How to Express Breast Milk

breast milk

Almost every woman, breast-feeding, sometimes you have to express milk.

Not long ago, milk was decanted manually, which was a long and tedious process that often can not provide enough milk. Currently available in a variety of models of thoracic suction – from the most simple and cheap hand to complex and very expensive electrical systems.

Suction with a rubber bulb, express milk each time squeezing pears. It is inexpensive, but is inefficient and difficult to wash (resulting in loss of sterility of the collected milk) and awkward to use, in addition, it often causes cracks on the nipple. While the suction is not quite suitable for the regular pumping of milk for the purpose of feeding a child, sometimes it can be used to express milk from the breasts crowded.
Glass vacuum suction. It is more expensive than the suction blower, but almost as uncomfortable, but it has one advantage: only one hand is needed to bring it into effect. But since he is not very suitable for working with them need a large enough skill and force to women with weak hands.
Suction syringe composed of two cylinders, one of which is nested within the other. The inner cylinder is applied to the nipple and the outer moves back and forth, creating a vacuum and sucking milk. This suction type is the most popular because it is simple enough to use, it is easy to wash, it is portable and suitable as feeding bottles. In some models, you can adjust the pressure is discharged, resulting in him in close correspondence with the baby sucking effort, which makes pumping easier.
Universal suction, which can be connected to the mains if desired. This model allows us to pumping process more efficient and faster when there is a next electrical network, and at the same time it can be used away from power sources.
Suck on batteries that combine portability with effective work. However, they are less powerful than the power pattern, and the speed with which they incapacitate batteries makes them expensive to operate and highly impractical.
Electric pumps are that different capacity and performance, easy to use and leaves your hands free for the mother feeding the baby from the other breast. They are usually very expensive, but if you have time for the important factor, then maybe it makes sense to spend money on a similar model. If your choices affect the portability of the device, you can purchase an inexpensive portable suction for trips and walks, and home electric use.
Before you opt for a particular model, check with friends, a consultant on breastfeeding or your baby’s doctor.

How to express breast milk

Basis of preparation
No matter what method of breast pump you choose, you will probably be difficult to express milk in the first few days. To facilitate this procedure, use our advice.

For pumping, select a time when your breasts are particularly full, for the majority of women – this morning. Plan to express milk about once every 3-4 hours. In one such procedure will go from 20 to 40 minutes, and sometimes more.
Make sure that your equipment is washed and sterilized according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you use the pump away from home carry any with a brush for cleaning bottles, detergent and paper towels.
Until you gain enough experience, choose a quiet, secluded place for pumping where you can feel relaxed.
Wash hands with soap and water only breast (do not use soap, creams, ointments for the care of nipples).
Before decanting drink a glass of water, milk, juice, tea or coffee without caffeine, you can eat a bowl of soup. warm drink can be more useful than the cold milk for better drainage.
Take a comfortable position by arranging feet higher, if possible.
Before you start pumping, try to relax using relaxation techniques, listen to music, watch TV, etc.
Warm compresses applied to the breasts and nipples for 5-10 minutes, a warm shower, massage is also able to increase the outflow of milk.
If you find that you find it difficult to achieve good results, ask your doctor prescribe oxytocin nasal drops, which improves the outflow of milk. Use them only as directed.

Expressing milk by hand
First, place your hand on the chest, near the border of the areola, the thumb was over the other. Place your arm to the chest, at the same time bringing together the thumb and forefinger. (Keep your fingers on the areola only; do not let them slide on the nipple.) When the trickle of milk, repeat this motion rhythmically, moving your fingers in a circle in order to capture all the milk ducts. If necessary, repeat this procedure with the second breast, previously it massaged. Go back to the first breast and then back to the second.

If you intend to store expressed milk, sterilized using a cup with a wide top, placing it under the breast. You can also collect the drops resulting from the second breast by inserting a sterilized cup to collect the milk inside the bra. The collected milk should be immediately pour into sterilized bottles or put into the refrigerator immediately.

Pumping with a manual or electric breast pump
Strictly follow the instructions supplied with the suck, you are using. Be patient, often takes some time to acquire the necessary skills in expressing milk with the help of such a device. If you wish to manually express milk from one breast suction and at the same time feed the child of another, or put the baby close to her chest, arranging it on a pillow, or ask someone else to pump milk while you hold your baby. If you use an electric suction, you can easily feed your baby with one hand and to express milk from the other, because in this case you do not need the hands.


For collecting and storing breast milk glass plastic containers are not preferable because the glass is beating, but also because the surface of a plastic milk settles considerably less than glass. The package includes many breast pumps capacity, which can be used for the storage of milk, and as feeding bottles; others allow you to use the standard feeding bottle as a container for the collection of milk. 120-gram bottle of practical use for small children, with a relatively modest appetites, 240-gram suitable for older children. Thermos filled with ice will help keep the breast milk fresh, if you are away from home, but it has a drawback inherent to all glass vessels.

Sterilize the bottle or container and wash them in the dishwasher at a temperature no lower than 100 ° C, if the milk is kept at room temperature for longer than 30 minutes or more than 48 hours in the refrigerator or freezer. In other cases it will be enough to wash them with the brush and hot soapy water.

Freeze your milk as soon as possible, but if this is not possible, use a sterile container in which it will remain fresh (but away from heat, sunlight and other heat sources) for at least 6 hours. You can store !. breast milk up to 48 hours in a refrigerator or cool it first for 30 minutes and then frozen. Tanks intended for freezing, fill only 2 / ,, to leave room for expansion of the liquid, and stick labels on them with the date (always in the first place, use the older milk). In single-chamber freezer refrigerator breast milk can stay fresh for 1-2 weeks, and in the freezer, supporting deep-freeze mode – up to 3 months.

To unfreeze a bottle of breast milk, place it under a stream of warm water, and then use the milk for 30 minutes or defrost it in the refrigerator, and use within 3 hours. Do not thaw frozen milk in the microwave over the stove or at room temperature and do not freeze it again.

If you are going to regularly carry breast milk, buy a special bag for bottles, thermos bottle or bag in which to store the bottle with the package, filled with ice.


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