The Best Herbs for Women’s Health

Best herbs for woman's health

Since ancient times, many women’s disease treated with herbs, and still women often resorted to this method of treatment. Yes, in our time, no attendants, midwives, and modern medicine is moving forward strides (at her the same steps, new diseases, which previously was not in sight), but herbs for women’s health were and are indispensable for the treatment of many women’s diseases. The most important thing – it is right to use them. The majority of herbs brewed in a water bath and taken either half an hour before or an hour after meals. Together with grass meal are not used, as in this case, they lose most of their properties. So what herbs can help solve the problem of women’s health ? That’s what we tell you today.

Herbs for Women’s Health

Wormwood . This herb, primarily, is a very potent antioxidant. It is an excellent tool for the treatment of liver and stomach and a natural purifier body from parasites. For female health wormwood shown to normalize the menstrual cycle and during painful menstruation.

Stinging nettle . This grass is very large spectrum, it contains B vitamins, has a positive effect on the appearance of women, since this group of vitamins have a positive effect on skin and hair. In addition, the nettle has a diuretic effect, improves the appetite and activates the brain activity. And besides, this wonderful herb also restores and increases libido!

Lady’s mantle . This herb solve women’s health problems in the postpartum period. She has a strong hemostatic and wound-healing properties. When applied topically cuff has anti-cellulite and anti-aging effect.

Yarrow has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties. It is a very powerful tool that increases blood clotting, while (unlike many medicines) it does not cause blood clots. The spectrum of its therapeutic action is very wide: enuresis, cystitis, thrush, adnexitis, fibroids, fibroids.

Chamomile is a mild antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is recommended for diseases of the stomach, and painful menstruation. And yet, in addition to it you can tell fortunes, it’s a guessing on a camomile also comes to us from distant ancestors.

Calendula officinalis is actively working on streptococci, staphylococci, and Trichomonas. It is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It is an excellent remedy for healing wounds and burns.

Shepherd’s purse stimulates the muscles of the uterus, and solves many women’s health issues , is indicated for painful menstruation, hemorrhoids and nasal bleeding. It effectively heals the kidneys and gallbladder.

St. John’s wort is one of the strongest natural antiseptics. It stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue, astringent, diuretic and antibacterial action. St. John’s Wort is shown in many diseases in ancient Russia was considered this herb a means of 99-year-diseases!

All of these herbs for women’s health have a truly miraculous properties. But, in any case, before you start to use them, consult with a physician. And good luck!


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