Stir up the lymph


5 Products That Make Your Hair HealthierThoroughly washing hands, touching the face less, wearing a mask indoors and in transport – this is what the current pandemic has taught us. It also made me think about how to take care of my immunity every day. We have selected some tips from our books on how to maintain health and reduce the risk of getting sick.

Stir up the lymphJenna Maccioki, an immunologist with 20 years of experience, says that if you know nothing about lymph, you know nothing about health. This vast network of vessels and nodes is a highway for immune cells. Through it, white blood cells patrol every corner of the body, tracking infections, cancer and other troubles. It is involved in the transport of fats and detoxification of the body. When lymph does not flow properly, we become vulnerable to infections.Lymph moves through the body through daily muscle contractions. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle is the worst thing you can do for her. Moving more is our salvation.

Even a single exercise is useful: after it, the number of natural killer cells (guardians of immunity) increases 10 times.

Get enough sleep to take care of your killer cells
Sleep and immunity are interrelated. Increasing sleep is unlikely to make you completely immune to disease. But its lack will quickly lead to imbalance. It is enough to sleep poorly or just one night, so that the number of killer cells in the body, which are the first to begin to fight viruses, are sharply reduced. This reduction – sometimes up to 70% – means that we find ourselves practically unprotected from danger.

For those who sleep an average of 6 hours or less a day, the risk of catching a cold in the presence of a virus nearby increases fourfold compared to those who rest more than 7 hours at night on average. It is possible that this is why by the end of the New Year’s party season, some begin to get very sick. Research also shows that those who sleep poorly or poorly sleep less well with vaccines, which increases their risk of developing more serious illnesses, especially in older people.

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