Why Do Men Lie In Relationships


Many women think that they can easily figure out when a man lies. That they are easy to understand the deception of men and see through them. Many lovely ladies think that when a man lie, he begins to play up, hide his eyes, respond with a delay and without details, etc.

And indeed, with the help of such signs you can catch quite a few little things, where a man lies. There he left a stash somewhere, he smoked somewhere (although he said that he quit), he was late for a meeting and was lying in his defense.

After all, it is a useful skill to distinguish between such lies of men? Needless useful.

But I repeat – it is still useful, but little things.

The main thing is how a man basically treats a woman, he respects her or not so much, loves or does not love, family life goes to the bottom or is it just temporary difficulties, etc.

Here it is important and necessary to distinguish between lies and male deception. First of all, of course, his lies to you. Secondly, your lies yourself. (It happens that girls obviously exaggerate what is essentially not).

At the end of the article I will write what to do with male deception. And now signs of when a man is time and deceive women.

The first and foremost sign of a lie is that this man says one thing and does something completely different. Very often this happens and very often women do not pay attention to a strong discrepancy in a man’s words (in that he promises a girl or woman) with his real deeds and actions.

Why Do Men Lie In Relationships

Example 1. Start of meetings.

The man says that he really likes the girl, he writes messages with the text about how beautiful she is, how much he misses, etc.

But in reality, his actions are as follows:

– constantly late for dates,

– dates on his initiative are constantly postponed under various pretexts (busy, etc.),

– if you need some small help (just a little to start a relationship), then the man immediately turns out to be very busy or he “suddenly” gets sick.

In these examples, the gap between what a man says (love, like you) and what he really does is immediately visible. But in reality, through his actions, he shows that the girl is practically indifferent to him. And the man is lying to her and lying.

Example 2. Periodic meetings.

There are also standard cases of lies here. And even if you didn’t notice them in the man’s mimicry, they can be relatively easily identified due to the discrepancy between the words of the man and his actions.

What are these examples?

– A man says he loves, but in reality a man has a wife and children with whom he lives.

That is, the girl, in fact, becomes his mistress. The man, of course, understands that the role of the mistress is miserable, unpromising, often leads to a breakdown in the woman’s private life (if she is over 10 years old) and often tries to compensate the mistress for the shortcomings of her role. That is, says any words that a woman wants to hear. Gives gifts. Supports it in some difficult situations, etc.

You just need to understand that all this is a lie (with the rarest exception). But in reality, such a woman for a man is nothing more than entertainment from a boring family life, etc. Therefore, all the stories that he “cannot divorce a terrible wife, as she threatens to take the children away,” is nothing more than a fairy tale for mistresses.

Example 3. A man and a woman live together .

The man says he loves a woman, etc.

Why Do Men Lie In Relationships

In reality, the result of this stage of the relationship should be a marriage proposal, marriage, children, etc. Term approximately 6-15 months from the date of periodic meetings.

But the man himself does not make such an offer. And at some point, the woman begins to talk about marriage herself and the man begins to say something like that:

– what difference is there a stamp in the passport or not,

– we already love each other,

– why such expenses for a wedding, when they can buy something, for example, an apartment. (and usually nobody buys the apartment either)

I think you already understand that all these excuses are nothing more than excuses and outright lies.

Even a loving man is usually not very enthusiastic about the fact that it is time to marry. But if he loves a woman, appreciates her, then usually he understands that it is necessary either to marry or the woman simply leaves.

So let’s summarize a little.

Lying is essentially the case where the words of a man and his actions diverge very much. (And he knows about it)

In the relationship of a man and a woman, there are typical situations of lies of a man. When a man wants a woman, he often lies that he loves her. (otherwise it will not get sex)

When he does not want to go to conflict, he also often lies.

When she doesn’t want to marry, she lies again.

There are probably a couple of dozen typical cases when a man lies.

What if you find a man lying?

It depends on the reason for the lies.

The first reason is that a woman is trying to put too much pressure on a man, too openly manipulate, too early to take the initiative .

I wrote about this repeatedly. For example, a woman after her first acquaintance may decide to meet and call up every day. The man is ready to do it 2-3 times a week.

And if a woman tries to call more often (she calls herself, expresses to the man claims that he rarely calls, etc.), then the man is very annoying and he begins to lie. To lie, that is busy at work or with friends. To lie, that I forgot about the agreement to call or meet. Read the article “How to Understand Men”

Maybe a woman is trying to give advice to a man about how to act at work, with friends, with relatives, and the man considers this (at least for now) not her business.

Then it is obvious that a woman should stop putting pressure on a man, stop showing initiative, stop crawling into the affairs of a man who, in fact, does not concern her.

The second reason lies in the fact that a man does not like a woman or is indifferent .

At some point, a man may have moved a relationship with a woman, even been in love. But then he ceased to like a woman.

Why Do Men Lie In Relationships

Maybe he sobered up.

Maybe at some moment I realized that I would not “pull” this woman financially or by force of character.

Maybe he began to communicate with a woman closer, and it became clear that they “did not agree on the characters.”

And here, rarely one of the men bluntly tells the woman that he has ceased to like everything, and he does not want to see her.

Usually, a man begins to lie a little, sabotage, etc., in order to gradually nullify relations.

Indeed, even though he decided to part with a woman, she usually doesn’t care at all. He does not want to hurt her and wants to make the separation, as far as possible, painless for the woman and him.

That is also a lie. Meetings are becoming less and less. (we are talking about a permanent relationship. If 1-2 dates, it is harder and faster). Increasingly, a man is busy. Increasingly can not meet. Even if they meet, the meetings pass faster and faster, etc.

Lies are manifested in various pretexts about why he can not meet or call. (Forgotten, busy, etc.)

If the reason for the lies of a man is that he has ceased to like a woman, then it is obvious that you just need to stop meeting him.
Meaning to meet? Just stretch the time of parting? Lose time, self esteem?

There is no sense, of course.

The third reason lie – a man has the character of a psychopath

They lie a lot and for no reason. With such men it is better not to meet.

So, a man lies and is not as rare as it seems. The main method of detecting lies is to notice the discrepancy between the actions and words of the man. If he speaks only words, and actions speak of something else, then you need to trust actions more. Rather, the lack of action on his part.

And if a man lies a lot, then it’s bad. You need to either reconsider your behavior or, alternatively, part with a man.


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