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Water – the most widespread on the planet, and the most mysterious still mineral. It exists in a variety of conditions, has many vital properties, including memory. Water is able to behave in the body and as an elixir of life, and as an active enemy of it. Water quality is determined solely by a lot in our lives and our health.

001V result of constantly going on metabolism water is removed from the body. From the lungs, it comes out when you exhale in the form of steam (about 600 grams per day); released in the form of sweat almost three million pores disposed on the body surface (about 600 g); of the urinary and excretory organs – about 2 500 g

Thus, the amount of water in the body requires a constant replenishment. It must be remembered that the amount of water required for normal functioning, individually for each person. Ideally, of course, desirable that each received as a liquid or food in fluid form as allocated from the body. Whatever it was, but studies have shown that the daily human need for water is determined by the rate of 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. The total amount of water (fluid) required for life for a day, an average of 2 liters, taking into account the water in fruits, vegetables and other products. For some people, sufficient norm is 1.5 liters. If this is a man of strong physique, which is engaged in vigorous activity, it can consume up to 3 liters per day.

For a drink, of course, it is better to use natural water sources and springs, which is rich in oxygen, beneficial organic matter and a certain amount of radiation. But most of us have to use tap water, which we usually boil before drinking. A simple boiled water – dead, she loses many useful properties, mineral trace elements in it are modified.

Raw water is much more useful. Therefore, you can buy special filters for the purification of tap water. If there is no filter, you can add one glass of water a little iodine, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or honey. None microorganism can live in an acid environment.

How to properly drink water

Drinks during the day is often little better than rare and in large quantities, as in the second case there is an overload of the body, in particular, kidney and heart.

Do not drink the water in one gulp, and enjoy every sip. Useful to drink in small sips, holding each breath of a few seconds, as the energy contained in the water, it begins to be absorbed by the body still in his mouth. Very often, when we are very thirsty gulp drink glass after glass, without feeling its quenching. This is because the water is not absorbed. As a result, our body gets much larger amount of fluid than it needs. And yet again there is an overload bodies. But you can quench your thirst and a half cups of water, drunk in small sips. So drink slowly.

It is best to drink water immediately after you get up in the morning. You can drink half an hour before breakfast, a glass of hot water with lemon. This water will wash out the stomach and prepare him to take food. Water must always be hot, because the night in the stomach accumulates a lot of mucus, which prevents proper operation of the stomach and wash it can only be this way.


If you are still not sure of the good quality tap water or spring water, it is best to boil it. And in order to “revive” the dead water, it must be cool and pour the sour berries – cranberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn, peel and core the apples. After a bit of water infusion, it can be drunk. It is also useful infusions of raspberry leaves, rose hips, black currants, persimmons.

Raw water is better to defend during the day. And only then eat.

Before going to bed is useful to drink 1 glass of water to which is added 1 teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice, it is better to peel. This drink to cleanse the body during sleep, and all the pollutants will be released in the morning.

Harmful reception of water during meals and while walking and running.

Carbonated drinks – is poison

Carbonated water is harmful to the teeth. The study of medical records more than 3,200 Americans found that there is a direct link between tooth decay and sodas. Similar studies have confirmed the existence of this relationship in the world, from Sweden to Iraq. This is not only guilty of sugar and sweeteners, but the acid in soda, because it eats away at the tooth enamel it. Any carbonated drinks contain not only harmless carbonic acid, which breaks down to gas and water, and phosphoric, that can dissolve even the nails, not to mention the teeth.

Also, frequent use of carbonated water may cause bone fragility. This is because all of the same phosphoric acid, which reduces the content of calcium in the bones. For adults who do not drink mineral water liters, it is not dangerous, but at critical periods of bone growth even small metabolic disorders can cause serious problems in the future for children and adolescents. According to statistics from the Harvard Medical Center, among 14-year-old girls the probability of fractures and disorders of bone formation in a 5 times higher among those who drank cola. Those who prefer milk, this problem does not apply.

Of course, a glass of soda is unlikely to cause significant harm, but if you strain your body regularly and in large quantities, metabolic disorders, overweight, spoiled teeth, digestive problems will not keep you waiting long.

Is not it better to take care of the formation of healthy habits in advance than to hear that the “late to drink” Borjomi “, when the buds have fallen off?”

Meanwhile, the risk to human is not only what is contained within the container. As experience shows, can be dangerous and containers into which is poured a drink. In Italy, for example, believe that the cans of lemonade – peddlers of dangerous diseases, the cause of chemical poisoning and a source of physical injury. When opening a bank under the pressure of the liquid splashes out, washing the upper part of the banks, and mixed with its surface located on the microparticles, in addition, spraying tiny metal fragments.

“Quality Water” turns caffeine addiction

This danger is increasingly threatened by fans of “quality water” cola and Pepsi – our cheap “bells” of caffeine contain. But there is evidence that the use of caffeine in a child teaches the body to this “doping”, and then in an adult greater likelihood of vascular dystonia, and other unpleasant states up to this caffeine addiction. Moreover, there is evidence that caffeine has an adverse effect on brain development.

According to Eva Schnabel of the University of Würzburg, energy drinks do not tone up.

It examined the effect of caffeine and glucose in the state of drivers at long-term travel and concluded that the use of the uselessness of energy drinks with caffeine and glucose to increase productivity at the monotonous work. Simple coffee and a brief pause in this case, more effective.


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