seat. Feet set parallel to each other at an equal distance from the chair. Grasp the back of the chair and turn around to the right as you exhale (pelvis should be kept exactly). Sit as 30 seconds, and then relax, Odakyu diagonally to the other side and repeat. Sudden movements can not be done, all movements should be smooth. This exercise relieves back pain and straightens the spine, which allows energy to circulate freely. If you work in a sitting position, this exercise can be done in the workplace, it will help to heal the spine and fill vigor.

Uttanasana (relaxation). Stand straight, feet on the width of the pelvis. Hands stretched upward. Expand the palm of your hand to the center, then take your fingers for the area above the elbows so that all fingers (except for large) looked up. Further, after the capture of a would pull the body up, and then exhale to extend forward at first, and then bend down, and the legs should be straight. Sit back and wait in this position for a moment, breathing evenly. On the exhale, climb and conquer changing hands on the elbows, do the exercise again. This is a great stretch for the entire body. Besides relaxing the lower part of the body, so it is a very good exercise to perform before menstruation.

Baddha Konasana (skhvachivaemy withheld). This pose is also called “butterfly pose.” Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward. Breastbone lift up, thus plunging the blade. Legs bend, feet, connect, dilute knees, and stretching the groin area, try to put your knees on the floor.Belly relax, pull up the spine, pelvis and head down, as if the two opposing forces. Breathing should be smooth and quiet. Then grasp hold of the feet and as close as possible to try to move up their crotch. Sit for a minute or so, but keep in mind that the longer you are in this position, the better. This yoga pose is ideal for women’s health, it strengthens the uterus and bladder. Try to use any opportunity to sit in a pose baddha Konasana.

Yoga for women’s health is definitely helpful. The teaching of yoga is based on the fact that energy must be properly circulate through the body, as a result of energy stagnation start to develop various diseases. Yoga heal not only the body but also the soul. Man becomes more calm, balanced and flexible. Do yoga, and live in harmony with themselves and the world around you!



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