The Effectiveness of the Diet for Weight Loss

The Effectiveness of the Diet for Weight Loss

Diet – is the most common way to deal with excess weight. However, the body lays down a big load in the form of forced adaptation to changes in diet.

Quite often, a woman trying to throw a couple of extra centimeters in the abdomen or hips, choose the easiest and straining method – diet. But before you restrict your diet, it is necessary to think, but as a slimming affect other parts of the body? After all, some places tend to accumulate fat more.Consequently, the distribution of adipose tissue rather uneven. This means that the body will choose from what should be the first thing to get rid of.Therefore, the result can be surprising when the organization of clinical nutrition , but it is important to follow proper nutrition.

All the fat accumulation in the body have their own destiny. Women are most concerned about the hips and stomach, because in these areas there is an accumulation of reserve nutrients. This is due to the specific structure of the muscle fibers in these areas: a capsule body formed rapidly dissolve and difficult.

The first thing thinner top

Shoulders, arms, chest, back, face – here are found the first signs of weight loss. In these places is quite different muscle structure and function of the other subcutaneous fat. Fat deposits are responsible for the thermal regulation, provide elasticity of the skin and joints. Therefore, with a deficit of nutrients the body, first get rid of the fat in these areas.


In most cases, the person loses weight first. Slimming process begins with the utilization of subcutaneous fat, which on the face of the least. Many women start to feel that his cheeks were sunken and pinched his nose. Do not worry. After all, you’re not used to looking at their grown thin face and compare it with the same body.

If your face does not change, you may think of the type of women, losing weight with lower body. However, this is likely a sign of swelling on the face.Recommended:

– Examine the thyroid, kidney, heart,
– To go and sit with the flat bearing, not lower his head,
– Buy more of your pillow,
– Lying do not read and do not use gadgets.

In the process of slimming facial skin needs extra care. It is necessary to keep the skin toned and elastic, in order to avoid sagging.


The breast consists of mammary glands and fat. Weight is usually directly proportional to the size of the breast. Therefore, how much you will lose weight on your chest as much deformed. When weight loss is guaranteed breasts reduced in volume, so get ready to buy bras with a cup smaller. Also, if you do not do exercises aimed at maintaining the breast, it can droop.

But do not despair. Your breasts will not be less than it was before you started to gain weight. It’s inherent nature. But as the face, chest first friend thinner parts of the body. Therefore it can determine how much still needs to lose weight. Over time, your problem areas will reach the desired size, and everything will be smoothly.

Comprehensive weight-loss method

If you select an active workout, and do not look for a quick effect in problem areas. Exercise leads to the strengthening of the trained muscles, increase total calorie consumption throughout the body, but not in certain areas.However, exercise advantage is that by accelerating blood circulation and metabolism, and hence, the accumulation of fat burned rapidly.

Massage also provides improved early and achieve the desired results.Frequent intensive massage helps to remove the body of harmful substances and “smash” the accumulation of fat cells in problem areas.

Well, spending active battles on all fronts, you are guaranteed to achieve the desired effect. But do not forget! When failure in the diet that could throw off, will type double. Therefore, we recommend gradually, but for a long time, reduce the number of calories consumed. And remember, ladies, patience and endurance – the key to success!


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