Proper Breathing – The Guarantee of Health and Beauty

proper breathing

If you decide to change your life and begin to grow spiritually, then, first of all, you have to change your inner world and to reconsider its attitude to many things. To develop spiritually, it does not mean that we have day and night prayers, or sitting in a lotus position. Spiritual development, first of all, is the harmony of body and soul, and thus, a positive attitude, positive attitude towards people and the quiet acceptance of all the events. In order to achieve such harmony, it is important that the energy in your body never stagnate and circulate freely.

One of the important stages of development and self-perfection of man is proper breathing .When we breathe, the exchange of energy between us and the outside world. Improper movement of energy causes it to stagnation, which leads to many diseases and problems in life. Respiratory system is not new, they come to us from ancient times, when people were much more connected with nature than we are now. Many are skeptical shrug and say that between correct breathing and the disease has nothing to do. But, it may be wise to listen to the experience of their ancestors? Even now, many people are practicing proper breathing . The thing is that oxygen is the most powerful vehicle of vitality, in fact, he himself is this vitality.Oxygen is a great benefit to our body, as almost all we get from him the necessary energy!Getting oxygen in sufficient quantities, we get the right medicine for nervous disorders, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, indigestion and many other diseases.

The big problem of modern man is that he does not get the oxygen in sufficient quantities, as in the big cities because of pollution and stay in stuffy offices and apartments, get it in sufficient quantities, it is simply impossible. And plus to this is added the wrong breathing. If you constantly feel tired, colds and no longer enjoy life, then your body too little vitality. Maybe we should try to learn how to breathe correctly? And quite possibly, life will shine with new, bright colors.

Proper breathing

When a person is born, an infant is breathing properly. Even the doctors say that the baby needs some fresh air, and the frequent airing of the room, because the baby consumes large amounts of oxygen. They recommended a walk and sleep in the open air. When we grow up, we start to breathe and often superficial, and it is necessary to breathe deeply and slowly. Light air should be filled completely and fully operational. Due to improper breathing shallow breath becomes frequent, as the lungs are not getting the right amount of oxygen to the body.

breathing Technique

Adjust to proper breathing will be difficult, but it is possible. Today we offer you at least try to learn how to breathe properly, and then you’ll be able to perform daily breathing exercises and proper breathing techniques to bring to perfection. At first it will be difficult and it is not necessary immediately to force yourself to breathe properly, as the breathing should be effortless and stress. Just learn how to breathe and slowly rebuild your body on a breath.

Exercise “Breath”:

In carrying out this exercise, your back should be kept straight. It is best to do this exercise standing up.

Slowly and deeply (without straining) draw in air through the nostrils. Direct the air to the bottom of the lungs, making sure that in this case the diaphragm is lowered, and, as if osobozhdaya place to air it, sinking, pushes the abdominal cavity and causes the stomach to bulge.

Then direct the air in the middle part of the lungs, noting both in the same position as the abdomen, causes air to expand the lower ribs and the middle part of the chest. Continuing to inhale, direct the air in the upper part of the lungs, sensing and feeling the expanded upper chest. In order that the air passed to the upper part of the lungs, at the completion of inhalation must pull the lower abdomen, whereby the diaphragm will rise and start prop chest bottom. It is necessary to ensure that the breath was not sharp, and consisted of three distinct movements. The breath should be smooth and wavy, without stops and jerks.

Breathing in, hold your breath for a few seconds and start slowly vydyhat.Grud should still be straightened, and the abdomen should begin to gradually relax and bulge. Throughout the entire expiratory stomach should protrude and relax, and the breast should be extended, and only when the completion of expiration, you must release voltage chest and then the abdomen.Abdomen and chest must take its normal position.

Such breathing has healing and rejuvenating effects, as all the cells of your body are filled with oxygen and begin to operate at full capacity.

Practice, learn, and over time, this method of breathing will become for you an easy and natural, and most importantly – the right one.



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