Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Dining is considered an important environmental factor, which has a significant impact on the change in the flow of the processes occurring in the body. For him, there is a definition, which says that it is a process that is built on admission, digestion, absorption and assimilation in the body of substances that cover the human energy expenditure to upgrade and build new tissue.

Health 4/5 depends on how a person eats and how. In simple words, the proper nutrition early in life, the healthier people in old age.

The man in the modern world includes your meals a lot of animal food that contains high amounts of cholesterol and fatty acids solid. While receiving a food substance deposited on the walls of blood vessels, thus, it interferes with normal movement of blood. If constantly take in food products which are difficult to process, it is accumulated on the walls of the intestine so-called “waste digestion”. Since their number is increasing every year and the human mechanism is no longer able to withdraw it from the body. This leads to the fact that the inner walls are covered by a layer of intestinal digestive wastes, which makes absorption of substances from the food, which are essential for a person of his life. But, this is not the worst consequence of such power. Obesity is more dangerous for the human body and favors the emergence of a number of diseases, including diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis and hypertension. Summing up the above we can confidently say that nutrition animal products should be minimized.

The next position in the list of harmful products are taking a grain mill products, animal fats and potatoes, which are also necessary to reduce consumption. Instead, you should eat more foods that are a source of nutrition. These include low-fat milk, meat, eggs and fish. The diet should include fruits and vegetables, and vegetable oils.

A few basic principles that convert food into “healthy”:

  • A variety of food, mainly of plant origin.
  • Eat flour products and potatoes in a minimal amount.
  • Continuing to strengthen the body moderate exercise.
  • Include foods with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D (fish, vegetables, dairy
  • products).
  • Choose foods that have low sugar content.
  • Avoid “empty calories” (alcoholic drinks).
  • The amount of salt – up to 6 g per day.

To translate these principles into practice need to change the habitual attitude to food. Everyone should understand that the food is not a pleasure.It is a vital necessity. The food should be taken properly, namely:

  • You do not eat immediately after exercise.
  • Food intake should start with the consumption of fruits and raw vegetables, stimulates the digestive glands.
  • To facilitate the work of the entire digestive tract need to chew food thoroughly.
  • It is not recommended to get to work after a meal. It should be a time for relaxation and calm body function.

A healthy person should exercise meal of the active time of the day not more than 4 times per day. The recommended version of the distribution required for the body of calories: 25% while taking breakfast, 35% – for lunch, 15% – during the afternoon snack and 25% – in the dinner period. It should also be noted that the latter products must fall into the stomach after 3 hours before bedtime.


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