How to Reduce Appetite

reduce appetite

Mankind has always tried to deal with such ailments as large and constant appetite. It is known that obesity can harm health. And in this regard, many people are asking these questions: “How can you reduce your appetite” There are, however, some simple steps that can cope with excessive demand “good” to eat.

1. Before you begin your meal, you need to drink at least a glass of plain water, can be mineral. As a result, you can dull the appetite and eat less than one-third portions than usual.

2. From salt and various spices, including black and red pepper, it is better to give or to use to a minimum. They only reinforce the need to eat.

3. The food is desirable to apply to the dishes in small sizes. In this case, visually, a portion of it may seem much bulkier, as fills the entire small plate or saucer. Still, better to take the dishes in bright colors, or blue.Psychologists been speculated that it reduces appetite blue as calming. But different colorful tone – it excites.

4. Every meal always leads to satisfaction, both moral and physiological.Therefore, it is necessary to prolong this pleasure, that is, eat slowly and chew food properly. Walking Away from the table, ideally with a small sense of malnutrition.

5. For the products go to the shop only needs on a full stomach, as can be conceived an incredible desire to buy a lot of all tasty, and still more. This is especially true when you observe Lenten menu – will be less willing to buy food and temptations from which to temporarily refrain.

6. Maintain high calorie foods in a refrigerator or even at home, does not follow. Adoption nutritionists have such – when a person long Morita a diet, make sure, with time there is a failure. It appears great desire to find here, these high-calorie foods and eat them, and still a considerable number.

7. But the fruits and vegetables you should always keep in sight. When he wants something to eat, they just are caught by the hand, and not any cookies or cakes.

8. There is one more thing – to stop eating in front of TV. Watching movies or looking at the transmission, so you can get carried away by that then it will be difficult to get up from the table.

9. Can one sweet snack before dinner or eat a couple of cookies, but only if the hard wait for lunch. Calories they contain little, and carbohydrates that they possess – to quickly satisfy hunger.

10. Approximately 70-80% of the food consumed by man of the day must be given for breakfast and lunch. Best breakfast cereal porridge or muesli eat.You can add fruit, dried fruit. Dine, ideally, would be vegetable salad with vegetable oil and proteins. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber – it will saturate the body for a long time.

To start a diet, it is necessary, first of all, morally and tune immediately realize – which way will need to go through to become a body fit and healthy. And along with this, and feel better, and joyful mood will always be.


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