How To Take Care Of Your Lips

How To Take Care Of Your Lips

In winter, our lips are especially susceptible to the negative influence of the external environment. After all, regardless of the weather, lips are always in sight, they can not be hidden under clothes. If the sponges are in order, well-groomed and look healthy, then they will definitely attract the attention of the opposite sex. Lips do not look chapped and cracked, in the winter they need extra care and care.

The easiest lip care tip is to use a protective balm. This rule holds true for both winter and summer. In winter, the balm protects the thin skin of the lips from the cold and prevents it from weathering, and in the summer it protects from the harmful rays of the sun, which so dry up the sensitive and delicate skin of the lips. I usually apply a balm for 10 minutes before going out. After the balm is slightly absorbed, you can apply lipstick, which you usually make up or lip gloss. Some, on the contrary, put balm on top of lipstick. This method also protects lip and keeps them moisturised longer.

How to care for lips, if they are weathered?

What to do if the skin of the lip is cracked, flaky and delivers a lot of trouble, and in the evening you have an important meeting or date? In such cases, I am helped by such an easy lip care at home as a lip massage: massage the lip for 2-3 minutes with a dental cheek.

This will increase blood flow to the lip and remove dead skin cells. After that, apply honey on the lips and leave for 5-10 minutes. Honey will give your lip an extraordinary velvety, tenderness and moisture.

After the honey is washed off with warm water, wipe your lips with a towel and put on them a moisturizing balm.

How To Take Care Of Your Lips

Another good way to get rid of dry lips is a mask of castor or olive oil. Apply a few drops of this or that oil to your lip and spread it well over the entire surface. It is best to make such a mask before bedtime and do not wash off the oil until the morning. During the night, the lips will be thoroughly moisturized, fed with nutrients, and in the morning they will look like new.

But you can make such a mask and before going out in frosty weather. Just do not forget to blot excess oil with a napkin. On top you can apply lip gloss or hygienic lipstick.

If you are at work or at school and the discomfort of dry lips causes discomfort to you, then an ordinary children’s cream will help you out in such a situation. It is quite nutritious and well absorbed, so after a few minutes the lip will feel much better. Also, the task of moisturizing lip perfectly cope with eye cream, as the skin of the eyelids is closest to the lips in texture. Of course, this solution is more expensive, it is unlikely that anyone will buy eye cream to smear their lips. But if you need to urgently bring the lip in order, and only an eye cream will be at hand, you should know that it will help you.

Sometimes it happens that painful cracks form in the corners of the lips. Most often, it is a sign of a lack of vitamin B2. Therefore, it is necessary to include in your diet foods rich in this vitamin. These include green vegetables and fruits (especially broccoli and spinach), legumes, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products. A feature of this vitamin is that it does not accumulate in the body, therefore, for the constant presence of this vitamin in the body, it is necessary to regularly use these products. In general, beauty and health depends largely on proper and well-balanced nutrition. Therefore, we must be serious about what, how and when we eat.

In addition to proper nutrition, an equally important factor in the health and beauty of the body is daily, adequate intake of clean water. Every day you need to use at least 1.5-2 liters of water. This amount includes water. Tea, coffee, juices and other drinks are not considered. It happens that the cause of the cracks in the corners of the lips is not a lack of vitamin B2, but the beginning dehydration of the body.

Homemade lip masks.

Lips as well as our face and skin around the eyes, will look smoother and younger if they are regularly pampered with various nourishing masks. I always prefer homemade masks, as they are natural and made from fresh ingredients. In the summer I do lip masks about once a week. But in the winter they should be done more often – every other day or even every day.

How To Take Care Of Your Lips

One of the most delicious, and therefore, my favorite masks – a banana lip mask . Mix the banana pulp with a teaspoon of sour cream and apply on the lip for 10 minutes. Banana has excellent nourishing and moisturizing properties, so after such a procedure, the lips are especially tender and smooth.

Sour cream mask. Apply a thick layer of sour cream to your lip and leave for 15 minutes. Instead of sour cream, you can use kefir. As soon as the kefir dries, apply another layer of kefir, and then another. After applying the last layer of kefir, hold the mask for another 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply nourishing balsam or hygienic lipstick. Instead of hygienic lipstick suitable and petroleum jelly.

Recently, I discovered a potato lip mask and was very pleased with it. I grated raw potatoes for skin care around the eyes and put a mask on the area under the eyes. Not knowing where to put the rest of the potatoes, I decided to try to put it on my lip. After the potato mask, the lips became very tender and smooth.

You can also see the recipes for facial masks, in the article “Best Face Masks for Acne” .

Makeup lips.

After the exfoliating massage has been carried out and nourishing and moisturizing products have been applied, it’s time to start making up your lips. I believe that if the lips are well-groomed and healthy, then any shape of the lips looks beautiful and seductive. When lip makeup is important to emphasize the main advantages and, if possible, to hide the flaws. Most of us dream of plump, sexy lips like Angelina Jolie. But nature has awarded each of us with its own, individual lip shape that suits you. Therefore, when lip makeup you need to learn how to highlight your strengths in order to make your lips voluminous and exciting.

The first thing to start with is applying a tonal foundation on the lips. The more carefully you apply (that is, you work through all the folds), the smoother and smoother the lipstick or lipstick will be.

The second stage – drawing the contour of the lips. In everyday daily makeup, I usually do not use a contour pencil for lips. But for evening makeup, he just needed. A properly drawn contour is able to give lips volume, visually enlarge or, conversely, reduce your lips. To outline the contour of the lips is not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you are doing this for the first time, it is better to practice before the mirror. Lip pencil should be chosen in the color of lipstick or a tone darker.

The final stage – applying lipstick. A lipstick brush is the best choice for this. It allows you to apply color more accurately, penetrating even the smallest folds. In addition, the brush is very easy to combine colors. To create voluminous, embossed lips in the contour area, lipstick should be applied in a darker color, and lighter shades will fit on the lower lip and convex places of the upper lip. At the end of my lip makeup, I always put a little shine on my lower lip. This will give the lips volume.

An important factor in lip makeup is the choice of lipstick color. It is selected depending on the time of day – day or evening make-up, the color of your outfit, and, first of all, whether or not you are going to color. For example, I never go lipstick bright red shades. With whatever dress and at what time of the day I would not do such a make-up for myself – it always looks vulgar and ridiculous. Therefore, I have chosen for myself other shades that emphasize my lips, and with which I feel comfortable. For dark skin, lipstick of bright colors is usually suitable – coral red, plum, rich wine color, etc. And owners of pale skin should be more careful in choosing lipstick color, because on the background of bright lips skin will seem even paler. If you want your lips to look more volumetric, then use a gentle lip gloss or lipstick of a light tone.

The beauty of the lips depends on how carefully you take care of them. The lips, as well as the face, are characterized by the following basic rules for lip care: cleansing, regular peeling or exfoliating massage, nourishing masks and moisturizing. By following these simple rules, your lips will look perfect with any makeup.


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