A Reflection of Your Character


The style and image of a person’s life can tell a lot about him as personality type and style of life are inextricably linked. Each person puts into the concept of “lifestyle” something of their own, someone says that his way of life – is the work and moving up the career ladder, to others a lifestyle – a journey or self-knowledge, and for someone – it is a sport and an active lifestyle. So what is the way of life? First of all, it is a reflection of man’s inner world, and the second – is a way to make life more rich and unique. This compound habits, traits and behaviors that define a unique and unique picture of human existence.

But, despite the fact that every human life is unique and unique, it can be classified as a lifestyle by groups of people who live in a similar way.

The main types of life styles

Life as an achievement. This way of life more than is inherent in the business people who prefer to take things into their own hands and act. These people go to their goal, they reach it, get the result and then this goal is impaired for them, and as soon as there is a new target. People who lead a lifestyle completely absorbed in his work, and live in the future, not the present.

Life is like a dream. This way of life are people who do not have the strength to act and live in reality. Cargo worries and problems for them nepodemen, so people trying to escape from reality, falling into a serene state of childhood and dreaming. These “sleeping” people often fall into different kinds of relationships that help them move away from reality.

Life as creativity. People who lead a lifestyle in constant flight and did not notice anything around. The past, they do not remember, do not think about the future, and now has a small value for them, since it is insignificant compared to eternity.

Life is a waste of time. This way of life is characterized by complete freedom in the external behavior: entertainment, consumption of game. People who choose this lifestyle, feel the constant boredom, they are filled from within, so they try to escape from this boredom and fill and diversify his life trappings.

By the rules of life. Life is full of such people different rules, rituals and regulations. People leading a life according to the rules, too, are prone to addiction. But such relations have a certain character – is dependent on the mode of the parents of heroes and authorities, imposed by the media false life values and ideals. These people are constantly striving to do everything perfectly and correctly, and most often are perfectionists.

Life against life. This way of life – it is a consequence of deep psychological trauma. People leading a life against life, distinguished by a poor inner peace and hostile behavior, when a person takes revenge on all over the world for their sad past, from which he can not escape, and because of this, and brings it into the present, and the future.

This typology of life styles was well-known psychologist Vladimir Druzhinin. There is a typology of Alfred Adler, who shared life styles on four points: taking, managing, and avoiding social and helpful.

Taking lifestyle people are parasites who want to live at the expense of others. Their main task in life and need – to take from others as much as possible.

Managing lifestyle people are selfish, whose vital activity is directed only to meet their own needs. It is self-confident and active people, who are often the criminal lifestyle.

Avoiding life style speaks for itself. People leading a way of life adrift, unable to solve their problems, fear of failure, passivity and fleeing from all that brings them a threat.

Social and useful life are mature, self-sufficient people who can solve their own problems, not shifting them to others, and not parasitizing the expense of others. They are socially active and useful to society as able to take responsibility.

Create your own lifestyle

Yes, all typologies have certain limits. You may say, “How so? I individuality! I live a normal, full life! “. And you will be in something right, as the typology of compressed and simplified. But, after all, think over what lifestyle you lead? Maybe we should try to change it and to live in a different way? It may be worthwhile to create your own lifestyle? How to do it? We’ll give you a few recommendations:

– Try to find their calling, which will bring you and the income and moral satisfaction and positive emotions;
– Naladte contact with the outside world, learn to find joy in the simplest and enjoy the smallest;
– Avoid contact with people who constantly complain about life, try as much as possible to communicate with light, positive people who love life;
– Learn how to dream and think out a dream, but rather several, dream charge of our lives with energy and meaning;
– Sometimes stop, freeze and feel “here and now” live today and appreciate what you have today;
– Do not allow yourself to waste time on self-destruction and self-emptying: alcohol, drugs, loose way of life – this is only an illusion of happiness, and these dreams you never see or know life in all its fullness and beauty;
– To live in a “comfort zone” is certainly convenient, but sometimes out of it is to leave, as it was for this area you can feel the life, it can be traveling, active sport or a complete change of its image;
– Take responsibility for their lives and for their actions, but not engaged in this self-flagellation and self-blame, all people make mistakes;
– Not always think only his head, and try to listen to your soul, and learn to feel the heart.

Days run, the years pass, a single second of your life you will never come back, so it may be wise right now ceased to exist and begin to live?


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