Read the menu carefully


Many eat from time to time in restaurants and cafes. There is nothing unusual here. But an analysis of dietary habits published in 2010 showed that even when we eat out once a week throughout the year, our body weight increases by about 1 kilogram. Can you go to restaurants and follow the principles of healthy eating? The answer is yes. The authors of the novel “Healthy Eating Every Day” offer several strategies for this.

Read the menu carefully

Healthy eating every day
Even if you choose your food consciously, it can be difficult to find something suitable on the restaurant menu. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

Do not take a dish if the description says it is breaded, crispy, creamy, cheesy, in breadcrumbs, batter, fried, or sauteed. These foods are usually high in calories and high in fat. Instead, take something boiled, stewed, steamed, over an open fire, or grilled.
Increase the nutritional value of your foods by choosing dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach or romaine lettuce) rather than light green salad (such as icebergs).
Choose soups with clear broth. There are often a lot of vegetables in minestrone soup; lentil or bean soups can also be good options if they haven’t added cream or cheese to thicken them.

When ordering pasta or Mexican dishes, make sure the sauce is based on tomato paste, not cream or cheese.
Boiled, baked, or grilled meat is a good option. Fewer calories are found in skinless poultry, veal, fish, or lean cuts of beef such as sirloin steak, fillet, steak, roast, or barbecue.
You can boost your nutrient intake by choosing a vegetable dish: soup, double side dish (unless cheese or cream sauce has been added to it), chopped tomatoes, or fresh fruit for a snack.
For dessert, try fresh fruit or sorbet. If you can’t help eating a more satisfying dessert, split it in half with someone.

Reduce serving size
Studies have confirmed that the more food you put in front of a person, the more they will eat. At the same time, in some restaurants, portions are simply huge, often in size they are equal to two or three normal ones. The next few tips will help you avoid overeating.

Ask for a bag or container and take half of the serving home. You will not overeat, and the next day there will be something to feast on.
Ask the waiter to put half of the dish in a container or bag in advance, even before serving. This way you won’t be tempted to eat everything at once.
Divide the dish with someone in half. For example, everyone orders a salad for themselves, and then you divide the main course. To fill up, order an extra side dish, such as steamed vegetables, is both healthy and cost effective.
Ask for half a meal.
Divide the dessert for several people.

Let it be your way
In a restaurant, don’t limit yourself to just a particular meal prepared in a particular way. In most establishments, you can ask to prepare the selected dish in some other way or not to add some ingredients. Don’t forget: you pay for lunch and you deserve to eat what you really want! To be sure of your order, ask the waiter:

describe in detail the dish that you doubt;
bring a menu where the calorie content and nutritional value of the dishes are painted, if any;
find out if there are low-calorie meals, low in fat and salt;
Replace high-fat side dishes like fried potatoes with a small salad, fresh vegetables, or fruits.
put sauce, butter, or dressing on the edge of a plate, or just skip them.

You may not have known that two tablespoons of salad dressing may contain

18 g fat and 150 kcal. Keep this in mind the next time you order. Find a low-fat dressing or limit the amount. Always ask to put the dressing separately or on the edge of the plate.

Еще несколько советов

Вот еще несколько советов, которые помогут не свернуть с курса на здоровое питание, даже если будете есть в кафе и ресторане.

  • Чтобы снизить калорийность обеда или ужина, выберите что-то одно: либо закуску, либо десерт.
  • Не пейте алкоголь. Это также снизит общую калорийность трапезы. Кроме того, под действием большого количества алкоголя вы можете передумать питаться правильно.
  • Делайте заказ первым, чтобы не колебаться, услышав, что заказывают другие.
  • Ешьте медленно, придерживайтесь темпа того из ваших соседей по столу, кто ест медленнее всех.
  • Поставьте корзину с хлебом на противоположный край стола.
  • Если собираетесь ужинать в ресторане, не пропускайте ни завтрак, ни обед. Лучше съешьте меньше на ужин. Если перед выходом у вас во рту не было ни крошки, то вы слишком проголодаетесь и рискуете переесть.
  • Получайте удовольствие и от вкуса и запаха пищи, и от общения с теми, с кем пришли в ресторан, — друзьями, коллегами или семьей.

Если вы часто обедаете и ужинаете вне дома, риск отклониться от здорового рациона растет. Помните об этом и делайте заказ с холодной головой. Приятного аппетита!

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.


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