Sports Nutrition for Beginners

sports nutritions

Sports nutrition for beginners: how to build on the success

Preparation of high-level athletes necessarily involves the use of specialized sports nutrition, and almost always – Pharmacology, permitted and prohibited. Professionals receive for their work a lot of money, but because the result comes first, sometimes to the detriment of health. This approach has lodged in the minds of many people, that sports nutrition – it’s chemistry, which only harms the body. But it is not so.

All that can be obtained from sports nutrition we get from normal foods. But only the most likely to provide the body with the required amount of nutrients, we will have to eat or drink nemerenoe amount of food, which in itself is not so good. Sports nutrition – is food, which contains concentrated substances necessary for the proper functioning of the athlete’s body.

With the proper reception of the food you can repeatedly improve their physical characteristics: strength, endurance, muscle volume and relief.

And what about the beginners who want to make rapid progress? In this article we consider sports nutrition, recommended for beginners athletes: both girls and men.

Sport: where to start?
Let us consider the most important for the successful and effective training components of sports nutrition, which should start with their acquaintance with all their family.

sports nutritions

Creatine for beginners

Creatine – nitrogen-containing acid is involved in energy metabolism of nerve and muscle cells. It is completely natural substance, synthesized from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine (protein components). Daily consumption under normal conditions is about 2 grams. In the process of increasing the physical exertion, the body needs more of creatine, above all, for the timely recovery of ATP reserves.

The main effects of creatine supplementation

The increase in power rates. The main energy source that provides any physical activity is ATP molecule. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are first converted to ATP, and only then used to provide energy processes. When released ATP loses a phosphate group to ADP and converted. The reversibility of the reaction is possible due to creatine phosphate. Thus, creatine supplementation improves anaerobic endurance and allows for longer withstand high-intensity exercise.
Improving muscle definition. As the absorption of creatine in muscle cells is associated with water. A healthy muscle looks more inflated, it becomes full, getting rounded shape.
The growth of muscle mass. Creatine promotes muscle hypertrophy. Over the course of a month beginner can collect up to 5 kg of lean muscle tissue.
Increased secretion of testosterone and growth hormone. The level of endogenous anabolic hormones largely affects the body’s ability to be converted in response to exercise.
Increased secretion of insulin-like growth factor.
Blocking the effects of lactic acid. Creatine is a buffer system, and therefore postpones the onset of fatigue (accompanied by pain and a burning sensation in the muscles) under anaerobic loads.
It accelerates recovery between short-lived intense exercise.

Creatine – a truly universal tool. Apart from the purely sporting exposure, the substance has a number of health effects, such as lowering bad cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory effect, protecting the central nervous system. Creatine is totally safe and easy to overdose when excreted in the urine. Such sportpit has no restrictions on age and sex (but it is better to start receiving at the end of puberty).

Protein and Amino Acids

Isolate for nachinayuschihProtein nachinayuschihAminokisloty for beginners
Amino acids – protein components. This nutrients that make up the entire human muscle structure. Same protein is a polypeptide or amino acid chain. In principle, and complex protein, and amino acids – a useful element in the diet of any athlete. But still, it is better to choose?

Differences in acceptance of amino acids and protein

Time of action. Since amino acids are the smaller, finite elementary particles, the body does not waste time on their cleavage. Amino acids in the blood will enter the most effective time of reception – 15-20 minutes after training, during the so-called anabolic window.

Selectivity. Using the amino acid, you can pick up items that need most (eg, use of BCAA or even some single amino acid). With protein such “tricks” will not work.

The effects of the protein amino acids and receiving the same, only the time difference of their manifestation and severity:

  • Stimulation of muscle hypertrophy.
  • The increase in power rates.
  • Inhibition of catabolic processes (muscle breakdown), the acceleration of the recovery.
  • Burning fat.

Prepare protein shakes for muscle growth at home: recipes

Many athletes underestimate the importance of vitamins and minerals, preferring the more “untwisted” marketing products. In fact, nothing can replace the body of the elements involved in a variety of physiological processes. As with the choice of sports nutrition beginners should pay attention to some points when choosing a multivitamin complex. It is necessary to assess its composition and dosage, since the excessive consumption of some vitamins can disrupt the metabolism.

Receiving additional sports nutrition needs even novice class at home. Especially considering the fact that today most of the products are chemical and thermal processing, and then completely or partially lose their useful properties. Not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to analyze the training program, identify weak areas of the body and place the maximum load, “reinforcing” them using sportpita.


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